Media Evaluation - Question 4


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Media Evaluation - Question 4

  1. 1. RESEARCHThroughout the research stage, I used sites such as YouTube, Google, Prezi.comand Slideshare to gather and present my findings. I used YouTube and Googleeffectively by using key words to find specific information or music videos to gathermy research. Also with Google you can filter your search by clicking on searchtools and then changing the different pre-set options. For example you can chooseto search the whole web or pages from the UK only as shown in the print screenbelow. I used these filters to help me find information that was entirely relevant tomy artist, music labels and director research. With YouTube, I made sure that Iincluded ‘official video’ at the end of my search so that the stars official videoappeared at/near the top of the list, as if I hadn’t entered this YouTube would havereturned results of videos that aren’t related to the official video such as onescreated for the Purpose of coursework etc.I feel that I used sites such as Slideshare to create interesting ways topresent my findings throughout my research,as I could creatively use text, images andcolour to make my work more eye catchingand interesting to look at.
  2. 2. RESEARCH I used Prezi for my artist research so that I could create a timeline of Lana Del Rey life as I thought this was a creative way of presenting my findings. I chose slide share to present some of my work as they are easy to create and use, but also allow me to use text and pictures to explain my work.
  3. 3. PLANNINGAgain I used and Slideshare for many of the posts during the planningstage. This is because I felt that these were interesting and creative methods ofpresenting my work.I feel that was perfect for presenting my planning work, such as thestoryboard, brainstorming ideas, shooting schedule etc. as I felt this was the bestway to show my thought process and my journey I had taken because of the wayPrezi moves between each framed section of text or image. For the shootingschedule I was able to create a timeline on Prezi which allowed me to clearly showthe filming process I planned to follow. For the Brainstorming Ideas section ofplanning, again the way Prezi works allowed my thought process to be clearlypresented.I chose to use Slideshare because I felt that this was another way to make aPowerPoint more interesting, but also allowed me to clearly present my thoughtsand ideas. I used different slide designs for each Slideshare to make them standout and used a mixture of colour, text and images to clearly present my ideas tothe viewer.
  4. 4. PLANNING For the shooting schedule I was able to create a timeline so that the information could be presented clearly and in a creative way through using I also use Prezi to create my location planning (as shown on the left) and when brainstorming my ideas as you can create really interesting mind maps that are aided by the movement of each slide to show my thought process.
  5. 5. CONSTRUCTION - VIDEOTo film my video, I used my own Canon EOS 1100 D camera, as it enabled me tofilm in HD. I feel that because I was able to use my own camera, I had a betterunderstanding of the functions which enabled me to film effectively. I also studyphotography, so use my camera on a regular basis constantly altering the settingsto achieve different effects, so therefore I was able to overcome any issues I facedwhilst filming.To edit and piece together the footage to create my video, I used the adobepremier pro software. I feel that I had a better understanding of the software, itsfunctions and ways in which it can be used to alter footage and add effects. WhenI used the software at AS, I only had a basic understanding of the different ways inwhich it can be used to edit together the footage and add effects, whereas now Ifeel that I have expanded the my knowledge to be able to correct anyimperfections in the footage,using specific effects etc. to be able to create a music video thatsuccessfully reflected my initial ideas for the theme andmeaning of the song.
  6. 6. CONSTRUCTION - VIDEOSome of my footage was filmed indoors and the rest was filmed outside. I foundthat the lighting for the different shots was often different and some of the footagehad come out yellow do to the type of lighting I had used. I therefore used adobepremiere pro to alter the white balance of most of the footage I had filmed indoors.To do this I selected one of the pieces of footage and add the white balancecorrector, then used the little selector tool to choose the whitest part of the image.In this case it was the highlighted bit above my actors lip. This instantly stoppedthe clip from looking orange, so I then added the same settings to each of the clipsI had filmed indoors as this made the lighting and colour of my actors skin lookmore natural. I felt that using the colour selection tool madeit easier to make the imagelook more natural ratherthan trying to choose acolour from the square inthe box shown below.
  7. 7. CONSTRUCTION - VIDEOI also decided to add a additive dissolve into my video as I felt that it could workwith two pieces of footage to amplify the lyrics ‘I got sent away’. I had filmed myactor walking down the steps of the castle and then filmed the same shot withoutmy actor and combined these placing the 2 pieces of footage in the same on thetimeline but on in the video 1 and the other in the video 2 part of the timeline. Ithen added the additive dissolve towards the end of the clip in video 2, whichmade this clip fade out to reveal the clip in video 1 and making my actor disappear.I felt that this both illustrated and amplified the song lyrics but also lookedprofessional and effective.
  8. 8. CONSTRUCTION – DIGIPAK & ADVERTTo create my digipak and magazine advert, I used Adobe Photoshop. I feel that I wasable to use Photoshop effectively as I already use it on a weekly basis both at homeand in college due to me studing photography. I have used Photoshop for about 2years so therefore understand all of the functions and capabilities of the software,from the basic editing such as adding artistic effects, using the basic tools, alteringcontrast/brightness and colour balance etc. to transforming images, merging layersand so on. I feel that my experience with the software has enabled me to build on myskills using certain tools such as the pen or lasso tools to carefully and neatly selectareas of images when merging them to create the design.I built all the sides of my digipak on separate canvases on Photoshop, but made surethat they were all the correct sizes so that if put together they would match upaccurately. I also used Photoshop to create the record label logos that I have includedon both the digipak and the magazine advert, using the shape and text tools.The same goes for the magazine advert. I feel that I was able to create a professionallooking advert as I was able to apply my skills and knowledge of the software toeffectively produce the final result. I chose not to use Adobe Fireworks as I have verylittle knowledge on how to use the software so felt that this would prevent me frommaking my ancillary texts as successful as possible.
  9. 9. CONSTRUCTION – DIGIPAK From experience with Photoshop, I created each individual piece of the digipak on separate layers to ensure that it was easier for me to piece together and edit the individual aspects of my digipak (shown by the screen shots above). I also used effects such as altering the exposure to fade images and this allowed me to make the lyrics once added to the page stand out.
  10. 10. CONSTRUCTION –ADVERT For the magazine advert I used tools such as the magic wand and lasso tool to cut out different flowers and used colour balance to alter the colour of the images. I feel that experience with Photoshop has enabled me to cut out the images accurately and this has enabled me to produce a higher quality advert.
  11. 11. EVALUATIONI feel that I have effectively used media technologies to express my thoughts andfeelings upon my work and progress in the style of an evaluation. Again I havechose to use Slideshare,, Xtranormal and Sliderocket as I feel thatthese allow me to clearly express my feelings and ideas when answering theevaluation questions. Again I feel that they are also an interesting and creative wayof presenting a PowerPoint.I used for the Evaluation question 1 as I felt this was the place where Icould write a detailed answer discussing the different conventions of music videosand ancillary texts, as I felt that this question was quite detailed and I had a lot towrite about. I also felt this was an easy way to show my thoughts and combine theuse of text and images creatively to support my thoughts.I chose to use Sliderocket for the evaluation questions 2 and 3because I felt thatthe themes available for use are interesting and would make my evaluation moreinteresting to look at/read. I also felt that this was an easy ways to break down myanswer into sections to make sure I covered all of the points I needed to answerthe questions thoroughly.I used Slideshare to answer this evaluation question as I felt that this was the mostappropriate form of presenting an answer that needs breaking down into a fewsections. I feel that through using this I was able to respond effectively to thequestion.