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Solar Power Market Update


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A nervous UK solar power market resumes its growth path.

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Solar Power Market Update

  1. 1. SOLAR POWER AND FIT- MARKET UPDATELoyd Davies, MD, ElectrAssure Solar
  2. 2. WHY DOES THE UK NEED TO INVEST INRENEWABLE ENERGY?¢ Energy security — Aging UK coal fired and Magnox nuclear power stations forced to close in 2015 (Source: OFGEM)¢ Climate Change — 1997 UK 88.1% dependent on fossil fuels — 2007 - UK 91.3% dependent on fossil fuels Source: Guardian 25th March 2009 — Third worst %age renewable energy use in the EU (Source BERR, 2005)¢ Feed in Tariff (FiT) introduced in April 2010 — Solar Power, Wind, etc
  3. 3. FEED IN TARIFF INCENTIVE¢ £7-15,000 investment¢ Return of 6-12% pa¢ RPI Index-Linked¢ 25 year contract¢ Non-taxable¢ Electricity bills reduce by 25-50%¢ House increases by the value of your investment¢ Profit ~£10,000-£35,000 over 25 years
  4. 4. SOLAR POWER THE GERMAN EXAMPLE¢ FiT scheme introduced in 2000 similar to current UK scheme¢ German solar PV industry — 10,000 companies (SMA, Schueco etc), 63,000 jobs in 2009
  5. 5. NERVOUS UK SOLAR MARKET! Total Installations4000 CSR, fears3500 over FiT3000 rates & Feed in contract2500 Tariff Introduced20001500 Total Installations1000 500 0
  6. 6. GROWTH RESUMES.......¢ No change to FiT, Government confirm commitment¢ Component prices reduce by 10-15% from January¢ Wholesale electricity prices rise by 25%¢ 5MW solar farms planned in Kent, Bucks, Cornwall, Ely¢ BUT government to restrict large scale FiT projects
  7. 7. USING SOLAR PV TO ADDRESSENERGY POVERTY Welwyn and Hatfield project for 400 homes Birmingham City Council project for 10,000 homes Reduce tenant s electricity bills by 30-50% Use Feed in Tariff to fund the PV installation
  9. 9. ELECTRASSURE-SOLAR Strong team with PV experience Experience of complex systems Premium domestic installations Commercial and industrial installations Quality components, local, UK, EU product bias