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LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - Sebastian Gawelowicz


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This Social Innovation Game Plan was produced by Sebastian Gawelowicz as part of the 4-hour World Vision Case Study completed by the 12 World Finalists of LoyaltyGames 2014, the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships ( All rights reserved.

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LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - Sebastian Gawelowicz

  1. 1. 2014 WORLD FINALS Note: All copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the Finalist who authored this submission. Published  by  Professional  Services  Champions  League  (LoyaltyGames)  with  the  author’s  permission.     Finalist: SEBASTIAN GAWELOWICZ Country: POLAND This Game Plan was created in 4 hours as part of the LoyaltyGames 2014 World Finals
  2. 2. Social Innovation Case Study Sebastian Gawelowicz 1
  3. 3. Symbol & Visual Representation Guiding principles: simplicity, cost-effectiveness, universalism 2 Solution #2 Based  on  a  „Child  Health  Now”  slogan,  the  natural  fit  seems   to be a watch-like  solution.  „What  time  is  it?”  could  be  much  more   impactful if a good cause is promotedin the process. Premise: every second matters. 1. a wrist watch with a campaign logo – most pricey option 2. a wrist band imitating a watch – medium-priced option 3. a watch sticker with campaign logo that could be applied to an existing watch – the most cost effective option Depending on the total cost, the most feasible option can be selected. Or 2 options are available with accordingly adjusted donation levels. E.g. $1 and $2. Silicone hand watches, US $0.75 - 1.05 / piece, US $0.3-2 / piece. Source: Solution #1 Based  on  a  „Child  Health  Now”  and  „Make  Change  Happen”   slogan a two color shoelaceswill be introduced.Each with different color: gray  and  orange  with  „Child  Health  Now”.   Premise: every step counts.
  4. 4. Mobile Technology | AR Augmented Reality – a mobile application with database of various clocks. Once an app is opened and a camera directed towards a clock an animation shows up highlighting campaign-related information. E.g. # children supported, # country supporters, examples of supported causes Animation & object-recognition database based on: – Landmarks – most noteworthy clocks in various locations (e.g. city halls, The Big Ben in London, The Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw) – Child Health Now watch – Generic watch patterns 3
  5. 5. Supporting Organizations & Events Supporters • Watch manufacturares • City Halls • Public plazas (e.g. Times Square) • Healthcare organizations Events • New  Year’s  Eve celebrations – incorporating the  „Child  Health  Now”  into  a  countdown  clock • Public Celebration & Awareness events 4
  6. 6. Challenges & Risk • Cause awareness goods - cost, production, distribution Based on a total budget one of three options will be chosen, an international partner should be identified to mitigate the risk with order management and local supporters found to facilitate distribution • AR – limitations in terms of playful design and interactive objects A generic design pattern must exist in a database to show an animation when directed at any clock 5
  7. 7. Giving Back Stragy Strategy: Cultivate local champions and good cause heroes by recognizing their actions and spreading the news to support the cause dedicated  to  „rich  countries”  segment. How it works: A gamified portal for best supporters/heroes • Supporters have a profile highlighting their contribution on a web portal • Each  contribution  is  part  of  a  specific  cause.  Its  synopsis  can  be  shared  via  social  media.  (e.g.  I’ve  helped  children  in  X  in accessing the water supply) • Based on personal, geohraphical, and professional background a content-based recommender engine suggest possible causes • A social media connection is available to download a list of contacts that can be invited to become a part of the platform as supporters and become teammembers of a hero • Each team has its page with key skills highlighted within categories that can be leveled up, and articles related to supported causes • Benchmarking within teams, geography is in place • A portal features a map with list of recent causes that members can contribute to and their completion level. 6
  8. 8. Giving Back Stragy Example causes include: – Identify and talk to a governmentofficials and key stakeholders - e.g. a LinkedIn connectionscan be leveragedon to find the people connectedto an important stakeholder. – Identify the cause • Some causes have a completion treshhold, i.e. only if X will be donated the cause will be successfully financed. • Causes - people can contribute with donations, or their time. – Time can be spent on sending emails to officials identified in other challenges – or by helping local stakeholdersin assessing the problem and finding solutions (e.g. legal advice, engineeringadvice) • Once such a cause is supported a beneficiary receives a link to confirm it and cause points are granted to the users responsible • Upon reaching a certain level a user can become a hero and lead his/her own team • Supporters are invited for special events with authorities and experts • They are also awarded by training on a chosen skill conducted by parter companies and/or other community members Public: • Everyone  can  press  a  „thank  you”  button  to  nominate  a  good  cause  hero 7
  9. 9. Channels & Data Channels: • Web portal – central hub for all activity • Email – used for member inivations and stakeholder support. Leveraging on marketing automation and CRM software with exact engagent funnels Data & Measurement: • Donation level • Cause reach & impressions • # causes supported 8
  10. 10. About the game The Players. Who is the target player age and demographic? All consumers familiar with web and/or mobile The Mission. „Share  Your  Moment,  Make  Change  Happen”  – add a meaning to various experiences by guiding people to participate in different types of activities (from nutrition to leisure). Reinforce the positive aspect of what most people have an opportunity to experience and channel it to a greater good. Game components & Actions – Missions – challengesto be completed by the players – Points – collected upon completinga mission – Achievements – recognitionof a job well done – Badges – visualize achievements – Countdowns& scarcity – special missions with limited availability – Progressbar for a changeto happen 9
  11. 11. Rules & Flow How to play the game? Medium: 1. Website – a central hub of game activity 2. Mobile application – checkins, game preview 3. Email – daily updates and progress 4. Social media – promoting actions 10 Flow 1. User signs up on the website or from a mobile application 2. Weekly Challenge Plan – player is presented with different  activities  for  the  week  and  their  „Change”   points value 3. The objective is to make as much change as possible through untertaken actions. An individual, community and overall progress bars are presented
  12. 12. Rules & Flow 11 Actions within categories: 1. Food – eat something healthy 2. Health – e.g. have a health-check 3. Do something healthy – e.g. have a walk, go to the gym 4. Have fun – e.g. go to the cinema, 5. Understand the cause – tips and educational resources 6. Share your knowledge – e.g.teach someone your language . • After completing certain # of actions within a category a badge is granted • After each activity a player is given opportunity to share a picture to the portal, support the cause with donation, a survey completion • Users can post an activity request to the platform that can be shared via social media: 1. I want to learn Spanish and have a conversation with a native speaker 2. Let’s  eat  something  healthy  for  lunch  and  support  a  good   cause. Who wants to join? Once published other users can join the activity by adding it to their list. Points are granted to all upon completion
  13. 13. Rules & Flow Point collection: 5. Checkins – validation vased on pre-determineddatabaseof place category(e.g. from Foursquare)or from partnersparticipatingin the program 6. Resourcesread – clicked links are trackedfrom within the applicationand website 7. Items scanned – dependingon a partner a receipt can be scannedwith a smartphonecamera to add the points 8. Links provided – for some challengesusers might have to look up certain information.E.g. provide location coordinatesfrom Google Maps, a link to article. Knowledge and skills achieved In the end players should understand that not everyone will have a chance to experience what they can. Thus, they should appreciate it to the fullest. Last but not least, players should know much more about the cause thanks to the content provided. Multichannel The key to success is leveraging on real-life and digital channels and the way they can compliment each other. E.g. tips can be delivered via email with unique tracking code marking the action complete. 12
  14. 14. Winners announced during Finals Live Stream 9am (PDT) Saturday August 9, 2014