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LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - Oliver Zhang


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This Social Innovation Game Plan was produced by Oliver Zhang as part of the 4-hour World Vision Case Study completed by the 12 World Finalists of LoyaltyGames 2014, the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships ( All rights reserved.

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LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - Oliver Zhang

  1. 1. 2014 WORLD FINALS Note: All copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the Finalist who authored this submission. Published  by  Professional  Services  Champions  League  (LoyaltyGames)  with  the  author’s  permission.     Finalist: OLIVER X ZHANG Country: CANADA This Game Plan was created in 4 hours as part of the LoyaltyGames 2014 World Finals
  3. 3. VIEW ON THE CURRENT WORLD Expand and leverage the current pool of supporters • 5.9M supporters • 6K events • 71 countries • $40 M • Goal: reduce maternal and child mortality • Visual symbol • Give back to supporters • Multi-channel promotion
  4. 4. BROAD SOLUTIONS • Learning about health • MOOC to enhance basic knowledge or treatments to local epidemic • Health Professionals • Quora-style online platform to allow diagnosis and contribution by extra pool of health professionals • Targeted campaign towards their interest, circumstantial constraints, etc. • Tangible resources • Personal donation, activism • Corporate donation, know-how (e.g. construct infrastructure), marketing campaign • Gov donation, policy making (local and international)
  5. 5. SUPPORTERS’ ANALYSIS • Motivation • Genuine care • Status, exposure, self-marketing • Tax benefits • Demographic • Targeted primarily at middle class in developed countries • Anticipate mainly 18-50 age group.
  6. 6. CORE MECHANIC & FUN • Self-determination theory • Competence: people like to control • Relatedness: people like to interact • Autonomy: people like to cause • Arguing on the internet • Youtube comment sections • Balance discussion on games such as Starcraft, DotA, LoL, etc.
  7. 7. THE GAME • Current proposed projects • With detailed specifications • People criticize; up/down vote • Each of the highly voted “tweaks” will have a crowdfunding section within the “overall” project. • The chosen “proposer” will lead a real/concrete improvement
  8. 8. CURRENCY – “HP” • The entire system will be based on virtual currency: HealthPoint • Earned through certain quests • Paid in real money • To up/down vote • One vote for any HP above a certain minimum • At the same time, the amount will be used for the funding of the specific improvement • Particularly knowledgeable users will higher weight for each vote • Indirect • Detachment from real money make people focus on the intrinsic motivation to help • Knowing any commitment in HP will eventually help a certain cause reduces loss aversion
  9. 9. PHONE CASE • “More People Have Cell Phones Than Toilets” (~6B) • A large portion of the world owns • Pairing: intended to trigger an conversation about World Vision, or least remind people of it • People will use it for promoting their own proposing on the forum • “Farming HPs” by promoting awareness • Geo-location: host discussions in real life.
  10. 10. FINANCIAL REWARDS • Partner with basic good retailers/producers for %discount or a promise to give a certain amount to developing countries. • Corporate partners can host events to co-promote both parties (e.g. Attend a Nestle hosted case-based-location-meeting regarding the shipment of formula milk to a certain village to earn x HP)
  11. 11. DATA • Pairing could also act as a “gift card” • Purchasing pattern with the case can be recorded for better suggestion of purchases • Tracking the generation and exchange of HPs will be crucial in understanding the social pattern/movement
  12. 12. EXTRA FEATURES • Collaboration • Case makers for logistics/operations • App Stores: for synergic promotions • Create multiple versions • Minimalistic decal • Community market for customisation
  13. 13. • Ultimate Reward: a meaningful change • Accommodates multiple levels of willingness to help • Crowdsource: • Specific knowledge • Survey people’s opinion (people have more fun than being fed a questionnaire) • Sharing is more meaningful than “1 like = 1 child save”
  14. 14. IMPLEMENTATION • Robust online platform • An initial campaign for the awareness of the program’s existence
  15. 15. Winners announced during Finals Live Stream 9am (PDT) Saturday August 9, 2014