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Your Current Lender vs. Low Va Rates


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Your Current Lender vs. Low Va Rates

  1. 1. Does it make sense to Refinance with your CURRENT LENDER? or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  2. 2.  If you are like most people you must think your current lender can get you the best deal Why would you think this? ◦ Perhaps less paperwork since they have your loan already ◦ Since they have the loan already it will be faster ◦ They do not want to lose your business after all these years. or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  3. 3.  Your CURRENT LENDER is the least likely to get you the most competitive deal out there. Why is this? ◦ They have you contractually obligated to a higher rate at this time. They will say and do what they can (within reason) to convince you that you wont get any better. ◦ They are servicing your loan so they are a RETAIL lender, which is MUCH DIFFERENT than a WHOLESALE lender. ◦ They will take just as long and just as much paperwork. or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  4. 4.  Wholesale (Costco or Sam’s Club) Retail (Local Grocery or Convenience Store) Where are you going to get the least costly bottle of shampoo? Costco or Local Grocery? Does everyone go for price alone? ◦ Service ◦ Reputation ◦ Experience or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  5. 5.  We are a WHOLESALE LENDER (Costco or mortgages) We have excellent customer service. Check our RATING AT BBB. We have a $250 lowest rate/APR challenge. Specialize SOLELY IN VA HOME LOANS! or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  6. 6. Serving Veteran and Military Home Owners Nationwide Apply online or Toll Free 866-569-8272