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Trying to cancel your va loan


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Trying to cancel your va loan

  1. 1. Are you cancelling aloan with Low VA Rates? or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  2. 2.  #1, you found a better deal elsewhere Poor customer service ◦ Slow processing time ◦ Bad communication ◦ Issue with employee You have a concern about something: ◦ Closing costs ◦ savings ◦ Some one you trust said not to do it ◦ You are going to be moving or selling your home or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  3. 3.  Are you aware that we have a $250 lowest APR challenge? ◦ We will pay you $250 if you do find a better deal that we cannot beat! Here is what you need to do: ◦ Fax or email us a copy of your Good Faith Estimate from the better offer ◦ Fax or email us a copy of the Truth in Lending Statement from the better offer or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  4. 4.  Management will analyze the documents and make a decision If we can beat it we will send you how we can and what steps to take to proceed If we cannot beat the deal, we will be honest and indicate where on each document we cannot win, and if you close the loan at those terms or LOWER, then you will be mailed a check. or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  5. 5.  Most home owners have no idea how to compare loans and we seem many people get taken advantage of. Adjusted Origination Charge on the GOOD FAITH Estimate. MOST IMPORTANT! Annual Percentage Rate or APR. Lowest Adjusted Origination Charge or APR are key factors that make it easy See video on YOUTUBE.COM/LOWVARATES called HOW TO SHOP FOR THE LOWEST APR VA LOAN or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  6. 6.  Call on management first. Understand processing times are normally industry wide times for anywhere For bad communication please again contact management. We have technology that makes updates and communication very simple ◦ Drip emails ◦ Assistants ◦ Personal secrataries or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  7. 7.  Closing costs ◦ We have other loans with NO CLOSING COSTS so before you cancel call management or your loan officer Who told you to cancel? Was it a realtor or real estate agent? You are moving? Did you know how good VA loans can work for rentals? Are you aware of the hybrid arm loan? or Toll Free 866-569-8272
  8. 8. Serving Veteran and Military Home Owners Nationwide Apply online or Toll Free 866-569-8272