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Get 250 265 exam real questions & practice test

  1. 1. Questions And Answers PDF The Best Certification War 1 Symantec-250-265 Data Protection Administration for UNIX using NetBackup 6.5 Version = DEMO FOR Exam Candidates: Offers Two Products:  1st We have Practice Tests.  2nd Questions And Answers in PDF Format. Try a DEMO before buying any Exams Product, Click Below Link:
  2. 2. Questions And Answers PDF The Best Certification War 2 Question: 1 NetBackup requires which type of device file for tape drives? A. no locate block B. no rewind C. compressed D. rewind E. no fast tape positioning Answer: B Question: 2 NetBackup client type software has been installed on a UNIX master server. Which step is required to push install UNIX client software from a UNIX master server? A. add client hostname to master server Host Properties -> Client Attributes B. run send_client_files to move the software to the client C. add client hostname to the master server's server list D. add client hostname to an existing policy E. add client hostname to the media server host properties firewall section Answer: D Question: 3 /sbin/lsmod verified the st driver is unloaded in the Linux kernel on a NetBackup media server. Which command will load the st driver? A. lmmod st B. rmmod st C. lsmod st D. modprobe st E. load st Answer: D Question: 4 Available disk space is low. What is the recommended location to install NetBackup server? A. CIFS share B. NFS-mounted directory C. a local/SAN file system D. UNC path Answer: C Question: 5
  3. 3. Questions And Answers PDF The Best Certification War 3 What initiates a LiveUpdate policy from the NetBackup Administration console? A. File -> LiveUpdate B. Actions -> LiveUpdate C. Policies -> Manual -> LiveUpdate D. Actions -> Policy -> LiveUpdate Answer: A Question: 6 An administrator is checking the status of a standalone drive in Device Monitor. The Control column status reads AVR, and the Ready column status is No. What does this indicate? A. The drive is down. B. The drive is up and under operator control. C. The drive is up, and it is empty. D. The drive is up, but the tape in the drive is busy. Answer: C Question: 7 In which directory is it possible to create aliases for NetBackup clients? A. aliases B. altnames C. althosts D. altpaths Answer: B Question: 8 Which script is run to uninstall a maintenance pack from a UNIX NetBackup master server? A. NB_update.uninstall B. Vrts_patch.uninstall C. NB_update.install and select Uninstall D. Vrts_patch.install and select Uninstall Answer: A Question: 9 Which command is used to show tape drive status of a stand-alone media server? A. vmdareq B. tpautoconf C. vmoprcmd D. scan
  4. 4. Questions And Answers PDF The Best Certification War 4 Answer: C Question: 10 How does an administrator ensure that policies are backing up all volumes/file systems on all clients? A. use nbcoverage B. use bpclientchk C. use check_coverage D. use nbclient Answer: C Question: 11 Attempts to remotely install NetBackup (NBU) client software on a new UNIX client fail. Which two actions should resolve the failed client installation? (Select two.) A. enable Authorization Services on the NBU master server B. add the MASTER_SERVER= entry to the client's bp.conf file C. add the master server and root in the .rhosts file in the root directory D. enable the Client Services on the NBU master server E. add the master server's detail in the client's hosts file Answer: Question: 12 Given an architecture with multiple NetBackup master servers and a remote EMM host, which bp.conf entry must exist on all master servers? A. EMMCLIENT B. EMMSERVER C. EMMHOST D. EMMMASTER Answer: D Question: 13 Given a NetBackup (NBU) architecture with the EMM and master servers on two separate hosts, in addition to nbemm, which NBU components are configured on the EMM server? A. nbproxy, nbrb, pbx B. nbproxy, nbjm, pbx C. nbrb, nbjm, pbx D. nbrb, nbjm, nbproxy Answer: A
  5. 5. Questions And Answers PDF The Best Certification War 5 Question: 14 After mounting the NetBackup Client CD, which command is used for installation? A. ./install_client B. ./install_pbx C. ./mntpoint/install D. ./install Answer: D Question: 15 What is the function of the NetBackup Service Layer (nbsl) daemon? A. processes requests from NetBackup clients and servers B. supports legacy communication C. starts NetBackup services D. facilitates communication from NetBackup to NOM Answer: D
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