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Lifebites slideshare


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"When life bites, bites back" with Lifebites! A delicious and nutritious, gluten-free, vegan friendly snack food that you can feel good about eating and sharing with family and friends!

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Lifebites slideshare

  1. 1. What is a Lifebite? + Hempseed Coconut Dried Banana 70% Chocolate + + + = = Dried Banana 70% Chocolate
  2. 2. Up Close and Personal •Made from dehydrated bananas dipped in 70% dark chocolate and rolled in either hempseed or shredded coconut. •Yes…that’s it! Coconut Lifebite Hemp Lifebite
  3. 3. The Story… •We wanted to create a healthy snack. •Something you could feel good about eating and sharing with friends and family.
  4. 4. The Experiment… •We created Lifebites in our home kitchen.
  5. 5. We Kept Making More... •Testing them out at farmers markets we found the response was overwhelming, people loved them! We kept selling out. YAY!!!
  6. 6. 9 Good Reasons to Eat Them… •No Artificial Flavors •No Hydrogenated Oils •No Preservatives •Gluten-Free •Dairy-Free •Nut-Free •+6 Months Shelf Life •Non-GMO •100% Organic Ingredients Healthy Family Happy Home
  7. 7. Best Places to Stash Them •Camping Packs •Workout Bags •Gift Baskets •Office Desks •Dinner Parties •Treat Drawer
  8. 8. A Few Satisfied Customers… “I just bought the hemp flavored ones yesterday. The best treat I've EVER had. Everyone that eats gluten free or is a Vegan needs to try these…” - J. Preddy “I can't believe Lifebites taste so good and yet are healthy! I'm addicted to the Coconut kind :)” - Marcella O. “Hands down the best snack I have had in years. I wish you guys lots of success with this tasty venture!” - L. Todorovic “One of the most perfect snack or desserts I’ve come across…” - Julia Murray- Olympian
  9. 9. We’re in Stores Now! Store locations •Thrifty Foods •Pharmasave •Famous Foods •Urban Fare •Wholefoods And many more…
  10. 10. Sharing is Caring… •If you know anyone who enjoys snacking, make their day by introducing them to Lifebites. •Or share the joy by sending them a sample pack today!  Coconut Hemp
  11. 11. To purchase a sample pack visit: For wholesale inquiries e-mail us: