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Toluene #SciChallenge2017


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Toluene #SciChallenge2017

Published in: Science
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Toluene #SciChallenge2017

  1. 1. Marie Kováříková
  2. 2. Clear liqued Flammable and volatile Steam+ air = explosive mixture Sweet smell Healthy harmful One of the aromatic hydrocarbons Solube in fats and organic solvents Boiling point 111°C Melting point 93°C
  3. 3. Volcanic eruption, forest fires Refining gasoline and crude Kerosene Benzene, chlormethan (catalyst AlCl3) CH3Cl + C6H6 → C6H5CH3 + HCl
  4. 4.  1) Benzyl  2) Tolyl (tol-2-yl, tol-3-yl, tol-4-yl)
  5. 5. Smelling drug
  6. 6. INFORMATION FORMULA  - Julius Wilbrand – yellow dye  Germans- liquid in granats(through the armor)  The English- lyddit – yellow colour- explosive properties