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Diseases in rice


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Diseases in rice

  1. 1. DISEASES IN RICEByLove Kumar Sharma
  2. 2. LEAF BLAST Caused by Pyriculariagrisea Eye spindle shaped spotsappear on leaves It starts from lower leavesto upper Brown margins withgreyish centre Lesion enlarge, coalesceand kill the leaves
  3. 3. NODE BLAST Caused by samepathogen Patches on infectednodes, black in colour Irregular lesions on nodes Above the infected nodes,all parts die Lesions are blackish togreyish brown and break atthe infected node
  4. 4. NECK BLAST Greyish brown lesionson neck Girdling of neck andgrains fall over Discolouration of grains After infection poorquality grains are formed Lesions on the paniclebranches, spikes andspikelets
  5. 5. SHEATH BLIGHT Caused by Rhizoctoniasolani Generally appear at max.tillering stage Irregular long lesions onleaf sheath Effect all parts of cropabove water level Centre of lesion bleachedwith an irregular purplebrown border
  6. 6. SHEATH BLIGHT Sclerotia at basal portionof leaf sheath White in colour whenappear and turn into darkbrown later Soil borne pathogen More common in rainyseasons
  7. 7. SHEATH ROT Caused by Sarocladiumoryzae Irregular spots on leafsheath chocolate brown incolour It occurs during headingto maturity stages Discolouration and driedup of grains
  8. 8. FALSE SMUT Caused by Ustilaginoideavirens Occurrence of smut afterflowering Appearance of yellowishand soft balls on grains Few grains infected andthe rest are normal First found in Haryana andPunjab
  9. 9. BROWN SPOT Caused byHelminthosporium oryzae Spreaded by wind blownspores Circular to oval shapedreddish brown lesions onleaves Spots are surrounded byyellow or gold halo Pathogen is seed borne
  10. 10. BACTERIAL LEAF BLIGHT Caused by Xanthomonascampestris pv. Oryzae Water soaked lesions andturns yellow to strawcolour stripes Causes drying and deathof the leaves leaves roll, droop andplants die completely Milky dew drops ooze outfrom the affected areas
  11. 11. TUNGRO Spreading by GLHNephotettix virescens andN.nigropictus Discolouration of leaf fromlight green to orange yellow Damage can caused byvirus and insect also Decrease tiller growth andstunted plant growth It can occur at any stagefrom sowing to maturity
  12. 12. THANK YOU