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Logans Powerpoint


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Logans Powerpoint

  1. 1. 1865-1895 By Logan Louzader Bessemer process: injected air into molten iron to remove the carbon and other impurities, to make steel 1795 1834 1850 1857 1859Collective Federal Fredrick Law Darwinbargaining: government Olmstead: published originnegotiation passed an act helped draw a of species,between that designated plan for Central stating therepresentatives the entire Great Park to be built theory ofof labor and Plains as one in NY. biologicalmanagement to enormous evolution.reach written reservation.agreements
  2. 2. Most of the Cheyenne, assuming they were Oliver Kelley: started under the protection the Patrons of of the Husbandry, an U.S.Government, organization for had peacefully farmers that became returned to known as Grange. Colorado’s Sand Its original purpose Tammany Hall- New Creek Reserve for was to provide a York City’s powerful winter. social outlet for an democratic voting educational forum. machine. 1866 1864 1862 1867 1867 1868 Homestead Act Sitting Bull, leader ofRailroads were Grandfather clause: the Hunkpapa Sioux was passedshipping longhorns stated that if your never signed the offering 160to Chicago and grandfather or father Treaty of Fort acres of landmarkets throughout was eligible to vote Laramie free to anythe east then you were. citizen or intended citizen who was head of the household.
  3. 3. Long drives took 3 months, typically one cowboy for every 250- 300 cattle, a cook also drove the chuck wagon and set up camp. And aAmerican wrangler who cared forentrepreneur the extra horses.George Cowboys during this John.D.Rockefeller –Westinghouse drive road on saddles his oil companyinvented the railroad from dusk to dawn, slept controlled 2 or 3air brake on the ground and percent of the bathed in rivers. countries crude oil. 1869 1870 1870 1870 1870 1873 Carnegie at age 18 Groups, including Jacob Riis-finds becomes a private many others who work as a police secretary to the lead were sympathized reporter, taking him superintendent of for farmers, sent to New York’s slums the Pennsylvania lecturers from town . railroad. to town to educate people about lower interest rates on loans and government control over railroads and banks.
  4. 4. Homesteaders: were one of the 600,000 families that moved onto the land that the Homestead Act gave, consisted of People gave Private speculators,A mixture ofdifferent illegal railroad and payments to government agentspeople and the voting , cattlemen, miners,different Michigan Central machines, and woodcutters.cultures Railroad went enrichingblended through Vanderbilt themtogether Michigan 1875 1875 1876 1876 1877 1879 1880 Candidates Crazy Horse, Gall, Thomas Edison used graft: and Sitting Bull invented the Illegal use of outflanked and lightbulb. political crushed George influence to Armstrong Custer’s get into office troops, within an Act that was a hour Custer and his response to to the troops were dead. failure of the 1867 tenement house act, requiring a window The Telephone was in each room. invented
  5. 5. Gilded Age waspublished by MarkTwain and CharlesDudley aboutcharacters who findit hard to get rich. Participants worked Samuel together in a trust Joseph GompersServed as a scout which turned their Pulitzer: a becomesand a spy during the stock over to a Hungarian president of theCivil War, and later group of trustees, immigrant, Americanas a marshal in companies then got bought the New Federation ofAbilene, Kansas profit for trust York World Labor 1880 1880 1881 1883 1885 1886 Political Haymarket 20 percent of the Assimilation, which Machines Affair occurs immigrants of Ellis was a plan under offered which Island were detained which Native services to bombed a for over a day and Americans would voters and Chicago had to pass a give up their beliefs companies Market physical examination and way of life and for political during a became part of or financial strike. white culture. support Community centers George Washington help people in slum Carver graduated neighborhoods from Virginia Hampton Institute
  6. 6. Dawes Act, Sherman Antitrust Actaimed to made it illegal to formAmericanize the a trust that interferedNative with free trade.Americans, itgave some ofthe reservationland to Strike at There was twice as Carnegiesindividual Native Jane Adams founded many Irish SteelAmericans Chicago’s Hull House Immigrants in New Company. York than Dublin, Ireland. 1887 1888 1889 1890 1890 1892 Custer’s old Poll tax was required Reformers began to to be paid before press elimination of regiment, rounded up 350 starving and qualifying to vote. Patronage and adapt freezing Sioux and a merit system of took them to the hiring. George Eastman camp of Wounded introduced the Kodak Knee Creek in South Camera. Dakota, The next day a shot was fired and the soldiers opened fire with deadly cannon, they slaughtered 300 mostly unarmed Native Americans
  7. 7. Pullmans strike Buisnessmen were emerged due to not named Robber being able to drink, Barons for having not being able to questionable loiter, and refusal to practices and paying lower rents workers poorly. 1892 1893 1894 1895 1895 The American William Randolph W.E.B. Dubois was3 Of Ida B, Wells’ Bimetallism: A Railway Union won a the first Africanfriends were executed monetary system In Hearst purchased the strike for higher American to receive awithout trial which the government New York Morning wages. Doctorates degree would give citizens Journal from Harvard gold or silver in exchange for paper currency or checks, supporters hoped that this measure would stimulate the economy.
  8. 8. 50,000 Chinese entered the Us through Angel Island. Women made on Mexicans became a average 267$ in major role in Debt tenement shops. Peonage. 1896 1899 1901 1902 1903 1915 Companies BicyclePlessy v. FergusonSupreme Court ruled Achieved Monopoly, manufactures from Dayton, Ohiothat the separation a complete control designed a bi planeof races at public over its industry production, wages and at Kitty Hawkaccomodations was flew 120 feet for 12legal and did not and price. seconds.violate the 14thamendmen.
  9. 9. URL’s