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Blas infante


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Blas infante

  1. 1. BLAS INFANTE Who am I? …
  2. 2. Yes! Well done! I’m Blas Infante! Do you know something about me?
  3. 3. Blas Infante was born in Casares in 1883 and he died in Seville in 1936. He went to school everyday. Casares is a village between the mountain and the sea. When he was 18 he studied in Granada. He studied law and Philosopy. His family was wealthy and he could study at the university.
  4. 4. He wanted workers to have a better life. He wanted women to have the same rights and freedom.. In 1918 he wanted Andalucía to be independent. He wrote the Andalusian anthem. He had a big family: four children and a wife (Angustias). They were very happy.
  5. 5. He fought for the poor workers and their rights. He went to prison because he wanted to defend the freedom of people. In the end, Blas Infante died for his beliefs.
  6. 6. Do you want to know more?
  7. 7. UNA PASIÓN SINGULAR. 2003 . This film based on Blas Infante life has an exceptional production value, it film shows the brutal reality that several families had to deal with many years ago. Blas Infante, a brave man who tried fighting for other people’s rights towards a better life, sacrificed his own freedom and his own life. This is an overall view not just of Blas Infante but also of his time and everything he dedicated his life to!
  8. 8. Now, you know many more things about me and our wonderful region, Andalucía. Well done! Lourdes Muñoz Colegio Arco Iris Día de Andalucía Febrero 2011 .