Startups - How to Survive the First Three Years - Tapan Kumar Das, CEO


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This presentation is stamped by integrity and honesty. It lays down the challenges and practical solutions that would help entrepreneurs get through the first three years of a Startup's life.

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Startups - How to Survive the First Three Years - Tapan Kumar Das, CEO

  1. 1. HOW TO SURVIVE FIRST THREE YEARS Tapan Kumar das , CA , IIMA CEO and Director – Itiffin Co-Founder Qua Nutrition
  2. 2. Challenges Major factors for Failure Success Factors – Macro level Survival Approach – ITIFFIN and QUA Q & A INDEX Presentation : 45 Minutes Interaction : 60 Minutes
  3. 3. Family Challenges – Working without Salary Social Challenges – Pulls you down Technological Challenges – Job oriented approach Financial Challenges – Could have been better if more money was available Policy Challenges – Not sure about the Macroeconomics CHALLENGES
  4. 4. Incompetence – Lack of Planning – Investment, pricing, Hiring and Monitoring Lack of Market awareness Lack of clear focus Too much Money Wrong advice from Family and Friends Entrepreneur underestimated the time requirements Being at wrong place at the wrong time Wrong Hiring START UP BUSINESS FAILURE RATE – 9/11
  5. 5. BUSINESS SURVIVAL - FACTORS Growth Financial Management Sales Volatility
  6. 6. Start – Manage – Growth To survive 3 years OUR APPROACH Qua Nutrition ITIFFINCash How ?
  7. 7. Investment – Rs 3 Lakhs STARTED IN THE YEAR 2011 Could have investment more ? Variable cost approach – Qua and Itiffin Low Capex Approach Why we avoided ?
  8. 8. Work around Customer - Solve problem keep the Customer in centre Low Investment high value creation – Risk and reward Managing Sales volatility – WOM and influencer Model and employee ownership Changing the Business Model - To achieve short team goal without diluting long term vision – Franchisee Model and Product based approach Financial Management - Variable cost approach and Low Capex Hiring approach – Professional with right attitude - Multitasking ITIFFIN AND QUA SURVIVAL STORY
  9. 9. Revisiting business model to check the assumption and modify to ensure minimising mistakes ( at least monthly once ) Funding – Market is not ready Service and product combination - Qua and Itiffin Managing low skilled people - day to day below the line challenges Managing with Partners – Qualification Vs Experience Vs Influence Visualising much in advance the human problems – 6th Sense Worry - Money Vs Customer Acquisition - always have job in your hand ITIFFIN AND QUA SURVIVAL STORY
  10. 10. Q & A
  11. 11. Thanks +91-9008600079