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Online Advertising - Monetization Models Explained - Jayant Nandan


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Online Advertising - Monetization Models Explained - Jayant Nandan

  1. 1. ONLINE ADVERTISING & MONETIZATION MODEL Leveraging Digital Marketing Platform for Maximizing the ROI Nandan J | Strategyworks Consulting
  2. 2. Strategyworks Consulting LLP Digital Marketing Champions •SEO •PPC •Adwords •Social Media Marketing & Advertising •Marketing Automation Setup •Email Marketing •Lead Nurturing •Lead Generation •Landing Pages Design & Development •Consulting •End to End Strategy & Execution
  3. 3. Three Key Elements of Online Advertising
  4. 4. Various Revenue generation Options
  5. 5. Monetization Models Affiliate Model Networks : Connect Publishers with Affiliate Programs A deal offered by a company to share a portion of the revenues earned from traffic coming from web publisher websites.
  6. 6. Banner Ads •Self Hosted •Through Ad/ Affiliate Network •Goal: Ad Display Revenue •Subscription Model •CPM Model( Cost per Mille) •CPC Model( Cost per click) •Performance Measured on : Unique Visitors, Page views, Time spent on site, Clickthoughs
  7. 7. Contextual Ads( Banner Ads and Text Ads) Advertising that is targeted to the content on a web page. Contextual ad programs include Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Vibrant Media, Kontera and Tribal Fusion.
  8. 8. CPM | PPC/CPC | CPA Models CPM: Advertising (usually banner advertising) that is billed per thousand impressions, regardless of whether the user clicks on the ad. Companies include DoubleClick, Value Click and many more. PPC/CPC Advertising that is billed by user click. The web publisher receives revenue each time a user clicks an ad on the publisher’s site, regardless of whether the user makes a subsequent purchase. Companies include Google AdSense and Yahoo! CPA Advertising that is billed to the advertiser per user action (e.g., purchasing a product or filling out application). Amazon offer this model and others
  9. 9. E-Commerce Selling products and/or services directly through a website.
  10. 10. Interstitial Ad These Banner Ads/ Rich Media Ads are played between page loads. Companies include Tribal Fusion, DoubleClick, and many more offer this.
  11. 11. In-text Contextual Advertising Ads marked by double-underlined keywords or phrases in the content of a web page. Mouse hovers the mouse cursor over a double- underlined word or phrase, a text ad pops up. By clicking on an ad, readers are taken to the advertiser’s page. In-text contextual advertising platforms are Vibrant Media, Kontera, Tribal Fusion and others
  12. 12. Email Marketing •Revenue Mode: Lead Generation, Advertising, Sponsorship •Model: promotion, Contest, Coupons •Performance Measurement: number of subscribers, Opened emails, click through , Leads
  13. 13. Real Success Comes with Analytics and Measurement
  14. 14. All these models are Good…but how do I get started? •In depth research about your Product/ Service intended to market •Know your competition •Know your TG ( Target Group) •Optimize your campaign/ Copy/ Messaging / Creative/ Mailer etc… •Measure the Performance and Optimize it again •Social Share/ Recommendations/ Opt in List •Automation Tool
  15. 15. Email: