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Consumer Internet Insights - Jeyandran Venugopal


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Last Week’s - “Consumer Internet Insights" session sketched trends, opportunities and challenges in this space. Here are the Lounge47 key takeaways: 1. India has become the new “Land of Opportunity” - untapped potential, increased consumer/middle class spending, adoption-cycles shortening due to younger demographic willing to be early adopters, institutional investment in Startups increasing 2. “Cost to Try” is cheaper in India 3. Some stats – Population: 1.28b, Internet users: 1/6, Tablet users: 1/120. Mobile Internet users: 1/10, Social Media users: 1/13 4. Mobile growth presents a tremendous opportunity – Mobile Internet growing faster relative to rest of the world 5. Opportunities: a. Enabling Technologies for Mobile Platforms:
plugging a key function within a growing ecosystem e.g. search engine for apps, App personalization & recommendations, performance, analytics and insights, cross platform app development, prototyping tools, design to code technologies, democratization of app development (e.g. andromo, appgeyser), enterprise mobility (e.g. Kony), regional language focus b. Advertising Platforms: programmatic buying platforms,
demand- side platforms that can optimize Ad buy ROI’s, unified solutions for multichannel ad spend management to optimize impressions for targeted spending objectives, SMB businesses – managing marketing spends, fraud management c. Personalization Technology: Given current vastness of Internet how to enable
users to get relevant and contextual information and explore interests – how, what, where and when of personalization needs to be thought through and pin-pointed technologies like machine learning, large scale data analytics and data mining used to enhance efforts d. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech (processing and synthesis), Image and Video Processing: Given that semantic web initiatives have not taken off, self expression through blogging e.g. Tumblr, rich media as opposed to text, deep learning networks for image and video understanding – a new and hot field e. Big Data Analytics as an enabler is the other big area for opportunity 6. Challenges: Cyber security - active threat groups for example have increased +4x since 2011.
Also, social implications should be considered carefully e.g. Google glass.

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Consumer Internet Insights - Jeyandran Venugopal

  1. 1. Consumer Internet Trends, Opportunities and Challenges Jeyandran Venugopal
  2. 2. Image credit: Gartner Hype Cycle report for Emerging Technologies 2014. Gartner Hype Cycle report for Emerging Technologies, 2014
  3. 3. Global Users of TVs vs. Mobile Phones vs. Smartphones vs. PCs vs. Tablets, 2013 Population penetration Mobile Adoption Statistics
  4. 4. Smartphone Users = Still Lots of Upside… @ 30% of 5.2B Mobile Phone User Base
  5. 5. Credit: Digital Statistics – India 2014 by Ideate Labs.
  6. 6. Credit: Digital Statistics – India 2014 by Ideate Labs. Mobile Usage = Continues to Rise Rapidly…@ 25% of Total Web Usage vs. 14% Y/Y
  7. 7. Mobile Technology – Driver of Social Change Image credit: Arab Spring and Social Media by Tarik Laanani, Slide share Mobile Technology – Driver of Social Change
  8. 8. Mobile Technology – Driver of individual betterment Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
  9. 9. Online Education = It's a Global Thing
  10. 10. • AirBnb • Lyft, Uber, Sidecar • Waze • Yelp, Just Dial • Crowd funding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo,…) • Foldit – Crowdsourced (gamified) research! Mobile – Crowdsourcing of content, commerce
  11. 11. • Quixey – Search Engine for Apps . • App discovery and personalization/recommendations. • App Performance, Analytics and insights. • Cross platform app development. • Prototyping tools, design to code technologies -- democratization of app development (andromo, appgeyser), Enterprise Mobility (Kony). • India opportunity – Regional focus! Enabling Technologies for Mobile Platforms
  12. 12. • Programmatic buying platforms – all inventory moving to RTB exchange mechanisms. • Demand side platforms that can optimize Ad buy ROI’s. • Still, advertisers are lacking unified solutions for multi- channel ad spend management to optimize impressions for targeted spending objectives – brand advertising, performance ads etc. • SMB businesses – how do we enable them to manage marketing spends. • Fraud management – publisher fraud, advertiser fraud, violation of exchange terms, click fraud. Advertising Platforms
  13. 13. Personalization Technology
  14. 14. 14 Personalization – Why • Cocktail Party Effect • Size of the Web • Trillion+ Unique pages • Billion+ Domains • Search Engine Index – Several Hundreds of Billions of pages+ • 4 Zeta Bytes of data (10^21 bytes) • Users come to internet not just for information, but to explore interests.
  15. 15. Personalization – What, How • Profiling/segmentation vs Deep Personalization • User profile – often unknown. • Content signals – Non existent, weak or even wrong. • Collaborative filtering • Content Filtering • Hybrid approaches • Machine Learning, Large scale data analytics, Data Mining
  16. 16. Personalization – Where
  17. 17. Personalization – Where Credit: Recommendations at Netflix scale @ Large scale Recommendation systems workshop 2013
  18. 18. 18 Personalization – Where
  19. 19. NLP, Speech (processing and synthesis), Image and Video Processing •Semantic Web initiatives have not taken off. •Self Expression through blogging, video logs, podcasting, Pictures, Tumblr etc exponentially growing. •Exponentially increasing use of Rich Media as opposed to text. •Deep Learning networks for image and video understanding – new field, lots of investment going in. •Usecases/need – comment spam/hate speech/trolls, copyright violations, prohibited content identification, page quality analysis, sentiment analysis, intuitive new experiences •Technology mature => it disappears and gets out of the way and things happen by magic. HCI will change drastically in the future. Speech understanding/synthesis will become key.
  20. 20. Big Data Analytics – Enabler Technology for all of the above (Personalization, Search…)
  21. 21. Big Data Analytics Contd.. • Plays in – Infrastructure/platform services (vertical focus like log analysis - splunk), enabling technologies (streamed processing via storm, cascading, scalding), algorithms/value added insights (stochastic processes/statistical techniques,ML etc eg: outlier detection algorithms ). • Commercial applications limitless – retail, financial, ad ecosystems etc. • Application of big-data analytics to various fields beyond advertising/targeting - education, agriculture (e.g: climate predictions and crop insurance), healthcare (predictive analytics on disease likelihoods, prognosis of diseases).
  22. 22. Some Challenges
  23. 23. Some Challenges – Social implications need to be thought through ….
  24. 24. My Entrepreneurial journey •India has become the new Land of Opportunities. •Lots of untapped potential . •Consumer spending increasing, discretionary spending of middle class accelerating. •Adoption cycles are shorter (younger demographic willing to try new things as early adopters). •Emerging Markets (and specifically India) attracting a lot of institutional investment. •Our Company – Early/bootstrap stage, part of the Nasscom incubator (10K), V1 product release later this quarter, reimagination of healthcare in India (bring in big-data/analytics, scalable consumer internet platforms).
  25. 25. Thank You! Q&A