LIFE IS GREAT indoor collection


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The LIFE IS GREAT indoor collection has sprung from my own life. These awardwinning designs will bring a notions of enjoyment, togetherness, dining and wining, playfulness, ease and peace.

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LIFE IS GREAT indoor collection

  1. 1. LIFE IS GREAT indoor collection
  2. 2. ’Nothing is what it seems to be…. It is hard to decide whether Louise Cohen makes articles of use or objects d’art.’ Annet de Groot / journalist ’Her design is simple, moving, palpable. And above all: beautiful. Her work has an undeniable character of its own.’ Ellen van Ree / journalist ’Remarkable associations of functions characterize her work. Life is Perfect and Life is Great are fine examples of original shapes applied to collective symbol values. Old fashioned coffee tables can go to the trash with Life is a Party.’ André Keikes / journalist ’Louise Cohen is the designer and co-supplier of my gift to my nicest clients [leukste klanten]. At the end of last year ‘our’ gift was again received very well. Every single recipient sent me a response in various forms, some very playful. This was also a great gift for me in return. It is nice to experience that giving creativity and attention generates more of the same. This way the world becomes more and more beautiful to be in and to love. And that is what Louise Cohen brings into the world. Thank you!’ Marit van der Sleen / Groeiende Zaken Leukste Klanten ’When I have laid the table and we are sitting at your LIFE IS A PICNIC it makes us feel good and together.’ Hilda Claassen / collector ’Life is a joy brings everything you wish for the ones you love. When I was given a few by a friend I was touched. Now I like to conclude a wedding ceremony by handing over this most charming and original present.’ Guusta Veldman / YesIdo2 ‘Enrich the good things in life’ I can claim some [international] name and fame with designs from just 3 grams to over 3000 kilos. The designs of the LIFE IS GREAT indoor collection have sprung from my own life. They intend to enhance and enrich the good things in life. A design always bring a notion of enjoyment, togetherness dining and wining, playfulness, ease and peace. Several designs in this collection have won a design award and a selection has been commissioned and acquired by the TextielMuseum. As a polyvalent designer I combine tangible emotions with a practical and technical approach. The interplay of design and user realizes a personal appreciation. All designs are made in an environmentally honest and friendly way and created under my care. As a commission, a unique object or in small series. This indoor collection is complemented by the LIFE IS GREAT modular outdoor collection. ’Her name belongs in a list with Hella Jongerius, Hil Driessen, Ella Koopman and other prominent designers. Multi-discipline design is the only term that comes near to describing her effort. She is versatile and goes on where others have reached their limits. Or does she know how to stop at the right moment? She elegantly knows how to use everyday objects for new purposes. The new artefact has a childlike glory, it is always practical and a feast to the eye. Her designs look simple, but there is a great inner complexity that results into harmonious designs. She is great at integrating different elements, rational as well as emotional ones. Her resourcefulness is admirable.’ Sasja Saptenno / journalist
  3. 3. LIFE IS A RIVER velvet padden cushion with metal centre 99 euro | 17" x 17" | 0.45 m x 0.45 m 129 euro | 23" x 23" | 0.60 m x 0.60 m LIFEISGREATCollection|allrightsreservedbyLouiseCohen
  4. 4. LIFE IS NICE placemat trivet made of fleece 19.7" x 57.1" 0.60 m x 1.45 m several colours 129 euro LIFEISGREATCollection|allrightsreservedbyLouiseCohen
  5. 5. LIFE IS A PARTY tableware table 119 euro | large plate 109 euro | small plate 99 euro | cup and saucer LIFEISGREATCollection|allrightsreservedbyLouiseCohen 26" x 9" x 9" | 0.67 m x 0.23 m x 0.23 m 29" x 5.9" x 5.9" | 0.75 m x 0.15 m x 0.15 m 29" x 11" x 11" | 0.72 m x 0.29 m x 0.29 m
  6. 6. LIFE IS A JOY napkin with text 19.7" x 19.7" 0.50 m x 0.50 m 10 euro LIFEISGREATCollection|allrightsreservedbyLouiseCohen
  7. 7. LIFE IS PERFECT tablecloth trivet made of cotton/linnen 53" x 98" 1.35 m x 2.50 m 259 euro LIFEISGREATCollection|allrightsreservedbyLouiseCohen
  8. 8. LIFE IS A CELEBRATION napkin with text 19.7" x 19.7" 0.50 m x 0.50 m 10 euro LIFEISGREATCollection|allrightsreservedbyLouiseCohen
  9. 9. LIFE IS COOL temporary textile transformer diameter 0.6" | 4 cm 12,50 euro LIFEISGREATCollection|allrightsreservedbyLouiseCohen
  10. 10. colofon photography Jan Kalma portrait Duncan Wijting contact 0031 [0]58 2660345 tel 0031 [0]6 47054595 mob enrich the good things in life for more information visit and go here enrich the good things in life L o u i s e C o h e n