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How did you attract/address your audience?

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  1. 1. Q5.How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. I think that I have made my magazine attractive with the use of the: • masthead, • the layout of the double page spread, • colours, • prizes, • Competitions • posters, • price.
  3. 3. Masthead For my magazine I used a bold mast head which will stand out for my target audience to see. Also the style of font is unique and is different from the other music magazines that I have research.
  4. 4. Double page spread layout: For my double page spread I have designed it so that all of the text is in columns. This make the interview clear and easy to read. This is a common thing that magazines do on there double page spread which I fond out through my research. I have also placed the image so that it looks like that is also creating a column. In this image I have split the image into the columns that I was using when writing this article.
  5. 5. Colours: The colours that I have used in my magazine are mainly black, different shades of blue, yellow and red. Originally I had decided to use darker shades of blue and more red because this is what other music magazines have used for a similar genre of music. However I do not think that them colour worked due to the colours that I had used in the images.
  6. 6. Prizes/ Competitions : On both the front cover and the contents I have advertised prizes and competitions. I decided to do this so that it would get my target audience attention. I have put the advertisement for prizes and competitions in circles and in different colours so that they stand out from every thing else on the page. I decided to prizes in my magazine so that my target audience would want to buy the magazine because they are able to get something for free.
  7. 7. Posters: For my magazine I had decided to put posters in there for my readers to have. I thought of doing this due to the research that I had done to find out what my target audience would like to see in each issue of a music magazine. I found this out through the survey results that I did on survey monkey. To make sure that I have a high percentage of people buying my magazine I decided to include as much as I could that they wanted into my magazine. I felt like posters was an important thing to include in my magazine because it was mentioned more then once in my results.
  8. 8. Price: The price that I have decided for my magazine is £3.50. I have decided this price due to the results of my survey. The results that I got were 18% £1-£2, 54% £3-£4, and 27% said other. I went for the highest result so that the majority of my target audience would be happy to pay that price. I also chose to do it monthly so that this price might appeal to a greater audience because they will know that they will be getting more for there money.