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This my pitch for my music magazine.

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  1. 1. Pitch
  2. 2. Working title Beat
  3. 3. Genre • The genre of music for my magazine is going to be rock music. I have chosen to do this due to the results of my survey. The types of rock music the magazine will contain is classic rock, Pop punk, and indie rock. • The genre of music will effect the style of my magazine, such as the cover image will be a different style of person compared to a pop magazine front cover. The colour scheme that will be used through out the magazine will be darker colours such as red and blacks which links to the style of music .
  4. 4. Cover price and Publication • From carrying out my survey I have found out that the most suitable price for my magazine will £3.50. This is because 54% of people thought said this is what they would pay £4 for a magazine, and only 18% said £1-£2. • I have decided that my magazine will be published monthly, this is due to the price of my magazine. I have also chosen to do this because the audience for my magazine will not want to pay £3.50 each week for a magazine, however they will pay £3.50 for a magazine which will contains more information.
  5. 5. Mission statement • Beat magazine is designed to give the audience a connection with music. Beat is constantly appealing to all readers containing all genres of rock music, from indie rock to classic. In each issue of beat we will focus on the biggest things going on in the music world such as album and tour release dates. Beat is the essential magazine for all music lovers.
  6. 6. Reader profile Liam, is 20 years old and is passionate music fan as well as being a musician himself. There is nothing more that Liam likes to do then going to festivals and gigs to discover new bands and solo artists. Liam buy beat magazine every week to make show that he does not miss out on the latest music news.
  7. 7. Flatplan Front cover Double page spread Contents page advert advert advert advertadvert advert advert advert advert advert
  8. 8. Stylesheet Beat
  9. 9. Sample images
  10. 10. Photography plan: front cover Shot: medium shot Angle: eye line Mise-en-scene: -costume: casual -location: outside against a coloured brick wall -props:none Sample Image
  11. 11. Photography plan:contents Shot: medium shot Angle: eye line Mise-en-scene: -costume: -location: Studio, dark background -props: Guitar Sample image
  12. 12. Photography plan: contents Shot: Medium long shot Angle: Eye Line Mise-en-scene: -costume: casual simple clothing -location: studio, black and white effect added -props: None Sample image
  13. 13. Front cover plan Exclusive interviews Free! CD £3.50 Find out the latest Gigs for 2015 Up and coming artists March 2015 Free cd
  14. 14. Contents page plan Text Text Win Gig tickets and back stage passes Issue Number- Cover date- march 2015
  15. 15. Double page spread plan Text Image