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Assignment louise thomson - empathize & define - design challenge brief


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Assignment prepared for a MOOC - Design Thinking Action Lab

Published in: Education, Technology
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Assignment louise thomson - empathize & define - design challenge brief

  1. 1. Empathize Map & Problem Statement Louise Thomson Melbourne, Australia
  3. 3. Teacher, Business Professional, House Co- ordinator, School Leader, Relationship Builder, Parent, Husband, Community minded
  4. 4. Kids not academically minded, only there to eat, they want to leave school however parents want them to stay. Kids come to school for three days to attend five subjects with several ‘teacher’ touch points: one teacher manages their Trade school day, their house-coordinator, sports coach, Pastoral care and a separate teach manages their ‘work’ day. During their three school days, it’s challenging to keep their interest ‘high’, keep them on task with work and keep parents informed of their progress. The Say:
  5. 5. He and many other teachers have relationships with these specific students. He has good conversations, communication and trust with each student. He calls ‘a spade a spade’. The Do: He feels challenged given the curriculum & teaching structure, student touch-points with too many teachers & staff and an inability to build relationships with parents who’s ‘ego’ get in the way. The Feel: I gather he thinks he could change the system if given the opportunity. He’s had success with a couple of students & their parents and this could easily increase if he had more time, support and had a better relationship with the student’s family. The Think:
  6. 6. Malcolm NEEDS a way to engage the parents, students and associate teachers to focus on creating interest and passion in their education and how it will help their work situation in the future. PROBLEM STATEMENT Because Malcolm knows that when focused and caring TIME is spent with the student & parent there is success.