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Why? Falling Up


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A Memoir of Renewal

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Why? Falling Up

  1. 1. Why ?
 Falling Up Dr. Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, CIP
  2. 2. Whats The Conversation ?
  3. 3. Non Linear - Collaborative Importance of Understanding The Narrative
  4. 4. Growth and Renewal
  5. 5. To All of You
  6. 6. Take Care of Yourself Physically- Exercise do at least 3 times a week Emotionally- Set Healthy Boundaries, Share your Feelings -Honor Yourself in Healthy Relationships Spiritually-Be Consistent with your values-When you say no mean no
  7. 7. Live with Possibility
  8. 8. Openness Be Perseverant -Passionate Make Mistakes -Learn from Them Engage with Others Set Heathy Boundaries Create Value Look for Goodness Be of Service Discover Gifts -Gratitude
  9. 9. Expect Good Things
  10. 10. Keep Falling Up !