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The business of interventions


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This presentation takes a look at the ethical responsibilities, training, strategic planning and other considerations that should be examined before entering the business of interventions.

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The business of interventions

  1. 1. Business of InterventionsBusiness of Interventions  Dr. Louise StangerDr. Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, BRIEd.D, LCSW, BRI II, CIPII, CIP  NII MembershipNII Membership ChairChair  Member AISMember AIS  Faculty SDSUFaculty SDSU  Member WAATMember WAAT
  2. 2. Getting To Know YouGetting To Know You  IntroductionsIntroductions  What Brings You Here TodayWhat Brings You Here Today  Wheel of Life Exercise (Wheel of Life Exercise (Handout,Handout, ZadraZadra,, 20092009))
  3. 3. What’s most Important ?What’s most Important ?
  4. 4. Top 10 Reasons Why You MustTop 10 Reasons Why You Must Have Your Dream Job (Have Your Dream Job (GarfinkelGarfinkel))  1. Allows you to be True to Yourself1. Allows you to be True to Yourself  2. Fits Into Your life2. Fits Into Your life  3.Incorporates your Values3.Incorporates your Values  4.Allows You to Tap into your own4.Allows You to Tap into your own GiftsGifts  5. Gives You Energy instead of5. Gives You Energy instead of draining youdraining you
  5. 5. Top 10 Reasons Why You MustTop 10 Reasons Why You Must Have Your Dream JobHave Your Dream Job  6. Enables you to Align With Your passion6. Enables you to Align With Your passion and do what you loveand do what you love  7. Helps you to Make a Difference in7. Helps you to Make a Difference in Something you BelieveSomething you Believe  8. Is Enjoyable and doesn’t seem like work8. Is Enjoyable and doesn’t seem like work  9. Follow your wants instead of shoulds9. Follow your wants instead of shoulds  10. Fulfills you (10. Fulfills you (
  6. 6. The Self Employment TestThe Self Employment Test
  7. 7. Your Business IQ : What do YouYour Business IQ : What do You Know about Self Employment?Know about Self Employment?  Get to be your ownGet to be your own BossBoss  Earn More $$$Earn More $$$  Greater flexibilityGreater flexibility  ConsultancyConsultancy  Long hoursLong hours  SeasonalSeasonal employmentemployment ( Never know( Never know where nextwhere next intervention isintervention is coming from)coming from)  Irregular incomeIrregular income
  8. 8. Pros and Cons of Self EmploymentPros and Cons of Self Employment  More Control OverMore Control Over Your TimeYour Time  Set own hoursSet own hours  IndependenceIndependence  PersonalPersonal SatisfactionSatisfaction  Potential successPotential success and $$$$and $$$$  Seed MoneySeed Money  6 Months of6 Months of savingssavings  Long hoursLong hours  Volatility of MarketVolatility of Market  Stress-lonelinessStress-loneliness  Bookkeeper/Bookkeeper/ Closer/SchedulerCloser/Scheduler
  9. 9. Creating your Dream JobCreating your Dream Job  Training- SupervisionTraining- Supervision  Licenses ( Personal &Licenses ( Personal & Business , National &Business , National & Local)Local)  Business Name &Business Name & BrandingBranding  Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning ““ Failing to plan is a planFailing to plan is a plan to fail”to fail”
  10. 10. Dream JobDream Job  Geo-MappingGeo-Mapping  Banking-BusinessBanking-Business accounts, debitaccounts, debit cards, routingcards, routing numbers & creditnumbers & credit cards- Paypal andcards- Paypal and SquaresSquares
  11. 11. Dream JobDream Job  Real EstateReal Estate (Virtual, Home,(Virtual, Home, Business Office,Business Office, Car, Hybrid)Car, Hybrid)  Staff –family,Staff –family, friends, associates,friends, associates, payroll orpayroll or independentindependent contractors,contractors, virtual, imaginary ,virtual, imaginary ,
  12. 12. Dream JobDream Job  Phones, AnsweringPhones, Answering Services ,Skype,Services ,Skype, Webex, Email etc.Webex, Email etc.  Data Keeping: WhatData Keeping: What data do you want todata do you want to track ? Calls, Closes,track ? Calls, Closes, Referral Sources, siteReferral Sources, site Visits , Types ofVisits , Types of Engagements etcEngagements etc
  13. 13. Dream JobDream Job  Scope of ServicesScope of Services  Say “What you do and do what youSay “What you do and do what you say”say”  Contracts –Legal CounselContracts –Legal Counsel  ““Best Effort Clauses “ and Length ofBest Effort Clauses “ and Length of EngagementsEngagements  Billing when and how – Invoice to GoBilling when and how – Invoice to Go / Quick Books/ Quick Books
  14. 14. Dream JobDream Job  Travel andTravel and TransportTransport  Pros and Cons ofPros and Cons of Travel agentsTravel agents  Kayak, Priceline ,Kayak, Priceline , Hertz, Budget etc.Hertz, Budget etc.
  15. 15. Wireless DevicesWireless Devices  How connected areHow connected are you going to be???you going to be???  Laptops, Ipads,Laptops, Ipads, Phones, Earpieces,Phones, Earpieces, &other devices&other devices
  16. 16. Social MediaSocial Media  Written MaterialsWritten Materials  Business CardsBusiness Cards  Letterhead etcLetterhead etc  WebsiteWebsite  MailingsMailings  TextingTexting  Facebook, TwitterFacebook, Twitter and Linked Inand Linked In
  17. 17. Consultants & ColleaguesConsultants & Colleagues  LawyersLawyers  AccountantsAccountants  Business CoachesBusiness Coaches  PublicistsPublicists  MentorsMentors  ProfessionalProfessional ColleaguesColleagues
  18. 18. Ethical ConsiderationsEthical Considerations  FiduciaryFiduciary Relationships withRelationships with ProvidersProviders  Call CentersCall Centers  Pay per clickPay per click  Truth in advertisingTruth in advertising  Gifts & KickbacksGifts & Kickbacks  Internet MarketingInternet Marketing scamsscams
  19. 19. Ethical Responsibilities :Ethical Responsibilities :  To ColleaguesTo Colleagues  To ClientsTo Clients  To PracticeTo Practice SettingsSettings  As ProfessionalsAs Professionals  To ProfessionalTo Professional affiliationsaffiliations  To Broader SocietyTo Broader Society
  20. 20. Anything The Mind Can Believe itAnything The Mind Can Believe it Can Conceive –Napoleon HillCan Conceive –Napoleon Hill
  21. 21. Be What You Want To BeBe What You Want To Be