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Jocelyn center health and wellness fair


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Jocelyn Center Health and Wellness Fair

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Jocelyn center health and wellness fair

  1. 1. Jocelyn Center Health & Wellness Fair 2019 Dr. Louise Stanger
  2. 2. Lets take a Moment Catch our Breathe and Introduce Ourselves
  3. 3. About Dr. Louise Clinician Educator Author Women Wife Mother Grandmother
  4. 4. Today I Bring You A Gift RUMNI
  5. 5. Opportunity and Possibility
  6. 6. Laughter and Humor
  7. 7. Discoveries I Finally have Big Tits I Can No longer Get Pregnant No More Period - if In was a Male -Male Climatic Free of Childrearing I can send Grandchildren Home
  8. 8. Discoveries I speak my mind I get the hotel room closet to the elevator I am a digital immigrant
  9. 9. I am part of the largest class of first generation working women
  10. 10. Resilience isa Personal Act of Defiance Jesse Sostrin
  11. 11. Growth and Renewal
  12. 12. To All of You
  13. 13. Take Care of Yourself Physically- Exercise do at least 3 times a week Emotionally- Set Healthy Boundaries, Share your Feelings -Honor Yourself in Healthy Relationships Spiritually-Be Consistent with your values-When you say no mean no
  14. 14. Be Perseverant -Passionate Make Mistakes -Learn from Them Engage with Others Set Heathy Boundaries Create Value Look for Goodness Be of Service Discover Gifts -Gratitude Take Opportunities
  15. 15. Expect Good Things
  16. 16. Offerings Make Connections Know You Will Make Mistakes Know You will Grieve You will Journey Near and Far Your body will change Take Time to do things Physically, Emotionally, Consistent with Your Values
  17. 17. Offerings e along the way Friends and family may please and disappoint you Not everything is a crisis Be mindful- Wake up everyday and be Grateful Thank Outside the Box
  18. 18. Keep Falling Up !