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Dr. Louise Stanger, Robyn Cruze, and Lori Jean Glass deliver the keynote presentation at the Innovations in Recovery Conference in Dallas, TX.

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  • I recovered from bulimia. You can too! learn more... ■■■
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  • The 3 Secrets To Your Bulimia Recovery ♣♣♣
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  1. 1. Thank you! Family Food Love Lori Jean Glass Executive Director of Clinical Operations Five Sisters Ranch CRC, CPC, CBC Dr. Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, CIP, CDWF-Candidate Robyn Cruze National Recovery Advocate Eating Recovery Center
  2. 2. Family…
  3. 3. •  Turn to your neighbor •  Introduce Yourself •  Say one or two words that pop in your head when you say the word FAMILY. Greeting…
  4. 4. To All of You
  5. 5. To Be Courageous
  6. 6. To Engage in The Conversation
  7. 7. What do your clients do?  
  8. 8. Non Linear - Collaborative Importance of Understanding The Narrative
  9. 9. Family Mapping
  10. 10. Our Work gets Messy
  11. 11. Live with Possibility
  12. 12. The Work Is Not Done
  13. 13. Relationship with Food … It’s all about Relationships…
  14. 14. Food…
  15. 15. Culture Body Ideal…
  16. 16.   Diet mentality: “The Paleo diet is the only way for me.”   I’ll get fat if I eat what my body asks me to eat.”   “If I eat sugar I won’t be able to stop.”   “If I loose control of my food, I’ll become addicted to food like I did substance.”   “I’ll be judged if I eat what I want.” Can you think of any other beliefs? Additional Belief Obstacles…
  17. 17. How do we form our relationship to food?   Family   Peers   Media The Relationship with Food…
  18. 18. Rebuilding a Relationship with Your Body and The Food You Put in It The Body Conversation ™ 1.  Listen 2.  Connect 3.  Respond
  19. 19. The Body Conversation ™ -- 1. Listen: Rebuilding the foundation. A safety structure to explore our relationship.
  20. 20. Time and portions No “good”/”bad” foods Can you hear your body signals?
  21. 21. The Body Conversation ™ (Cont’d) 2. Connect: Taking queues from body signals and responding thoughtfully and considerately. Learning to communicate
  22. 22. 3. Respond: Deepening the connection with your body. Listening, honoring and loving for optimum health. A new inspired relationship The Body Conversation ™ (Cont’d)
  23. 23. Connection   Connection to food is the connection to life   Connection of life is the connection to others   Connection to intimacy and love Positive Loop of Recovery Connection to Love…
  24. 24. Love…
  25. 25. Living Wound Pain-body Learn to Tolerate and Manage “Self Management” Origin: Attachment Addiction Trauma Experiences: Process Addictions Addictions Protest Behavior Secretive Behavior Anxious Frozen Depressed Fearful Not Enough Invisible Feel Self-Awareness Self-Care Social Awareness Relational Wounded Cycle…Family – Food - Love Relational Alignment
  26. 26. The Cake! The Pain… Original Wound… “Origin”
  27. 27. •  Obsessive … experience is the deep desire to be in a relationship or the fantasy of falling in love (from feeling the un-met longing) Clinging – Obsessing •  Avoidance … experience is not letting anyone too close. Close is uncomfortable - pulls you out of the relationship -escape (from the feeling of engulfment) Avoiding – Hiding How we love… adaptation to attachment wound •  Ambivalent … experience keeps you in and out of relationship. Questioning everything… unable to decide (from the feeling of un-met longing and engulfment) Push - Pull How we “attach” with the wound
  28. 28. Avoidant Attachment Anxious Energy Un-Met Longing Binge Eating - Bulimia Anxiety Disorder Love Addiction Codependency Alcoholism – Drug Addiction Work . Work . Work Tolerance for High Risk Behavior 1. 2. 3.
  29. 29. Anxious Attachment Avoidant Energy Engulfment Food Restricting Love Avoidance Depression Pills / Drug Addiction Sex/ Porn Addiction Cutting Secretive Behavior 1. 2. 3.
  30. 30. Anxious/Avoidant Attachment Ambivalent Energy Sex AND Love Addiction Depression AND Anxiety Food Restricting AND Bingeing Borderline Personality Disorder Alcohol/Drug Addiction Smoking FREEZE Not Knowing 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 1. 2.
  31. 31. Healing the “Love”… Understand the “phases”… Relational Realities Understand the “phases”… Relational Realities
  32. 32. Ours TheirsMine
  33. 33. Honeymoon…
  34. 34. Come Together…
  35. 35. Settling…
  36. 36. Celebration…
  37. 37. What to do? •  Attachment Work Family mapping Understand messages… Understand Patterns •  Be the Good Student of Self Identify Core Belief, Original Wound, Painbody •  Self-Efficacy Apply systems: Listen, Connect,Respond/ Think, Feel Do
  38. 38. Don't think Control, think Connect (Get Curious) Don’t think Rules, think Equations If you do this… this is will happen (Accountability) Don’t think Lecture, think LAB (Experiential)
  39. 39.   “When our mind thinks in alignment with how our heart feels and we have the courage to take proper action with our feet – we have achieved a verticality t h a t i s h e a l t h y , responsible, and results in finding our true self.” Lori Jean Glass Copyright 2016 Lori Jean Glass LLC
  40. 40. Thank you! Lori Jean Glass Executive Director of Clinical Operations Five Sisters Ranch CRC, CPC, CBC Dr. Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, CIP, CDWF-Candidate Robyn Cruze MA., National Recovery Advocate Eating Recovery Center