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Creating sustainable family programs


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How to create sustainable family programs.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Creating sustainable family programs

  1. 1. 2019 LAS
  2. 2. Creating Sustainable Family Programs Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW 2019
  3. 3. Lets take a Moment Catch our Breathe and Introduce Ourselves
  4. 4. About Dr. Louise Stanger Clinician Educator Author Parent Grandparent Wife Women Adventurer
  5. 5. Claudia Black & Mary Gordon
  6. 6. Create Possibility Aspiration that a better life is possible
  7. 7. Creating Sustainable Family Programs 2019 Stanger
  8. 8. Objectives Describe , Define and Discuss Family Programs Identify Purpose, Mission of Programming Review Philosophical Underpinnings Identify Administrative Structures and Costs
  9. 9. Objectives Identify Program Structure, Length of Time , Objectives and Expectations Discuss and Illuminate Staff and Qualifications To Develop Evaluation Tools and Discuss Outcome Data To Identify the Role of Family as Alumni
  10. 10. Define Family?
  11. 11. What Families Want to Know Their son or daughter will tell them they love them again. Their husband or wife will want to be with them They will go to school, get a job, and have a life worth living
  12. 12. What are your Assumptions about Family? Wounded Want to be loved Want their loved ones to Love them Scared ?????? Your assumptions are critical
  13. 13. Families Arrive All Washed Up
  14. 14. SubstanceAbuse-Addiction Mental Health-Depression/ Anxiety Chronic Pain-Physical Maladies Relationship failures -Legal Emeshed But-how do our Families Arrive
  15. 15. What Kind Of Families Helicopter Saran Wrap Steam Roller Pop Ups
  16. 16. What’s the Purpose of A Family Program ?
  17. 17. What are your Expectations?
  18. 18. Who Gets to Attend ?
  19. 19. Are Family members etc invited at Client Request
  20. 20. Or From The Outset Their is an Agreement FAMILIES ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF TREATMENT
  21. 21. Program Costs
  22. 22. To Charge or Not to Charge ? Who can attend ? How many members ofd a family can attend How often can they attend ? Free or Does It Cost? Is Cost added in to total Charge of The Program Always Remember Most Families Travel to Programs
  23. 23. Adjunct or Part Of Team
  24. 24. Words of Wisdom about Staff Do Not Pathologize or Diagnose Negatively
  25. 25. Staff’s Training and Credentials No Matter what the credentials Must have PASSION for working with Families
  26. 26. 20 The Wounded Hearts Secrets & Lies I LO Substance Abuse Legal Jack Learning disability SallySusie Laura John MikeJim Sr Mary Jack Susan Jena Jim Anxiety & depression Medical Bullying Work RAGE Religiosity Perfectionism - everythinglooks good Secrets Emeshed- CoDependent T T T TT T T T T= Trauma = Money Issues Sample Family Map 18 = Affair Sally T died age 38 1614 Have Staff Done Family of Origin Work?
  27. 27. Program Length and Frequency Offered Weekly 3-5 Days in residence Individualized or group Telehealth - Zoom Online Portals
  28. 28. Collective Perspectives Bringing Folks Together For The Common Good
  29. 29. Basic Education ASAM March 2011
  30. 30. Learn Resilience Emotional Elastocity Didactic Action -Oroiented Writing Playing
  31. 31. Basic Script Building Respond and not React
  32. 32. Boundary Setting I set Boundaries to respect and protect myself not to Offend You
  33. 33. Family Programming Staff “I am the mirror who reflects back their pain, their fears their voices. I am the inquirer who asks difficult questions, who searches for evidence and patterns. I am the companion on the journey bringing my own story to the encounter, making possible an interpretive collaboration, I am the audience who listens , laughs , weeps an applauds. I am the spider women spinning their tales.. I am the therapist who offers cathaersis support and challenge… I am also the stage manager coordinating the intersection of three plays- the story teller, the narrator and the readers inviting your voice to the drama” Sara Lawrence Lightfoot
  34. 34. Families are taught • About Substance Abuse ,Process and Mental Health Disorders and Chronic Pain. • The part they play in the continuation of the disease
  35. 35. Theoretical Strategies • Motivational Interviewing • Cognitive Behavioral • Acceptance & Commitment • Values Clarification • Solution Focused • 12 Step or other Self help • Mindfulness • Breathing • Sociometry • Psychodrama
  36. 36. Counseling Skills Used •Listening- Empathy •Genuine •Unconditional Positive Regard •Concreteness •Reflecting- Echoing Key words •Body Language •Open Ended Questions •Paraphrasing- Summarizing •Counselor Self Disclosure •To Do Not Harm
  37. 37. Strengthening & Building Community
  38. 38. You Must Give Families A Plan ! To continue, growing, learning and receiving support!
  39. 39. Desired Outcomes
  40. 40. What do you want to happen ? Communication Skills enhanced Boundaries established Change Agreements Families get their own help Families go to 12 step meetings Families form Alumni Group What specific Behaviors
  41. 41. How are you going to Measure
  42. 42. Long Standing Family Programs
  43. 43. Children's Program Betty Ford-Hazelden
  44. 44. Learn More: Sign Up for My Newsletter Educational Resources Information about New Trainings Industry Information Tips for Working withClients Workplace Development Tools
  45. 45. To Contact Dr. Louise Stanger 619-507-1699,
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