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Is optimisedalwaysoptimal


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Published in: Technology
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Is optimisedalwaysoptimal

  1. 1. Is optimised always optimal?When to break the rules for good.
  2. 2. Should we make it work on mobile?
  3. 3. Hell YES!
  4. 4. What do we mean?1. Reduce the amount of content2. Single column layouts work best3. Present that navigation differently4. Minimise text entry5. Decide whether you need more than 1 mobile site6. Design for touchscreen and non-touchscreen users7. Take advantage of inbuilt functionalityCommunicate via colours!
  5. 5. But everything?
  6. 6. Don’t optimise … ?• CMS– unlikely to have content on device• User journeys that *need* additional support– Sales funnels that benefit from offline interaction• Complex products or services• Bespoke luxury goods• Highly personal services (e.g. childminding)• Critical tasks that need uninterruptedconnections
  7. 7. Registration form
  8. 8. Oh dear…• User is now lost in acomplex CMS• No longer in your easy tounderstand sales site• Unsupported and confused= BAD EXPERIENCE
  9. 9. Not optimal, but betterForm is more complex but containsinformation about the product andtrialUser is given a ‘thank you’ message,not direct access to the product.Verification email includes moredetails, support contacts and accessto platform.Log in is not prevented after formsubmission, also teaches userabout route to log in for future.
  10. 10. Breaking the rules• Minimise form fields• Minimse content• Straight to platform
  11. 11. THANK YOU!@Lou_Bloom