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The e resource licence


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The e resource licence

  2. 2. Let’s start from the very beginningAll our electronicresources are licensed tous, whether we ‘own’ themthrough outright purchase,‘rent’ them onsubscription, or access forfree.A licence agreement is alegal contract betweenthe licensor (the supplier)and the licensee (theinstitution) which spellsout terms of use.Legally, contract lawsupersedes copyrightlaw.Licences normally placelimits on how electronicresources may be used,who may use them, thenumber of concurrentusers and the locationsfrom which networkedaccess is permitted.Individual users areresponsible for ensuringthat their use of electronicresources complies withlicence conditions.
  3. 3. Bewitched, bothered and bewilderedThe model licence Same clauses in manyagreements Understandablelanguage Usually tailored toacademic libraries Easily enforceable Users well-defined Accepted by most largepublishersThe generic terms of use ‘Click-through’ May be unrealistic Require careful readingand negotiation Often vague on userdefinition Don’t order anythingbefore seeing anagreement first!
  4. 4. A cock-eyed optimistThings to consider when reading a licence: WHO. Does the licence allow access for the right people or is itrestricted in any way (e.g. outside UK)? WHERE. Is off-campus access mentioned? By what method? WHAT. Is it clear what is acceptable and unacceptable use(e.g. downloading, ILL, course packs)? HOW. Which forms of authentication are available? Whichsoftware, browsers, etc are needed? WHEN. How long is the period covered by the licence? Whenis the notice period for cancellation? Are there any unusual clauses (e.g. ‘pay within 7 days’).
  5. 5. Mad about the buySome resources do not have licence agreements weneed to sign, but point towards their own Ts&Cs Always read the small print and look for the information weneed Negotiate and challenge if we need to Always keep a written record of conversations over licensing incase of future problems, and keep any additionaldocumentation with a print-out of the relevant conditions If there are no Ts&Cs either, keep a record of anycorrespondence relating to users, use, authentication, etc. If buying something outright check for ‘hidden costs’
  6. 6. Taking a chance on …Activities with elementsof risk Allowing access tosomeone who is not anauthorised user (givingaccess outside of a securenetwork) Making a passwordavailable on a publiclyavailable web page Systematic downloading Uploading a PDF into VLETo ask the question, ornot to ask the question? Licences are oftendeliberately ‘grey’, likecopyright Agree a definition (a ‘KUstudent’, a ‘securenetwork’, a ‘site’) and stickto your guns If it’s reasonable, it’s likelyto be OK – but it is not OKto give all our customersaccess
  7. 7. Accentuate the positiveCollections are here to help you negotiate the accessthat you want – we can help iron out Authentication questions Who can access, when, how and from where What to expect from the logging in process How to exploit the resource (for VLE, ILL, reading lists) Queries relating to trials, increasing user numbers, obtainingusage statistics Any clauses we see as incorrect or unachievable (10 daypayment terms, language that doesn’t fit academic use)
  8. 8. Verde – I’m falling under your spellRemember Verde? (the ExLibris all-singing, all-dancing, all-encompassing ERM) Licence information – phase 1 for LRC staff, phase 2 forcustomers (brief details of what’s allowed) Access information – browsers, PDF readers, pop-ups, mobileversions, accessibility, anything relatedPlan to use Verde to be one place to host basiclicence information, and to also use ELCAT and/orKB+ as required What’s ELCAT? It’s a bank of JISC licences comparing and contrasting the basic clauses. What’s KB+? The JISC initiative on title lists for knowledge base use, which might absorb ELCAT.
  9. 9. Woodman, spare that treeThose e-links: ELCAT KB+ (we areabout to join this) JISC Model Licence A very open and cautionary story of resource misuse
  10. 10. Woodman, spare that treeThose e-links: ELCAT KB+ (we areabout to join this) JISC Model Licence A very open and cautionary story of resource misuse