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Details on Kingston University's ExLibris installations for e-resource management, discovery and delivery. Prepared for the London E-resources Group, summer 2012.

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Primo @ KU

  1. 1. : how we utilise Primo as a resource discovery tool London E-resources Group, 29 June 2012
  2. 2. ExLibris products @ KUAleph - LMSPrimo – resource discovery toolSFX – knowledge base/link resolverMetalib – A-Z list databasesUstats – usage statisticsVerde - ERMbX – article recommenderARC – reporting tool for Aleph
  3. 3. Our Primo front-end: “iCat”
  4. 4. iCat access to databases
  5. 5. iCat with database search
  6. 6. iCat access to full-text articles
  7. 7. Choices …How to incorporate our e-journals into PrimoLooking forward to e-books (also now harvested from SFX into Primo)Whether to have a Metalib public interfaceWhether to provide database and e-journal A-ZWorking with Primo Central (index of articles, chapters, reviews)User education / rankings / formats
  8. 8. Decisions …Harvest records daily from SFX (e-journals and e- books) into PrimoDo not use Metalib ‘v’ interface, or quick sets as a search choice in PrimoDatabase A-Z through Metalib; e-journal A-Z through SFXSet up Primo to only show results with full-textUse ranking to boost our own print book records
  9. 9. Technical issues …Access to ‘My Account’ for our staff and students is through Shibboleth; for external members with their username and library PINIn theory allows single sign on to e-resources (but not always – we use Shibboleth, Open Athens, EZProxy)Harvest data from our repository (E-prints) by OAIMobile view for searching (but not account view)