Poster conventions


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Poster conventions

  1. 1. Poster conventions Research
  2. 2. Film posters are a form of promotion. As a film poster is a physical piece, and not a piece of video, the posters can promote the film in number of different places. Common places for film posters include billboards, bus stops, on buses, underground stations and around cinemas to publicise future releases. There is no limit to where the film posters can be advertised.
  3. 3. Photograph or image Film posters always contain a main focal image which is what audiences see when the poster catches their eye. These images are either stills from the film or character shots, but they always contain some type of iconography to reveal the films genre. The images on the poster portray the narrative of the film.
  4. 4. Title Film posters contain the title on the front in order to allow viewers to look into the film and find out more about it. The typeface of the title is usually the same throughout the products produced for the films marketing campaign.
  5. 5. Directors, producers and actors Usually the director and producer of the film is displayed especially if the director and producers are well known. If it is a big name director/ producer, then the name will be bigger than the average director. The actors of the film are listed either at the top or bottom of the poster. If the film has a small cast then only the main protagonists will be featured on the poster.
  6. 6. Quotes, recommendations and ratings Once a film has been screened to critics, the promotion team of a film can re-create posters or re-cut trailers to include positive review, ratings, feedback and recommendations.
  7. 7. Awards Similarly to reviews and positive feedback, if a film is still being advertised during awards season when the team or actors are nominated for awards, the trailers and posters can include these details. An audience perhaps will be more interested in a film if it has an array of awards.
  8. 8. Taglines In film trailers, posters and other products taglines are used within them to emphasise a point about the film as well as hint to what will happen in the film. Taglines aim to be memorable for audiences, so that when they think of the tagline they therefore think of the film.