Horse Whisperer- English


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Presentation about the poem Horse Whisperer from the Character and Voice section of the Anthology for GCSE

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Horse Whisperer- English

  1. 1. Instantlyintroducedwith anaggressiveattitude They shouted for metowards the Imagery of thisnarrator when their horses snorted, when restless magical method hooves traced circles in the earth and shimmering muscles refused the plough. My secret was a spongy tissue, pulled bloody from the mouth of a just-born foal, scented with rosemary, cinnamon, a charm to draw the tender giants Relating to the senses to my hands. Forester describes an experience of a Horse Whisperer, who is first sought for his gifts then hounded for them
  2. 2. Aggressivetone, They shouted for meRepetition when their horses reared at burning straw and eyes revolved in stately heads. I would pull a frogs wishbone,Alliteration, tainted by meat, from a pouch, The people think ofalso shows that a new fear to fight the fear of fire,the mighty him as some sort ofhorses are so I could lead the horses, “witch-doctor”weak in somesenses like helpless children, to safety. In this Stanza we are seeing more into the magic of the Horse Whisperer. This is setting up the character to be taken apart in the next stanza
  3. 3. What does the warning How is the HW going to protect represent? I swore I would protect this legacy? Why would they need What is it a to be protected? this legacy of whispers warning for? but the tractor came over the fields like a warning. I was the life-blood Why is it set within no longer. From pulpits a CatholicWhy are such I was scorned as demon and witch. community?methods Pitchforks drove me from villages and farms.necessary? What is Andrew Forester trying to achieve from this Stanza? Why does he use these Methods?
  4. 4. Shows the HW The HW feels hurt byactual strength or these people who My gifts were the tools of revenge. have left him so, heid thismetaphorical A foul hex above a stable door hurt them(Sarcastic so a trusted stallion could be riddenmaybe) no more. Then I joined the stampede, with others of my kind, Horse analygy Forced, Exiled to countries far from our trade. to go else where because they need not want him/her
  5. 5. In the quotation, who is they and who is me ? They shouted for me when their horses …
  6. 6.  We see that the Stanza length gets shorter each time. This is symbolic showing that once his/her life was full but is now shortening. Its like s/he is coming to the end of their career. The poem is written in free verse reflecting the different aspects of the narrative.
  7. 7.  He was born in 1964 in  This means that the South Yorkshire, but inspiration for the lived in Scotland for poem came from his most of his life surroundings and the In South Yorkshire and attitudes of people Scotland the from the area. landscape is mostly  We can see that the hilly, where the poem is based on the heritage is of farming demise of horses used and agriculture. This in work. This would of means his view on the come from the views of the people he was surrounded by.
  8. 8.  In 1900 around 1million  When steam power horses were being started being used, used in agriculture, but thousands of horses 14 years later there were sold or left was only around unused on a farm. 20,000. They were not This was because of needed, so were not the invention of the bred much further. steam engine.  This meant all horse- related workers had a smaller market. This meant hundreds went out of work.
  9. 9.  Want for the horse whisperer Horsey words Secrets of his work relating to the witchcraft- Supersition Contradiction
  10. 10.  In Relation to the word “charm” on the 8th line. This word conjures up images of a magical person willing some-one or something to perform its deeds. This is relevant to the apparent Whisperer who wills these “giants” to carry on with their laborious tasks
  11. 11.  In the first sentence we can that the horse whisperer is called for when “snorted”. This shows the petty-ness of this snort but the farmers cared so much for the horses that they would do anything for them However throughout the poem we see that horse whisperer shunted out of the community “as a demon or a witch”. This shows how the view suddenly changed, they were once a valued member but now banished. Andrew Forster uses contrast to show the emotion of the character sudden position.
  12. 12.  Language Structure/form Poetic methods Character and voice Links
  13. 13.
  14. 14.  A. Describes the close relationship between horse and man
  15. 15.  Encourages us to sympathise with the narrator. Perhaps he is whispering to us in the same way as he did the horses?
  16. 16.  The poem is narrated by a horse whisperer, who begins by describing his work with horses and the secrets of his trade, which sound like magic but seem completely natural. When the people who once used his skills turn against him, believing that he uses witchcraft, the speaker decides to finally give up his trade, even though he had sworn to protect its secrets. The speaker also chooses to use his powers against the owners of the horses, corrupting the animals, before fleeing the country. The poem creates a strong sense of the relationship between man and horse and the tensions between superstition, religion and progress are explored.