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Nintendo Wii U 2013


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Another successful project by Frank Mayer & Associates SP

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Nintendo Wii U 2013

  1. 1. Nintendo Wii U Target Walmart  Clean yet distinctive displays set Nintendo Wii U apart from the competition at retail.  LED lighting around perimeter and inside clear case draws attention.  The new Game Pad and Console are featured prominently.  Consumers can pick-up the Game Pad and interact with the display.
  2. 2. Nintendo Wii U  Also produced freestanding units on casters that were used at various mall tours when the Wii U launched.  Players can interact and play games to have a realistic game playing experience.  Overall, displays were placed at Walmart, Toys R’ Us, and Target stores as well as Canada locations.
  3. 3. "In an ever changing marketplace, we are the constant that provides you with a creative, responsive and thorough approach to every in-store merchandising or interactive kiosk program."Creative │ Responsive │ Thorough Louis Young Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. 262-825-3949