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Closed on sundays louis sihler


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A brother of a fallen soldier learns to forgive.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Closed on sundays louis sihler

  2. 2. --I should warn you I am not like the rest-- OVER BLACK. WORDS BEGIN TO BLEED ON TO THE SCREEN IN CALLIGRAPHY "But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes." First John 2:11 The blood runs on the screen smearing away the words to another black screen as we-- ii. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  3. 3. FADE IN. INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY1 1 We open on RED, a soft spoken and well reserved man with a southern accent standing at the counter of his convenience store and gas station while SHIRLEY, a woman in her seventies stocks the shelves in the foreground. AHMED, a middle eastern man in his forties enters, then walks up to the counter. AHMED Excuse me, my friend but may I speak to the manager or the owner? RED That would be me. AHMED Oh! How's it going my name is Ahmed and my wife and I are looking for work you see we just moved here... DISSOLVE TO: BLACK SCREEN. WORDS ON SCREEN: ABOUT ONE WEEK PRIOR FADE IN. EXT. AFGHANISTAN / MOUNTAIN SPUR - DAY2 2 A deathly looking TREE branches out the side of a mountain above a path. The barrel of an decked out M4 sticks into frame followed by RON, a US ARMY SOLDIER with a "RIED" name tape across the back of his Kevlar helmet. A team of soldiers, six in number, follow behind him moving in a tactical fashion down the mountain path. Once they reach the tree Ron motions for the last soldier to maneuver around the tree, he does so. THAT SOLDIER clears the path all the way up to a mouth of a cave, ahead on the path. The rest of the soldiers, including Ron join him. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  4. 4. The soldier at the mouth of the cave reaches back and taps the leg of Ron, who is behind him. Ron does the same to the soldier behind him. This happens until the next to the last guy reaches down to tap the shoulder of the last soldier who is facing backwards, away from them and down the trail. He stands, maneuvers around them all and positions himself at the mouth of the cave before clearing the opening and heading in. CUT TO: INT. AFGANISTAN / CAVE - MOMENTS LATER3 3 Once well inside the cave, the team switches to Infrared vision. RON (whisper yelling) Switch to IR! In Infrared the soldiers can see the infrared patches light up on each other's uniform and see inside the cave with out light. It's better than night vision. They continue to move down the cave as we-- CUT TO: EXT. AFGANISTAN / MOUNTAIN SPUR - SAME TIME4 4 Back out on the path, that same dead tree, unnaturally swings and opens revealing a hidden entrance. Several locals with red beards run out carrying various assault rifles. One of them runs to the mouth of the cave with a bolted pipe bomb. He tosses it in the cave as hard as he can-- JUMP CUT TO: INT. AFGANISTAN / CAVE - SAME TIME5 5 The pipe bomb lands right in front of the last soldier in the line who is facing backwards, still pulling rear security. THE LAST SOLDIER (yells) Contact rear! 2. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  5. 5. EXPLOSION! All of them are blinded by the blast! A onset of GUN FIRE and YELLING is heard as we-- FLASH TO BLACK. OVER A BLACK SCREEN.6 6 We hear the sound of the combination of EXPEDIENT GUM CHEWING and DENIM JEAN MATERIAL RUBBING AGAINST CORDUROY. Finally we hear the SLOW, TROUBLED INTAKE OF BREATH as it travels past a closed set of clenched teeth as we-- INT. RED'S HOUSE / LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOON7 7 Red opens his eyes and EXHALES. He is sitting in his recliner. Red's leg continues to bounce and shake, causing the RUBBING SOUND against the corduroy fabric of his chair. Red reaches into the pocket of his jeans and pulls out a packet of nicotine gum then pops another piece into his mouth. Red stands and paces, walking in between his recliner and the TV. He then walks over to the window and using his index finger pulls down a bend in one of the blinds to look out. Red paces one more time before siting back down in his recliner, eyes closed, and d RED (muttering to himself) You don't need it... you don't need one. Red, keeping his eyes closed, he reaches his hand under the table beside his recliner and pulls out a can of dip (Lip tobacco) from a hiding spot. He holds the can up in front of his face at eye level and opens his eyes. Red packs the can and starts to open it. He stops, then abruptly stands and walks back to the trashcan in the kitchen, still in view from the doorway. He opens the can and dumps all of the tobacco in, then drops the empty can and the lid into it as well. Red stares longingly at the contents of the trashcan then kicks it so that the lid shuts. Red walks back and sits in his recliner then turns on the TV. 3. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  6. 6. He flips through the channels and lands on a Channel broadcasting LIVE NEWS. His brother's name on the screen banner catches his eye-- NEWS ANCHOR --We advise and caution our viewers the following footage may be considered disturbing viewer discretion is advised. The Channel begins to show FOOTAGE of an American soldier on his knees in a cave with middle eastern, radical militia standing around him all holding rifles except the one speaking who wields a machete and speaks to the camera-- NEWS ANCHOR V.O. --What you are seeing is footage released by Slava Ubijci a sect of Islamic radicals who claim they are taking up the slack of their less dedicated members of the faith. This is the most recently released video in which they murder Staff Sergeant Ronald Reid the third originally from Backwoods, Florida. Red gasps and sits up. NEWS ANCHOR V.O. (CONT’D) Again we warn you this may disturb you a great deal. English subtitles appear on the screen as the MAN WITH MACHETE speaks-- MAN WITH MACHETE (speaking in Dari) --We find it disgraceful and dishonoring for non Islamic people to be in our country much less this American filth. We will torture and kill Americans everyday until they are completely gone from our country. The man holding the machete slashes it into RON, Red's brother's neck three times before his head still in the bag COMES OFF. MAN WITH MACHETE (CONT'D) Let this serve as the first of many warnings to Americans... Red begins to CRY AND SCREAM. 4. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  7. 7. His wife, RAMONA runs in carrying their NINE MONTH BABY GIRL. RAMONA Red? A beat later RANDY, Red's oldest son (12) runs in followed by his brother ROSS (9). RANDY Dad? ROSS What's wrong? DISSOLVE TO: INT. FUNERAL HOME - DAY8 8 Red, his family, and a large gathering of friends, neighbors and members of his church are at a funeral and memorial service for his brother. In front of the stage sits a series of LARGE PICTURES on easels. One of them pictures his brother, RON IN HIS U.S. ARMY DRESS UNIFORM, beside it is one of RON IN A COLLEGE BASEBALL UNIFORM, beside it is one of HIM AND RED WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG BOYS and finally beside it was one of RED AND HIS BROTHER IN CAMOUFLAGE TUXES AT RED AND RAMONA'S WEDDING. I'm the audience, Red stares emotionlessly. On the stage a preacher, BROTHER BANKS, your average long winded pastor with a southern accent stands behind a pulpit giving the eulogy-- BROTHER BANKS --When the Apostle Paul wrote his letter to the church at Phillipi, the conditions of his life were awful. He was in a Roman prison and... (Beat) Look y'all, one of my most difficult responsibilities as a pastor is answering inevitable "why questions" to my church members. I get asked alot of hard questions that aren't easy to answer such as... "Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow for miscarriages? Why did God allow for my loved one to die so young or painfully?" (Beat) I do my best, I do, but I don't always have the answer. (MORE) 5. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  8. 8. I could always take the easy way out and say because it's his will, which is true, however I honestly can not give you a one hundred percent honest and easy answer. The Bible says many wonderful things about the death of a Christian. But the trouble is that we don't believe these things in times we need to the most, like now. We think of death as an end to all things good, when in fact it is merely an end to all things present and readily fathomable by our humanity. We think of death as a time of separation and sadness. Granted it's never easy when we loose a loved one. The truth is it hurts it hurts bad and for a time we should weep and be sad. That is what makes us both healthy and sain humans. As Christians we believe that in death we are given a new body and a new home both free of pain and aging. I don't know about y'all, but I look forward to getting my new knees and back. Im tired of hearing Snap, Crakle, and Pop in the mornings without having pour my cereal. When we are absent from our bodies we are present with God and a new home without taxes, no honey-dos, and no mortgages... Finally we gain a literally closer fellowship with God."Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also." Jesus also said, "Those who believe in me, even though they die, yet shall they live, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die." Ron will be missed! He was active in the church and our community. He was a humble servant and a very athletic sportsman whom excelled in most of his endeavors. Ron choose to serve his country and ultimately ended up giving his life for it. BROTHER BANKS (CONT'D) (MORE) 6. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  9. 9. In what I believe is in accordance with his wishes may we remember him as the smiling, happy and caring person you see in these frames. Truth is Ron wouldn't want us to be sad he would want us to memorialize and celebrate his life. He finished the race before us, just as he did so often while he was here with us. Let us pray. INT. FELLOWSHIP HALL - LATER9 9 They have moved to a fellowship hall where everyone is eating and paying their respects to Red and his family. HENRY HIGGINBOTHAM, a man Red's age walks up to their table with his family. HENRY Red, I am so sorry about your brother. The three of us go way back and well I wish to all get out that I could end everyone of them sons ah... Red nods his head. HENRY (CONT'D) I know we haven't seen much of each other since high school except every now and again down there at your store. But these are my daughters Hilary and Haley, and this is my son Henry Jr. Red nods his head at each as they are introduced. HENRY (CONT'D) Red we are going to pray for you and your family as well as for justice to those sandnig- filth over yonder. Red nods one last time as they exit. Brother Banks walks over to Red's table. BROTHER BANKS Brother Reid the podium is ready for you. RED I don't know if I'm ready for it. BROTHER BANKS (CONT'D) 7. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  10. 10. Red stands and walks behind Brother Banks to a small pulpit with a mic on it. Brother Banks speaks into the mic-- BROTHER BANKS -- I'm sure everyone here knows Red, who will now say a few words about his brother. Red steps behind the tiny pulpit and speaks into the mic-- RED --I'm ugh (Beat) I guess, I'm known as a man of few to ugh, well no words. Truth is I don't have anything to say really, ever. Several people laugh. RED (CONT'D) My broth... (Beat) my brother Ron was the one who was, you know good with words... But he, he had a good heart with something good to say pretty, much all the time. But me... I reckon I'm just a simple man with a simple plan. But my brother was apart of that plan you see. We've always needed each other ever since we's kids and ugh... Well frankly in times like these he was my rock to lean on, you know... and now he's not here. I don't think that I would have near the impact, in a good way, on those around me like my brother would... in fact I know wouldn't or won't, rather. But just cuz of that, because he's no longer here to give off the good... I'm going to put forth the extra effort to do just that. As a memorial to him. Red looks up teary eyed. RED (CONT’D) I love you buddy and I ugh (beat) I miss you so much. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Rest in peace. God bless everyone for coming and thank you for your prayers. Red walks away quickly. 8. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  11. 11. INT. RED'S HOUSE / BABY ROOM - EVENING10-A 10-A Red walks down the hallway carrying his sleeping, baby girl once he reaches the nursery he enters and lays her down in her crib. She stirs for a moment then goes back to sleep. Red walks back out as we-- FOLLOW TO: INT. RED'S HOUSE / CORRIDOR - SAME TIME10-B 10-B He closes the door behind him, walks down the corridor to his sons' room where they and his wife have their heads bowed praying out loud. RANDY ... and lord we thank you for everything you give us like food and stuff. ROSS ...and for video games, and movies.... RANDY And God please be nice to Uncle Ron he was a good guy... Red's throat lurches as he feebly stifles a sob. He swings around so that he is out of the door frame, back in the hall and leans his back against the wall. Red begins to cry silently as he slides down the wall until he is seated on the floor, quietly sobbing. His wife and boys, wearing pajamas, come around the door frame and into the hall with him. His sons sit on either side of him. Red puts his arms around both of them as they all embrace each other. His wife places her hand on top of his head and finally sits down with them on the floor leaning against the wall. Red continues to cry. INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY11-A 11-A Red sits in his office which has a large mirrored window where he can see into the store. Shirley rings up a customer at the counter. 9. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  12. 12. SHIRLEY Is that all or did you have gas? CUSTOMER DANIEL Well I did but I ain't think anyone heard me! They both laugh. SHIRLEY Every time with out fail, Daniel. That'll be $13.08. He pays and heads to exit but stops half way and looks back into Red's office. CUSTOMER DANIEL Red I ugh... well I just want you to know that me and mine are praying for you and yours. Red nods his head and the man exits. Red stands and walks out of his office, around and in front of the counter and through the door to the restaurant side. FOLLOW TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - SAME TIME11-B 11-B Once on the other side, Red nods his head as a greeting to a table with a family eating lunch who greet him with smiles. They then talk under their breath-- FAMILY MEMBER --I don't know how he is holding it all together. OTHER FAMILY MEMBER Him and his family are in church every Sunday. I hear that's why this place is closed on Sundays. FOLLOW TO: INT. RESTAURANT KITCHEN - SAME TIME11-C 11-C Entering into the kitchen, Red finds VERN with a clip board going over a shipment of food and supplies. RED How we looking? 10. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  13. 13. VERN Pretty good! ‘Cept they’s forgot our fatback and sanitizer but the delivery guy told me that when he got here. Should be on the next shipment. I accidentally ordered way too much chicken. RED Alright, no problem. Bring the invoice into my office when your done? VERN Sure thing boss. Red goes to leave. VERN (CONT'D) Hey Red? Red turns back to him. VERN (CONT'D) Ugh. Never mind lets talk later. Red furrows his brow then leaves. FOLLOW TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - SAME TIME11-D 11-D Walking through the restaurant KELLY, a sweet, twenty something, Young lady, stops him-- KELLY --Hey Red? RED Yeah Kelly? KELLY I was wondering if I could run something by you. RED Sure. What you got? She points at a open beer bottle on middle shelf behind the bar with a lime wedge stuck in the opening. 11. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  14. 14. KELLY I was just thinking we could always leave a open beer here for Ron. Red swallows hard trying not to show his devastation-- RED --That's real sweet Kelly. (Beat) take the lime out though Ron wouldn't want fruit near his beer. Kelly smiles. Red nods his head and heads to the bathroom as we-- FOLLOW TO: INT. BATHROOM - SAME TIME11-E 11-E Once inside he heads to the sink and stares at him self in the mirror for a beat. RED My God, I need a dip! Then realizing he is not going to cry, he exits. FADE OUT. INT. RED'S HOUSE / LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOON12 12 We open, again, on Red, sitting in his living room watching TV when his front door opens. Red looks back to see his wife and kids walk in. ROSS Dad! Guess what? Today we learned about the eruption of Pompeii! RED Now how am I suppose to guess if you don't give me a chance? ROSS (laughs) I ain't really want you to guess. I just wanted to tell you. 12. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  15. 15. RANDY And guess what! We learned about the flavor vanilla! Did you know it's the hardest flavor to make? RED Is that right? Ramona hands Red their baby girl. They all look at the TV and see Red is watching an old home video of him and his brother when they were kids. POV AT THE TV: In the video YOUNG RED has his arm wrapped around YOUNG RON whom has a towel wrapped around his shoulders. Red's MOM, who is holding the camera, speaks-- RED'S MOM --Ronald? What happened? YOUNG RON I was playing with a rope under the water and it got hooked on something and tightened around my leg holding me under. I almost drownded! RED'S MOM And then what happened? YOUNG RON Red jumped in! He saved me! YOUNG RED I'll always save you buddy. BACK IN RED's LIVING ROOM: Red begins to tear up as his sons hug him. RAMONA Come on boys homework, dinner, then bedtime. INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY18 18 BACK WHERE WE BEGAN in the store, Red is standing at the counter while Shirley stocks the shelves. AHMED, a middle eastern man walks in, then up to the counter. 13. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  16. 16. AHMED Excuse me, my friend but can I speak to the manager or owner. RED Ugh, that would be me. AHMED Oh! How's it going my name is Ahmed and my wife and I are looking for work you see we just moved here. RED I'm sorry but I'm not interested in hiring (beat) anyone, right now. AHMED Okay. Thank you for your time. RED Yep. Ahmed exits. Red notices Ahmed tell his wife, who is wearing a burka, in their car. Then the two hug before driving off as we-- FADE TO: INT. RED'S HOUSE / KITCHEN - EVENING19 19 In the kitchen Red, and his family, who are joined by Kelly sit around the table eating dinner. RAMONA So Kelly how's school? And life? KELLY Well... School is good. I'm on break for a month then I start the last portion of this semester back up and I'll be done with my masters and I've decided to go medical. All my premed requisites have been met and... RED --Good we could use some free health care. RANDY What did you master? 14. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  17. 17. Everyone laughs. KELLY Ha! I'm actually thinking about pediatrics and then doing work in Africa with that missionary that came to church The other day or working in internal medicine trying to find cures for different diseases. I just want to be the first person in my family to do something that matters... you know? And other than that I'm a serial single-ist, doomed to die alone! But! Not sad if I have anything to say about it. RED Oh! What happened to that Kellan kid? KELLY I got tired of you know, bailing him out of jail. I gave him the ultimatum that if it happened again I was gone! And six or eight times later I ended it. RED Sounds logical. I didn't realize that was happening. Kelly you shouldn't put up with someone like that. You're, you’re too special. RAMONA Yeah, you’re such a beautiful girl and you deserve a beautiful life. Do you need a place to stay? KELLY No I got a new place it's not that great but the rent is much more feasible. RED If you need anything you let us know. You know I consider you my oldest daughter. KELLY No, I know and I cantthank y'all enough for everything y'all have done for me. (MORE) 15. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  18. 18. Y'all have been the best kind of “adoptive parents” since mine died. I don't know what I would have done. RANDY Well, we'll always be here! Kelly smiles at Randy. KELLY (To Randy) You remind me so much of your dad you know that! Your dad is a good man. He'd give the shirt of his back for anyone. (to Ross) And you are just as sweet as your mom. ROSS I wouldn't be too sweet to those guys who killed uncle Ron! Everyone stills and goes silent. RED Ross, God teaches us to forgive the people who wrong us no matter how much it hurts and we are to love all people just like he loves us. ROSS Well, some people are hard to love. RAMONA That's why it's that much more important that we love them back! INT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING20 20 A little later Red and Ramona sit in the living room watching TV, when Randy walks in. RANDY Hey dad? RED Yes son? RANDY Why do girls sit down on the toilet even when they just have to pee? KELLY (CONT'D) 16. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  19. 19. Ramona stands. RAMONA Okay! Well I better go catch up on my reading for book club. Ramona starts to exit. RED What book club? RAMONA One I just joined! Ramona leaves and Randy gives Red a look of confusion. RANDY Girls are weird. RED Yup! INT. THE STORE SIDE - EVE21 21 Red is in his office going over paperwork, when Vern walks into the store side, kisses his wife, and then knocks on Red's office’s door frame. VERN Hey, boss man ya got a second? RED Sure what you got? Vern sits down. VERN Well, Red the truth is me and Shirley are quitting or retiring rather. You see we wanted to let you know about a week back or so but with everything that happened (Beat) Shirley's state retirement kicks in at the end of the month and I can draw social security now and well, we want a real retirement. We've sold everything and bought one of them there RVs. RED Awh, Vern (beat) I love you guys and I wish you both the best but you can't leave me right now. (MORE) 17. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  20. 20. I don't have replacements for you or even know how to train any one else because you both kind of developed your own responsibilities as the business grew. VERN I know it's going to be hard for us too and believe me we wanted to give you a much longer notice but one thing after another. We will help train replacements and make sure they are comfortable with their responsibilities and all. (Beat) You know it's not out of any kind of animosity or anything like that it's, it’s just we need to move on, and live our lives as an old couple. RED No, I, I get it. VERN Look Red we are going to help you every bit we can. But we have to get the ball rolling like ASAP. RED Yep. I reckon so. VERN Now do you want us to tender formal letters of resignation or is a hand shake good enough? Vern and Red shake hands. Shirley walks in the office and gives Red a hug. SHIRLEY I'm sorry all this happened at once. It's not how we planed it we wanted a longer transition. But we are going to miss you like crazy. RED Like wise. I mean same here. Vern and Shirley exit. RED (CONT'D) God I need a dip! RED (CONT'D) 18. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  21. 21. INT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING22 22 Red walks in his front door, drops his stuff on the kitchen counter, then walks to his recliner in front of his TV. He flops down with a very loud sigh. Ramona enters and sits on his lap. RED Kids asleep? RAMONA Yes sir! RED Am I asleep? Ramona chuckles. RAMONA If this is a dream it sure is a sorry one. RED I don't know about all that (Beat) you're here! They kiss, passionately for a beat then Red pulls away. RAMONA What's wrong? RED Vern and Shirley quit today. RAMONA What? RED Well they let me know today they'd been planing on retiring for a while. I reckon with everything that happened they just hadn't had a chance to fill me in until now. RAMONA Well that makes sense. They deserve a good retirement. They've both had two careers. Red nods, slowly. RAMONA (CONT'D) Come on let's go to bed. 19. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  22. 22. RED Don't tease me with a good time! RAMONA HA! Come on. INT. THE STORE SIDE - LATE EVENING23-A 23-A Red watches as Ahmed, his wife, Jameela and two kids pull up in the same car. Ahmed alone gets out and walks inside. Red nods to him when he walks in. Ahmed walks to the cooler and grabs a water jug and some apple juice. RED Did you ever have any luck finding work? Ahmed shakes his head. RED (CONT'D) (Under his breath to him self) Dag gum it! (louder to Ahmed) Yeah. Times are tuff. Ahmed nods his head, grabs a loaf of bread then walks up to the counter. RED (CONT'D) Is this all? Ahmed opens his wallet and pulls out his last ten dollar bill and sits it on the counter. AHMED Can I get the rest on pump one? RED Sure thing. Ahmed grabs his items and exits. Red exhales very loudly, watching Ahmed walk to his car and family. Red runs his hand through his hair then walks out side towards Ahmed. FOLLOW TO: 20. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  23. 23. EXT. THE STORE SIDE - SAME TIME23-B 23-B RED Hey? Ahmed right. Ahmed nods. RED (CONT'D) I ugh (beat) I just had two positions open up. What ugh, what do you and your wife do for work? AHMED (a little unsure) Ugh, well I'm a chef and my wife is ugh, well she ran a small market back home. Red hangs his head and smacks his forehead. RED Can you start in the morning? AHMED (ecstatic) Yes! Thank you my friend! Thank you so much! Ahmed runs over to hug him. RED Whoa! Hey! I'm your employer. That's it. Be here at five AM we usually have a big rush between six and eight from people stopping in on their way to work. AHMED Yes sir! Red walks inside as we-- FOLLOW TO: INT. THE STORE SIDE - SAME TIME23-C 23-C Red locks the door behind him. RED (under his breath looking up) Mysterious ways. 21. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  24. 24. Red walks over to the counter and punches in thirty dollars into the gas pump computer. Then exhales very loudly. RED (CONT'D) God I need a dip! INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - DAY24-A 24-A Vern and Ahmed are in the kitchen. Vern is showing Ahmed where everything is and his normal daily workflow. VERN When I get here every monring the first thing I do is start a pot of grits, start tray of biscuits, and fry a but loaf of bacon AHMED Im sorry, what? INT. STORE SIDE - SAME TIME25 25 On the store side Shirley is showing Jameela how she manages the store inventory. Red walks up beside them to observe. SHIRLEY Now this aint perfect, but... You see each aisle has a letter and each column of shelves has a number. On this master sheet I have everything we sell written down on this list here. Then if you flip to the planogram on the back you can map out where the item is, here. For example Starbursts; aisle 7, section A shelf 2. Then on this spread sheet you'll see about how many we have left. See here eleven bags. So there are three here which means there should be about eight more in the back. JAMEELA Y'all don't use a RF gun? 22. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  25. 25. RED What's and RF gun? JAMEELA Well it works with an inventory management system. You scan every time a product comes in and every time it leaves weather it's bought or sent out it gets recorded by scanning it and then noted in the system so you always know how much you have, how much you need to order and then using the patterns it tracks when you need to reorder. SHIRLEY Oh wow! That would be nice. RED No we don't have a RF gun. Kelly runs in from the restaurant side. KELLY Hey Red you better come here we might have a problem. Red follows. CUT TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - SAME TIME24-B 24-B Red enters the kitchen. RED What's the problem? AHMED I can't eat or touch bacon or any type of pork. RED You can't touch bacon? AHMED No. Is that going to be a problem? RED In this town, yeah! Bacon is almost the center of all commerce down here. (Beat) What if you wore gloves? 23. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  26. 26. Ahmed slowly nods his head. AHMED There is an exception for a Muslim if there is a necessity. RED Well if you want this job it's a necessity. AHMED Yes sir. RED Ok. Are there any other MUZLIM laws or traditions I should be aware of? AHMED Well it's actually pronounced "MUSLIM”(moos-lumb) RED I'm pretty sure it's pronounced, "I- DON'T-CARE". Red walks out, shaking his head, muttering to his self. RED (CONT'D) Can't eat or even touch bacon how is life even worth the living... FADE TO: EXT. THE STORE SIDE - EVE27 27 Red and Ahmed lock up the door for the night. RED Alright I will see you in the morning. AHMED Yes sir. Have a good night. RED You too. They both walk towards their vehicles. Red notices Ahmed gets in his car with his wife and kids but he doesn't leave. 24. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  27. 27. Red stares for a moment then walks over and notices Ahmed's family are all bundled up to go to sleep eating can goods. Red hangs his head and then exits. INT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING28 28 Red and his family are sitting around the table with their heads bowed and eyes closed. Ross is saying a rather long winded blessing. Red peaks at his wife, who peaks back. They both grin. ROSS ...and God, thank you for the trees and the animals, my teachers and friends the people who are nice to me, my church family, my family, dad's store, thank you for football, and electricity, the oxygen, for this food and for everything you've ever given us. Amen. ALL AMEN! RED Glad you got everything buddy. ROSS I think I forgot our drinks. RAMONA I'm sure God will forgive you, honey. RANDY He’ll probably thank you for not starting again. All laugh. EXT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY29 29 The next morning, Red pulls in to the parking lot. Ahmed's car is gone. 25. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  28. 28. Red gets out and walks up to the store. Ahmed and Jameela pull in with out their kids. Once they park they both get out and hurry over to the door. JAMEELA Sorry we are late sir. AHMED Yeah the school won't let us drop the kids off this early so we had to make other arrangements. RED It's no problem you're not late yet. Everyone enters. DISSOLVE TO: INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY30-A 30-A Shirley is training Jameela on the register. Jameela seems to be picking it up pretty quickly. Ramona walks in the store. RAMONA Hey Shirley who's this? JAMEELA Hello! I'm Jameela, I just started working here. RAMONA Oh! Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Ramona, Red's wife. Jameela smiles and nods. Ramona walks into Red's office. RAMONA (CONT'D) Hey babe you didn't tell me you were hiring? RED Oh yeah! Hey babe I hired two new people. 26. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  29. 29. RAMONA Very funny. I just meant I know some people that could use the work. We could have gotten you some descent help. RED Descent help or white help? RAMONA Now that's not- (realizing what she said was racist) Oh Dear lord forgive me. RED I told you Shirley and Vern was leeaving. RAMONA Well, Yeah. But.. A man from the restaurant side, GEORGE GENKINS walks into the store with a plate of food and yells at Red. GEORGE GENKINS RED! Get out here. RED (to his wife) Oh Lord I got a bad feeling about this. Red gets up and walks out to the counter. GEORGE GENKINS What in God's name is this?! He says pointing at his plate. RED I ugh... GEORGE GENKINS (interrupting) I'll tell ya what it is! This is the best dag gum chicken and rice I've ever had. I mean better than my mom's! God rest her soul. RED Oh well, thank you. 27. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  30. 30. GEORGE GENKINS Nah, nah, nah! Thank you! He grabs his plate and walks back to the restaurant side. Red lets out a huge sigh. RED Oh thank God! I saw that going a whole other way. RAMONA (confused) I didn't even know we made chicken and rice. RED Yeah me neither. Everyone, except Jameela, walks around the counter and through to the restaurant side-- FOLLOW TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - SAME TIME30-B 30-B --Where literally everyone has a plate or bowl of Chicken and Rice, including the staff. Ahmed walks out of the kitchen with a smile. GEORGE GENKINS Red! This man! That man right cheer! Hot damn genius. I tell you what! He says pointing at Ahmed. Vern walks out with his own bowl. Red walks over to Ahmed and Vern. RED What's going on? VERN Ask him? AHMED Well we had several whole chickens that were going to go bad soon and we accidentally ordered double the rice on our last shipment. 28. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  31. 31. VERN My fault! AHMED Chicken and rice happens to be one of my specialities so I figured why not. RED So you took a situation that was probably going to cost me money, made it profitable, and gained repeat customers. Vern nods his head. GEORGE GENKINS Hey Hamed! Or Akmed... Or how do you pronounce your name. AHMED Ahmed. GEORGE GENKINS Ahmed how often can I expect this? AHMED Every Wednesday sir! GEORGE GENKINS I'll be here every Wednesday! And call me George. Some people call me an idiot, but you can call me George. AHMED Thank you George! RED (to Vern) Be glad you're leaving. VERN Shew! I'm telling you. All laugh as we-- DISSOLVE TO: INT. THE STORE SIDE - EVE31 31 Later that night Shirley and Vern walk into Red's office after closing. 29. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  32. 32. RED So that's it huh? They both nod slowly. VERN Yep! That's the last time I'll close up the kitchen. SHIRLEY And the last time I count down the register drawer. Red opens the center drawer of his desk, pulls out two envelopes and hands them to Vern and Shirley. RED This is the last of your salaries plus a little extra to get you wherever your going and as a thank you from me. SHIRLEY Oh Red you didn't have to. RED Hush now! I ain't got much (beat) Basically you are getting what was left in petty cash. VERN Red, much obliged. That was mighty white of you. SHIRLEY You're a good man Red. RED Yeah well don't go spreading that rumor. I got a bad reputation to hold down. They all laugh, stand up and give each other farewell hugs. RED (CONT'D) When y'all headed out? SHIRLEY Tonight. RED Be sure and fill up one last time here, on the house. 30. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  33. 33. SHIRLEY Red that's too much. RED Thats enough now! Y'all have taken care of me for eleven years now. I'm barely even returning the favor. VERN You take care of your self, you hear. RED You just remember to send a post card every now and again. SHIRLEY Every chance we get! They hug one last time then Vern and Red shake hands. RED We'll be sure to send prayers for traveling mercies to go y'all's way. INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY32 32 Jameela stands behind the counter at the register ringing up a customer. The hanging door bell JINGLES as the front door opens and Henry Higginbotham walks in. Startled by seeing Jameela in her burka he jumps and hollers-- HENRY --Sorry I ain't realize it was Halloween already. (Red walks out of his office) Jesus Red what in God's name you been hiring around here? Is good help that hard to come by? Or are times so though you needs to scrape the barrel for the lowest paid laborers? RED Just local staffing Henry. 31. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  34. 34. HENRY Local to where? RED Here. HENRY Shew doggies! What's the world coming to? Henry sets about grabbing a few items. Red goes back in his office. Henry walks up and sets his stuff down on the counter. HENRY (CONT'D) Let me get fifty dollars on pump three a pack of Marlboro Red shorts, a can of Skoal Straight, and a bag of Levi Garrett. JAMEELA Yes sir. Jameela rings up his items on the counter, grabs the tobacco, and types in the gas to the register. JAMEELA (CONT'D) Seventy seven eighty three sir. HENRY Do what? JAMEELA Your total is seventy seven dollars and eighty three cents. Jameela Smiles. HENRY (Livid) How about you do it again and try and get your math right this time. JAMEELA Yes sir. Jameela clears the register, then rings up all of his items on the counter and the tobacco. 32. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  35. 35. JAMEELA (CONT'D) That comes to twenty seven dollars and eighty three cents plus you said you would like fifty dollars in gas on pump three? HENRY (Aggravated) Yes. Jameela punches that into the register. JAMEELA Your total is Seventy Seven dollars eighty three cents sir. HENRY (Crescendo) What kind of crap is this? Huh? What are you trying to pull? Red comes out of his office. RED What's the matter Henry? HENRY What's the matter is this SAND NIGGER is trying to JEW me out of money. RED Whoa! Hey! Henry you can not speak to my staff that way. The price of all my tobacco products went up over the weekend. HENRY Oh! (Beat) Well your new cashier here could use some learning in the manners department. RED Your concern is duly noted. Henry pays for his stuff as Red bags it. Henry leaves and Red walks over closer to her. RED (CONT'D) Are you okay? 33. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  36. 36. JAMEELA Yes, we get it all the time. Thank you sir. Red nods to her then goes back in his office. INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - DAY33-A 33-A Red walks into the kitchen to find Ahmed washing some dishes. AHMED Good evening sir. RED Do me a favor (Beat) call me Red. AHMED Sure thing, Red. RED Look can we talk Ahmed? AHMED Aren't we talking now? RED Right. Ahmed turns the water off, dries his hands and turns around to face Red. RED (CONT'D) Look this isn't easy to ask Ahmed but are you and your family sleeping in your car? In the parking lot? AHMED Yes sir. If it's a problem we will stop and find some place else. RED Well, you see, here’s the thing, it is a problem Ahmed. I can't have y'all doing that. AHMED Yes sir. RED So I was thinking-- 34. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  37. 37. --Red walks over to the far wall and moves a bread cart out of the way to open a hidden room. FOLLOW TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE / SMALL ROOM IN KITCHEN33-B 33-B Red and Ahmed enter into the dusty storage closet. RED We haven't used this room since I don't know when. They both walk in further. RED (CONT'D) Those shelves are sturdy and big enough for your kids to sleep in and the wife and I have an extra bedroom suit in storage we aren't using as well as a great deal of camping gear we don't use but every few years. It's not much but you're welcome to it until y'all find a place of your own. Ahmed sits down on one of the in-wall shelves. AHMED Red I don't known how to thank you. RED Just keep up the good work. AHMED Done. RED I'll go relieve Jameela for a while so y'all can clean up and ready the place. AHMED Red thank you. You're a good man. They shake hands. RED Yup. 35. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  38. 38. INT. RED'S TRUCK - DAY34 34 Red gets in his truck, still parked at the store and then puts his cell phone to his ear. RED Hey babe (beat, listening) I was thinking I'd swing by and pick up the boys from school. (beat, listening) Yeah I'm leaving a little early (beat, listening) alright I figured we'd swing by the lake and fish a little... it's been a while. (beat, listening) Alright love you too. He hangs up his phone and drives away. EXT. SCHOOL ENTRANCE - DAY35 35 Red pulls up into the line to pick up his boys from school. Once he is just a few cars back Randy, Red's oldest son notices him, waves, then gets Ross's attention, and they both walk over and get in. ROSS Hey dad! RANDY Where's mom? RED She's at home. Making dinner. I figured I'd swing by pick y'all up and maybe we could go wet a hook before supper? RANDY & ROSS (simultaneously) Yeah! RED That's what I thought! Red and his sons drive away. 36. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  39. 39. INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY36 36 Jameela rings up a customer-- JAMEELA That will be eighteen fifty seven, sir. The customer hands her cash and she gives him change. JAMEELA (CONT’D) Thank you sir. Have a great day. He exits. A group of guys walk in-- One of them carries a bat. One of them locks the door behind them. Another one braces the door to the restaurant side so that it won't open. The bat guy walks up to the counter, DRAGGING THE TIP of the bat on floor as he walks-- FADE OUT: EXT. LAKE - AFTERNOON37 37 Red and his kids are fishing off of a small dock on a lake. ROSS Hey dad? RED Yes son. ROSS How much fish you reckon were gona to catch you think? RED Just enough for us to eat. You never kill what you don't plan on eating. RANDY So. (Beat) Does that mean the cowboys were Indian eaters? 37. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  40. 40. RED Ha! I don't think so. RANDY Hey dad? RED Yes son. RANDY What's devastation? RED Devastation? Where did that come from? RANDY Yeah we are learning about Pompeii and the teacher said it but I ain't know what it means. RED Devastation, devastation is the worst that you can feel and the closest you can be to being completely destroyed in one way or another yet still exist. ROSS So (Beat) like how you felt when Uncle Ron died? Red swallows hard. RED Yes son. ROSS Some kids were picking on these knew kids at school today. I felt (Beat) ugh, devastation for them. Red smiles. ROSS (CONT'D) I wouldn't want to be made fun of because I was new or different. RED That's right son. RANDY Hey dad? 38. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  41. 41. RED Yeah son. RANDY How come people are so mean? RED Just cuz they weren't raised right. RANDY All of ‘em? RED Well, I reckon that some people are mean to other people cuz others were mean to them. ROSS Well, that doesn't seem right. RED People don't always do things for the right reason. RANDY Like the people that killed Uncle Ron? Do you think people were real mean to them? Red breath’s hard. RED Maybe. ROSS People shouldn't be mean. Then the world wouldn't be so mean. That's stupid. Red smiles and nods at his son's logic as we-- FADE TO: INT. RED'S HOUSE- EVE38 38 Red and his kids pull up in his drive way. Ramona walks out to meet him with her phone to her ear. Red and his kids all get out and walk up to meet her. 39. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  42. 42. RAMONA Boys go inside and start eating supper, it's on the table. (to Red) Where's your phone? RED In my pocket. The battery died. RAMONA You need to get to the store, now. RED What? Why? RAMONA Something has happened just hurry. CUT TO: EXT. THE STORE SIDE - EVE39 39 Red pulls up in his truck. Two police cruisers are parked outside with their lights going. CUT TO: INT. THE STORE SIDE - MOMENTS LATER40-A 40-A Jameela LIES ON THE FLOOR in Ahmed's arms. The store side is a WRECK. Ahmed has a BLACK EYE and DEFENSIVE WOUNDS all over his arms. Red walks over to them and squats down-- RED --What happened? JAMEELA I’m sorry Red! These guys came in and said that this was a good, real, American town and that we needed to leave then they took a bat to the store. RED Did either of you recognize any of them? 40. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  43. 43. They shake their heads. JAMEELA Ahmed came out of the restaurant and they turned on him. RED (to Jameela) Did they hit you? JAMEELA No. I fell trying to get away from them before they could. But they beat on my husband pretty bad. One of the police men, wearing a chief of police uniform gets Red's attention and they walk outside-- FOLLOW TO: EXT. THE STORE SIDE - SAME TIME40-B 40-B --Once the door closes the police chief, CHIEF CHARLESTON turns to Red. CHIEF CHARLESTON What are you going to do about this? RED What, what do you mean? CHIEF CHARLESTON Well, you have quite a problem here. RED Yup! (Beat) I called the cops. You know? I noticed the lights on your car over yonder, shouldn't you do something about this? CHIEF CHARLESTON Seriously, this is a problem. RED Yes. My employees got beat up and my place of my place of buisness vandalized. CHIEF CHARLESTON Right. Well what are you going to do about it? 41. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  44. 44. RED Me? What do you mean, “what am I going to do about this?” You're the cop. You're are the leader of the local law what are you going to do about this? CHIEF CHARLESTON I can write up a report, but that's about it. RED Well, shouldn't you start an investigation? Do some police work looking into the criminals that did this? CHIEF CHARLESTON I don't have the time, resources, or the man power to put into such an operation, especially in this circumstance. RED What circumstance? What do you mean? What in God’s name are you talking about? What if these people come back? CHIEF CHARLESTON We both know what happened and why it happened, okay, let’s not try and pull the wool over one another, alright. So tell me right now. (Beat) Are you going to keep them? RED Them? CHIEF CHARLESTON Are you going to continue to employee the Muslims, Mr Reid? RED Yes! I am going to continue to employ my employees, despite the fact they fell victim to a crime of prejudice and hate. 42. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  45. 45. CHIEF CHARLESTON I really wish you would reconsider. You are putting yourself, your business, and let’s be honest, not to mention most importantly our town in danger. RED (raising his voice) Because I am employing people from the Middle East! CHIEF CHARLESTON Sir! Please lower your voice. Chief Charleston peers around Red inside the store to see both Ahmed and the officer taking his statement, looking out at them. RED I know for a fact that these people pay taxes, as do I! CHIEF CHARLESTON I'm sorry but that doesn't change anything. Chief Charleston heads back into the store. RED (yelling after him) I guess conversations over then!? Chief Charleston flashes him an aggravated look of disappointment. DISSOLVE TO: INT. THE STORE SIDE - EVE41 41 Red and Ahmed finish putting back everything that got knocked around. AHMED Red do you need us to leave. RED No. AHMED I don't want me and my family to be a burden for you and yours. 43. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  46. 46. Red stops, abruptly and gets close to Ahmed’s face. RED Listen to me! You and your family are not the problem and that's the last we will speak about it. Ahmed nods his head and they go back to cleaning up. EXT. THE STORE SIDE - SAME TIME42 42 A truck pulls down the road, just in front of the store, just far enough away so that it's not noticed. The window rolls down revealing Henry. Henry lights a cigarette. He drives off after staring for a beat. EXT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING43 43 Red pulls up in his truck, parks and then sits, starring blankly for a moment. He exits and walks to his front porch packing a can of dip as he walks to one of the rocking chairs. Once seated, he chucks the can in a flash of rage, but it hits one of the porch columns and bounces back on the porch in front of the door. Ramona walks out of the front door and picks up the can. She sits in his lap and hands him the can. RAMONA It's been a while since I've seen one of these. RED Four years. (Beat) Four years and not even a puff of smoke or a pinch of dip. But after tonight I could smoke a footlong, chew a whole bag and dip a log. RAMONA What happened? What did the police say? 44. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  47. 47. RED Well, the chief of police came down. RAMONA Oh yeah! RED Basically told me in so many words that I asked for this to happen when I hired Jameela and Ahmed. RAMONA What? RED Yep. I reckon hiring them endangered the town and we can basically kiss police protection or response even good bye. RAMONA No! (Beat) Can we get the mayor involved? RED The Chief's brother is the mayor. RAMONA Oh honey. RED I don't get it. The God I love and believe in tells me that he loves all people. Which would include Jameela and Ahmed as well as that douchebag police chief. Ramona snorts. RED (CONT'D) I can't fire them because of how or who God made them. It's wrong and no one else would hire them. They were on their last straw when they came to me. RAMONA No one deserves to be hated. But if anyone comes close to having the right to hate muzlums it's you. 45. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  48. 48. RED It's pronounced Muslim (moose- lumb). RAMONA What? RED Never mind. (Beat) A group of RADICALS killed my brother. Not MUSLIMS or a race of people. I really wish people would take look back at history and see the amount of horribleness that came from radical Christians. RAMONA What do you want to do? RED Go to sleep and not wake up. RAMONA Don't say that! (Beat) We are in between life insurance policies. They both laugh then kiss. RED Well I don't want to deal with this anymore. RAMONA Red Reid, I married the most bull and hard headed man I'd ever met because I knew he would always stand behind me and what he believed in and I would always stand beside him! RED Let's just hope there ain't no bullets flying my way while you're standing there. They both laugh and kiss, again. Red stands, lifting, and holding his wife as he does. Ramona wraps her legs around his waist. Red begins to walk to the door while continuing to kiss his wife. 46. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  49. 49. RAMONA Red Reid is that a pistol in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me? RED Which pocket? Ramona laughs and Red carries her inside as we-- FADE TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - DAY44 44 The place is pretty dead. Kelly is looking over a school pamphlet while sitting at the otherwise empty bar. Ahmed walks out of the kitchen. KELLY Sorry for keeping you so slammed. Ahmed laughs and walks over to the bar. AHMED What ugh? What are you looking at. KELLY Nothing really! Hopes. Dreams. Impossibilities. AHMED Very little is impossible Kelly. This is America. KELLY Ha! No this is small town America, where dreams go to die. AHMED So what you don't want to go to any of these schools? KELLY No, I do. I really do. It's just... AHMED You know back in my country my father was a doctor. 47. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  50. 50. KELLY Oh really! AHMED Yes. We had plans to come to America when I was a boy. Me and my father learned English and everything. KELLY Why did it take you so long to get here? AHMED My father was killed by Taliban for working with the US to build a hospital. Kelly puts a hand on Ahmed's shoulder-- KELLY --Oh! Ahmed. I'm so sorry. AHMED After that I met Jameela and it took us a long time to get the money to make the trip with our children. KELLY Well that makes sense. AHMED Kelly, you don't need for anyone to die in your life before going after your dream. Just do it. You will find a way. Don't let this place, this “small town America” keep you down. Rebel! And I don't mean go riot. I mean just be the best you, you can be. Kelly smiles. KELLY This world is full of people just going with the flow of oppression. Don't fall to self doubt. The greatest rebellion is one of confidence in a world of doubt. KELLY (CONT’D) Dawh! 48. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  51. 51. Kelly hugs Ahmed. KELLY (CONT’D) You have no idea how much I needed that. DISOLVE TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - AFTERNOON45 45 Randy, Ross, Alia, and Ali all sit at a table with half eaten dinners and homework. ALI Do y'all know what a sandnigger is? RANDY No. Kelly walks over to a table of customers nearby. RANDY (CONT’D) Hey Kelly? Do you know what a Sand Digger is? KELLY What? Ahmed walks out of the kitchen. ROSS No not Nigger! Sandnigger! Kelly drops her pitcher and her table’s occupants go back to eating, awkwardly. JUMP CUT TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE / SMALL ROOM IN KITCHEN - MOMENTS46 46 LATER Ali, Alia, Randy and Ross all sit on a in-wall shelf in front of Ahmed and Red. AHMED Where did y'all hear this word? Randy points at Ali. ALI It's what the crossing guards and safety patrol call us. 49. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  52. 52. Red looks at Ahmed as we-- CUT TO: INT. SCHOOL / PRINCIPLES OFFICE - DAY47 47 Red and Ahmed sit across from the PRINCIPLE. AHMED It's very offensive to me and my family. RED And I don't want my kids hearing nor using that kind of language. PRINCIPLE (Flatly) Well your concern is duly noted. INT. CHURCH - MORNING48 48 We open on Brother Banks, who is on stage at his pulpit giving another long winded sermon. He wipes his forehead with a handkerchief then continues preaching. BROTHER BANKS ... You know? I wish or I would love, rather to stand up here and inform you that God gives us what we want all the time. But in my experience it doesn't work like that. You see some time God's answer to our prayer request is "No", some times it's "Not right now"... I believe God answers our prayers in a multitude of ways. Sometimes he answers our prayers in ways we don't understand or prefer in some cases. Sometimes God answers our prayers in a way that we want but we aren't prepared to accept. I recall a story about a man in a horrible flood who found refuge on the roof of his house. He prayed that God would save him. (MORE) 50. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  53. 53. An hour or so later the water was almost to his roof and a man in a canoe paddled by and offered him a ride to safety but he told the rescuer "thanks but God is going to save me." Another hour went by and the water level began to creep up his roof slant. A boat drove by and again a man driving asked if wanted a ride to safety. But again he replied with, "Thank you but I've asked God to save me". Another hour went by and by this time the water level was up to the peak of his roof where he sat waiting for God to save him. A helicopter flew by and using the PA they asked if the man wanted a lift to safety but again he told them, "No thanks I've asked God to save me". Unfortunately the man drowned in that flood and when he got to heaven he complained to God, "God why didn't you save me when I prayed to you" but God told him, "Well I sent two boats and a helicopter what more did you want?" The congregation laughs. BROTHER BANKS (CONT'D) I fear we do this same style of miss communication when it comes time for God to speak to us. I wonder how often it is that we bend and twist God's word so much that it is just askew enough for our liking. Like people say "Money is the root of all evil" instead of "The love of money is the root of all evil" or "you should not get tattoos because the bible says so!" Instead of what it actually says "Ye shall not cut nor Mark your body in the name of the dead". Think about it this way; how uncomfortable is it to listen to a sermon or read in God's word about a portion of our life that we have a problem or struggle with and how easy it is when it's about something we don't have a problem or struggle with? BROTHER BANKS (CONT'D) (MORE) 51. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  54. 54. (Beat) Let's say I was up here preaching about stealing and you have never stolen anything. You could easily "Amen" to that and take on a spirit of "I-am-holier- than-thou" to the point where you develop a hate for those other individuals, individuals whom God loves. God loves sinners! We forget that from time to time. Christ forgave the second thief on the cross beside him! That same person who doesn't have a problem with stealing might not sit so well through a sermon about lying or adultery or what ever other subject they have a problem with. I challenge y'all to treat others struggling with portions of their lives the same way you would want to be treated with the portions of your life you struggle with. I want to take this even further turn with me, if you will to Titus Chapter three starting in verse two, "speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men. For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. "If I am reading this right God commands us to not talk bad about other people outside of our faith. We are not to hate people who don't believe but instead love them as God loves them and through that love hopefully they will come to know God. I wonder how many non believers were hurt, scared away or even metaphorically chased off by believers because of the way they treated and talked about them. Church, the point is that we should not make it more difficult than it already is for sinners to come to God. Let's be mindful of our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as those who are not. BROTHER BANKS (CONT'D) (MORE) 52. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  55. 55. Let's stop building walls and putting up security lights, instead of the searchlights and bridges we should be. Let us be more concerned with those who aren't here than those that are as God commands. The audience ponders this as we-- FADE TO: EXT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY49 49 Red and Jameela are working the morning rush with people getting coffee. Ramona walks in with the kids. RAMONA Morning everyone! JAMEELA Good morning ma'am. RAMONA Oh! Just Ramona, please. JAMEELA Good morning Ramona. RAMONA How are the kids? JAMEELA They are good I'm about to take them to school. RAMONA I can take them if you want? RED Ah! That would be great! JAMEELA I don't know the people working out front of the school aren't too nice when we drop off our kids. RAMONA You just let them try that with me. BROTHER BANKS (CONT'D) 53. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  56. 56. JAMEELA I wouldn't have to leave every morning. (Beat) I'd be very grateful. Jameela walks over to the restaurant side. RED Are you sure your okay with this? RAMONA Yeah! No problem. I made God awful assumptions when we first met and it's been tearing me up inside. Maybe we should have them over for supper some time. Red and Ramona kiss. Ahmed and Jameela walk back into the store side with both their kids. ALI Mister Red your sons are our only friends at school. Red smiles and hugs his sons, proudly. ALIA Our mom says we are going to be riding to school with you guys! RANDY & ROSS Awesome! RAMONA All right come on kids lets get to school. All the children run out and load up. AHMED Ramona thank you so much. RAMONA Don't mention it! Y'all just keep up the good work for my husband, you hear. AHMED Done! 54. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  57. 57. JAMEELA We really do appreciate it. Thank you so much. RAMONA No worries and we will have y'all over for supper soon. Ahmed just don't judge my cooking too harshly! RED Are you sure? We could just bring some of his left overs home one night? Ramona grabs a wrapped pastry off the shelf and tosses it at Red. They all laugh. RED (CONT'D) Love you! Ramona leaves and everyone goes back to work. INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - MOMENTS LATER50 50 George walks in from outside. KELLY Hey George! Ahmed walks out of the kitchen. AHMED George. GEORGE Good day everyone! AHMED George, I'm sorry but I didn't make any Chicken and rice today. If you give me half an hour I could make some for you. GEORGE Nah! I's thinking I'd branch out and explore. Some of your other options. Red walks in from the Store side. 55. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  58. 58. KELLY Today's special is beef stroganoff, George. GEORGE (looking at ahmed) Now hold on one gosh darn minute. Beef-Stroking-Off? Look here I don't know what in tar-nation y'all serve over yonder but we has standards here in America and a bunch ah hippie loons named PETA. Everyone laughs. AHMED I have some of the beef tips left over if you just want them stewed over rice? GEORGE That'll work! Ahmed heads back in the kitchen, but just before the door closes George yells-- GEORGE (CONT’D) --Now when you say, "cow tips"? EVERYONE Beef squares! George! GEORGE Just checking.. INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - MOMENTS LATER51 51 George drops his fork after taking his last bite. GEORGE Whew! Thanks Ahmed! I tell you I haven't had a better birfday present in I don't know how long! AHMED Today's your birthday? KELLY Happy birthday! RED Kelly give George a drink on the house. 56. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  59. 59. GEORGE Awe now that's mitghty white of you red-- Kelly make it a Triple gentleman jack with a Splash of coke, no ice-- but I haven't had a drink since muh last birfday. RED Uh-huh sounds logical. George winks. GEORGE Much obliged, Red. Kelly sits his drink down in front of him and George downs it in literally in one gulp. GEORGE (CONT’D) Yes, sir'ree! My sponsor ain't gone like this. Nope! Not one bit. No sir're bob. Kelly give me one more would ya. KELLY So it's your birthday, huh? She makes him another drink. GEORGE Yep. Well either that or my mom's got a thirty year er thirty three year old pretty damn good practical joke ah going. With dem Eem-Dee-Vee people (Beat) er or the Eem-Tee-Vee which every letters runs your licenses and tags. (Hiccup) RED Uh-oh. CUT TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE / KITCHEN - LATER52-A 52-A The door opens with a YELP from George who has one arm draped over Red and the other over Ahmed whilst they escort him back. GEORGE (very intoxicated) Whew! Yes sir! That was some great Cow, Oxmed. Haha! (MORE) 57. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  60. 60. ugh I'm sorry I know that's not your name. I don't mean to always get your name wrong Mohamed, ugh I guess I'm just a little ugh Mohammered! Ha! George SQUEALS in laughter at his self. RED George, I appreciate that but I'm Red. Ahmed is under your other arm. George turns to Ahmed. GEORGE Can you believe this guy Kevin? FOLLOW TO: INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE / SMALL ROOM IN KITCHEN - SAME TIME52-B 52-B The door opens followed by a YELP from George. GEORGE I'm just kidding and you know what Red I don't care what Akmed says about you when your not here, I think your a swell guy and a really hot damned fart smeller! RED Uh-huh. They toss George in one of the in wall shelves. GEORGE I'm just kidding Red I don't understand half the crap Akmed says- - George passes out snoring. Red closes the door as we-- FADE TO BLACK. INT. TOWN HALL MEETING - EVENING54 54 Chief Charleston, his son CHAD CHARLESTON, Henry, and several other people -- some in lAW ENFORCEMENT UNIFORMS, sit around a table in a dimly lit room. GEORGE (CONT'D) 58. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  61. 61. CHIEF CHARLESTON Well! (Beat) The Klan does not want to get involved and apparently they don't have a chapter close enough to us anyways. SWS doesn't operate in Florida at all any more because of a FDLE investigation. Basically we have to take matters into our own hands no other group is going to help. HENRY It needs to be quick and effective, ya hear. Those people don't belong here. They don't believe in God. They don't respect our American traditions, nor our values. They need to go back to where they came from, we ought to send all our missiles to those Mosques or what ever they call ‘em. What ever it takes. If it were up to me I'd say we round them all up and kill 'em or send 'em back to the godawful Islamic countries they came from over there. You know they come here because the government will just shell out more tax money for them. Ive been working and paying taxes my entire life and they come over here not working one day and can get medicare, it’s bullshit. Those of us that work for a living can barely make it while the immigrants and poor people destroy our economy by using all our welfare and shit. CHAD CHARELSTON Cousin Henry ain't you on disability, food stamps, and unemployment? HENRY Shut up Chad. CHIEF CHARLESTON I don't think we need to call ourselves anything or form some new organization, But we are all under the same understanding of what is happening here? We need to protect our town’s people. (MORE) 59. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  62. 62. Maybe the rest of the country will come to its senses once we rid our town of the Islamic problem. CHAD CHARELSTON Let's end them. CHIEF CHARLESTON From now on no one in my agency will respond to 911 calls from the Reid's especially ones coming from the store or restaurant. HENRY They have an agenda here, we all know it. Don't be fooled by these sympathizers, look at the way they treat there women! Look at how they live! It makes me sick that our government let's them into our country. Let's show these terrorist a taste of their own medicine. INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - DAY55 55 On a lazy afternoon, George, Jameela, Kelly, and Ahmed sit at the bar. A few other customers sparse the seating areas. George is nearing the end of one of his long jokes-- GEORGE --and so after the third time she did that to him he finally decides to break up with her and says, "Baby I still have feelings for ya there just not the same as they once were and trust me it's nothing wrong with ya, it's me really and honestly I just think it would be better if we's just cuzins". Everyone laughs except Ahmed. AHMED That's funny George. KELLY Whelp! That's it for me today. Ahmed can you handle the bar. CHIEF CHARLESTON (CONT'D) 60. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  63. 63. GEORGE Sure! He'll cook, serve, and bartend. What could go wrong there? You know Ahmed I don't think you get paid enough. Everyone laughs. AHMED No I got it Kelly! You have a great day. KELLY Aww! You're the best! AHMED Nope. I just work with the best. JAMEELA He means me. Everyone laughs. Kelly gives everyone a hug before leaving. After she leaves Red walks in from the store side. RED Hey Jameela can you watch the store... Where's Kelly? JAMEELA She just left. RED Oh! That's right her and Ramona are suppose to have a girls day or whatever. (Beat) Shoot I was suppose to watch the kids. Outside a HORN HONKS. Red runs to the door. RED (CONT’D) (yelling out) Hang on baby I'll be right there. (talking to them inside) Can y'all manage for the rest of the night? GEORGE You do realize I ain't work here right? 61. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  64. 64. JAMEELA We got it Red! Give your wife a nice night off. Red exits as we-- FADE TO: INT. NAIL BAR - AFTERNOON56 56 Kelly and Ramona sit on plush chairs, beside a bar while teams of two work on there feet. RAMONA Sweet baby Jesus that's good. KELLY You know if Red put one of these in behind the bar I think I'd work 24/7. RAMONA Me and you both. They both take a sip from there Mimosas which are instantly refilled by the bartender. KELLY Also Phan here is putting my refill time to shame. The BARTENDER smiles then walks down to other patrons. RAMONA Oh Lord I needed this. The boys are starting to get a little too smart for there own good. KELLY Oh no! RAMONA Yep. Randy is just as sweet as can be... When him and his brother aren't antagonizing each other. But Ross! Oh my Lord! The other day on the way to school I caught him rolling his eyes at me in the rearview! I had to ask God to forgive for the impending murder. Kelly laughs. 62. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  65. 65. KELLY No! RAMONA Oh, yeah he's getting into that I hate and don't need my mom phase. KELLY Good lord. RAMONA Yep (Beat) I was real close to being front page news, "Mom crashes into oncoming traffic whilst strangling first born". Kelly laughs. KELLY Ramona how did you and Red meet? RAMONA Here in Backwoods. Well, truth be told I was kinda going for Ron. But I don't think he vibed with me quite the same way, so he turned me on to his brother at a party during homecoming. KELLY Really? RAMONA Yep! Not sure if Red knows. I think he thinks it was just a set up. I didn't think it was going to work at first. Red was just as stubborn as he is now and in love with his truck. Plus he was so protective of Ron they went everywhere together. But at the end of the day it was Red who stole my heart and I his or some crap like that. KELLY Ha! Wow, I don't know what to do anymore Ramona. I love Backwoods, I do. Some times I feel like I keep running into the roadblocks and godawful failures here because God wants me to do something bigger something better with my life. I know everyone thinks they are destined for greatness-- 63. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  66. 66. RAMONA (Interrupting) True! But any one who has meet you Kelly knows that you are much bigger, much brighter than this place. KELLY Then why do I struggle so? RAMONA Kelly, miracle hands is massaging my feet and I'm pretty sure we've drank a gallon of Champagne and OJ. So I might not be the best person to ask, but I believe God gives us tough times to sand us down so that we come out brighter, stronger and more experienced. You are going to have a bunch of failures in life and relationships. Try not to worry your self with stuff you can't control and consider your past and present as investments in a better future. KELLY Yeah you've had a lot to drink. They both laugh as we-- DISOLVE TO: INT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING57 57 Kelly and Ramona sit around the kitchen table drinking wine. KELLY Oh! Some one at the University of Florida called yesterday. She said that if I got my doctorate with her department she would get me an internship with her colleagues initiative which is already set up in South Africa. RAMONA Oh wow! That's great although you know if you attend UF this family will have to disown you. They both laugh. 64. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  67. 67. KELLY Well, I thought about that (Beat) and while I wouldn't let Nole Nation sway such an important decision a dean at FSU offered the opportunity to travel and work with her preventive medicine research team, if I went through her program. They work six months a year then swap out with the sister team halfway through the year so I could potentially spend half the year back home here and half the year chasing my dreams. RAMONA Yeah that's the one you need. KELLY Why because I'll be a Seminole? Red's voice announces his surprising prescience from the door way-- RED --And we'd get to see you more often! Not to mention student tickets to the games! They all laugh. Red walks around the kitchen making a bowl of cereal when the phone RINGS. He answers it. RED (CONT'D) Hello. (listening) Do what?! Red hangs up the phone, pours his cereal in the trash and runs out of the kitchen. RAMONA Ught oh! CUT TO: 65. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  68. 68. INT. TOWN HALL MEETING - MOMENTS LATER58 58 In a town hall meeting a group of local officials, including Chief Charleston, sit on a stage, at a table listening to the crowd shout their different reasons why Ahmed and his family should be asked to leave. MAD WOMAN (standing and shouting) I don't want my kids going to school with them! How do we know they aren't trying to convert our kids. How do we know they aren't brainwashing our children? Lord knows what kind of agenda Muzlums have. A LADY OFFICIAL on the panel quiets everyone down. LADY OFFICIAL Please everyone quiet down. So that every one can be heard clearly. Red would you come up here please? Red gives everyone a confused look. RED Why? Henry speaks up from within the crowd-- HENRY --Because you're the reason them (beat) people are here. The crowd cheers in agreement. Red hangs his head, walks up to the table in front of the stage, and sits down behind the microphone. LADY OFFICIAL Mister Reid do you have any reason to believe that your employees cause a threat to you or the community. 66. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  69. 69. RED Actually yeah! Yesterday Jameela tripped and fell, and you won't believe what that woman did next, on her way down she reached out to grab the counter there and you know for a moment her hand kind of flailed in my direction for a second and I felt that I as well as my community might be in danger. HENRY (standing and yelling, livid) These people seriously threaten us and our American way of living and you make jokes at our expense. RED Actually Henry I was using a comparison story to illustrate to everyone how ridiculous this all is. Christ did this from time to time he called them parables to help the less intelligent understand things. HENRY So we are less intelligent because we're American? (Laughs) That is what's wrong with America today. RED Henry you are wearing a saw grass patterned camouflage hat, a tiger striped camouflage shirt, jean shorts, two different color socks and Jungle pattern camo slippers. Your either planing on traveling to several different hunting destinations in the middle of summer where in which you want specific parts of your body to be hidden or (beat) less than intelligent. The crowd laughs. HENRY This is serious! These people are vile! They hate us and God! Let me ask you this have you ever seen a Muslim hospital or ah charity even? 67. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  70. 70. The crowd agrees. RED Ha! Blind ignorance. I actually hear this all the time from friends, family members and other geniuses, such as yourself. Yes actually your average Muslim gives considerably more to charities than any other faith or group out there and that's a statistical fact. Another fact- Muslims started one of the first free hospitals for the poor in Burma and it's still going strong today. You do realize that there are different types of Muslims? Sunnis, Shiite, radicals... HENRY I don't care all I know is the Sunnis are the ones with the Shiite blown out of them. Several laugh. RED Why can't you see how blind you all are? (Beat) oh, I just realized what I just said. Ha! MAD WOMAN How dare you make lite of this! I had to pull my kids out of Sunday school because their kids came last Sunday with yours. RED Yeah and I wanted to thank you for that. It made it much easier for me to praise and worship God without you there. I know Christ wants us to love everyone and turn the other check and all but it's just easier for me when hypocritically ignorant biggots aren't there to ruin worship for me. But you know! Some how God still loves you. HENRY Red Reid you ought to be ashamed of your self! (Beat) I know for a fact your brother would be! 68. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  71. 71. DEAD SILENCE. HENRY (CONT'D) These people are un-American and ungodly (beat) they shouldn't be in our country, much less our town! RED Ahmed and Jameela are two of most well mannered, polite and Christlike non Christians I've ever met. If you think they should die, be destroyed or not be here because of their faith or race-- (Crescendo) --then you are no better than the terrorist that took my brother from me! (Beat) Did y'all know that out of like fifty Islamic countries less than ten practice and fully enforce Sharia, the stuff you all focus your hate on and more than half of them use a version that is watered down or not based on faith at all? The truth is Christians, "the church" have killed more people and caused more terror than any other faith in the world. That's a historical fact! (Even louder) In my point of view, that makes those Christians that feel that way much more immoral and frankly un- American than the terrorist and the radicals because the radicals believe that what they are doing is required by God, because that is what badly narrow minded people of their faith have thought them. Now that's the radicals, the small sect of a largely peaceful faith. Then you have Christians who are taught to love all people as Christ loved all people and a much larger percent of that faith than the percentage of radical Muslims hate all Muslims because of the actions of a few. (Beat) The bible says to make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong. You tell me what's wrong when a group of people who are suppose to be loving and humble and forgiving and accepting then treat others in Godawful ways; (MORE) 69. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  72. 72. posting horrible and slanderous propaganda on the Internet and talking bad about them in your own hateful groups. Christ was crucified by the people he loved. But! He never stop loving them. America was founded on the principle that you are accepted in no matter what and that we would not allow for religion or faith to interfere with that. That's why our forefathers left their homeland because "the church" was too involved with the government. (louder) Quite frankly if you hate Muslims because they are Muslim you make me sick, you are what is wrong with the church, and you are what is wrong with America! You are self centered hypocrites that ruin the name of Christ and you destroy the American sentiment my brother gave his life for. Red stands with a few tears on his cheeks loosens his tie and exits. CUT TO: INT. RED'S HOUSE - LATER ON59 59 Red runs in and fills a glass with water. He drinks some of it. CRASH! Red chucks the glass at the wall! He leans back against the wall and slides down to the floor, crying. RED God. (Beat) I don't know what to do anymore. I need help. I'm sorry I don't hardly ever thank you enough when I get blessings, but what am I to do? Do I abandon what you taught and expect of us? RED (CONT'D) (MORE) 70. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  73. 73. Do I forget what I know to be right, in order to keep my family safe, my business running, and to make my neighbors happy? Do I forget what my brother died for? (Beat) I'm trying God! I really am! But I'm surrounded by ignorance and hate and, and (beat) I don't know if I can stand it any more. I'm ashamed to call my self a Christian standing next to these hateful slanderous people who call themselves Christians. God I need your help. I need your help. I need your help! FADE TO BLACK. INT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING60 60 Ramona walks out of the hallway into the kitchen. Red walks into frame wearing a towel. Red sits in his recliner watching TV. RAMONA Hey babe. RED Hello beautiful. (Beat) Have I told you how gorgeous you are lately? RAMONA No. She sits in his lap, facing him. RAMONA (CONT'D) But I'm sure I can find a way to forgive ya. RED Where's the kids? RAMONA Jameela took them for ice cream. She kisses him in a rather sensual manner. RED Oh, Mrs Reid. RED (CONT'D) 71. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  74. 74. RAMONA Yes, Mr Reid. RED What would I do with out you? RAMONA Eat more take out? RED Probably. RAMONA What happened at the meeting? Red hangs his head. RED Oh, babe! You have no idea how bad you just killed the mood. RAMONA Oh that bad huh? A SOUND outside startles them both. RED Go to the bedroom and lock the door. She gives him a horrified look then exits quietly. Red stands and noiselessly moves over to the mantle behind his recliner and pulls down the false face of the clock revealing a Smith and Wesson "The Governor" model revolver in the hidden compartment. Red removes the pistol and ejects the cylinder to makes sure the chamber holding a .410 shell is next. Moving to the front door he silently turns the nob and opens the door. Holding the revolver he peers around the porch. Until HE SEES KELLY, siting on a chair, whimpering. KELLY (Crying) Red... Red decocks the revolver and tucks it into the towel wrapped around his waist. 72. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  75. 75. RED Kelly!? Red runs over to her. Then siting beside her, he warps an arm around her. She leans her head on the nape of his neck and continues to cry. RED (CONT'D) Kelly! What's wrong? KELLY I went on a date with this guy... Ramona appears at the door with a shotgun. KELLY (CONT'D) He seemed like a great guy (beat) through out the date he was a perfect gentleman. Ramona walks over to the opposite side of her and sits. Kelly sobs in between Red and Ramona. RAMONA And then? KELLY He asked if he could use my restroom when he dropped me off. I let him in and then when I kissed him goodnight he wouldn't let me go. I just, I just got kinda scared because his grip, his grip got more and more (Beat) forceful. Red looks down and sees bruising on her wrist. KELLY (CONT'D) I had to knee him in the crotch to get him off of me. I told him I never wanted to see him again and he left but he said I hadn't seen the last of him. Red grabs her wrist. RED Did he hurt you? 73. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  76. 76. KELLY Not really. I was just trying to get away. RED Yes Kelly. (Beat) The answer is yes, yes he did Kelly! He lifts her wrists to eye level. Kelly stifles a sob. KELLY I called the police but (beat) well you know. She begins to cry again, this time leaning her head on Ramona. INT. THE BABY'S ROOM - MONENTS LATER.61 61 Ramona makes up the twin bed opposite the crib. Ahmed walks in, carrying their sleeping baby girl and sets her in the crib. Red and Kelly walk in. Red still has his arm around Kelly. KELLY (Whispering) Thank y'all so much for doing this. RAMONA (Whispering) Don't mention it. Ahmed hugs Kelly then he leaves. FADE TO BLACK. INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY62 62 We open on Red and Jameela standing at the counter in the empty store. JAMEELA Pretty slow today. RED Yup. 74. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  77. 77. JAMEELA Should I sweep or something? Red shakes his head. After a moment, Red walks his office and sits down with a defeated sigh. RED (Under his breath) God I need a dip! INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - DAY63 63 Ahmed and Kelly lean against the mostly empty bar. AHMED This is bad isn't it? KELLY Well it isn't good. INT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING64 64 Red is tucking his kids in to bed. RANDY Hey dad a lot of students got pulled out of school today. RED Oh yeah? ROSS Yeah they said their parents didn't want them going to school with Alia and Ali. RED Well, that's their lost. RANDY Why would they not want them to go to the same school? RED Because they don't like people that are different. ROSS Well that's stupid. 75. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  78. 78. RANDY Yeah if we were all the same it would be very boring. RED I reckon it would wouldn't it. RANDY Why do they teach us that we are all equal and that we are suppose to share and be nice but then do stuff like that? RED Because they are hypocrites. RANDY Hypocrites? ROSS Ain't those the weird elephants that live in the water? They all laugh. RED No son a hypocrite is some one who says one thing but then does another. RANDY So they're liars? RED Yep. One of the worst kind. Goodnight boys. ROSS Why do they make us say the pledge of allegiance every morning at school? RED Well, it’s tradition. It’s patriotic. It’s what we stand for as Americans. ROSS Then why don’t we do it? RED What? 76. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  79. 79. ROSS Every morning we say, “...Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” We ugh, we just learned what “Indivisible” means in school. Thats not us. Thats not most people I know. Not around here. RANDY What does “Liberty” and “Justice” mean? ROSS We learn that next week. RED “Liberty” is another word for freedom when it refers to confinement, control, and access. RANDY Access to what? RED Independence, opportunity, information... ROSS But none of that applies to Ali and Alia? DISOLVE TO: INT. THE STORE SIDE - DAY65 65 Again the store is empty. Jameela and Red stand at the counter. JAMEELA Red do you want me to clock out? RED No it ain't that bad yet. George walks in with a GROUP OF GUYS. 77. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  80. 80. GEORGE GENKINS Hey Red, we need to get some gas but I was telling these guys about that there chicken and rice ugh y'alls then I figured I could try an 'scribe it all day but until you've had it (beat) best just let em try it for them's selves. RED Sounds logical. GEORGE GENKINS Come on guys. They walk into the restaurant side. You can hear George talking through the swinging door-- GEORGE GENKINS (CONT'D) --Hey Kelly! KELLY Hey George. You want a bowl of chicken and rice with glass of sweet tea? GEORGE GENKINS Make it six orders and then we'll get some Togo as well. KELLY Coming right up! Red and Jameela smile as they listen to all this from the counter. RED See told ya! Ya just got have a little faith. He turns around to head in to his office, looks up and mouths, "Thank you". EXT. RED'S HOUSE - EVENING66-A 66-A Ramona sits on the front porch reading a book on a tablet. CRUNCH! A FOOT STEP in the woods beside their house is heard! 78. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  81. 81. RAMONA Hello? Nothing or no one responds. She goes back to reading. Another CRUNCH is heard. She stands and uses the LIGHT from her tablet to search through the woods by her house. When her search proves fruitless she puts the tablet back in her lap-- --The GLOW from her tablet now reveals the SILHOUETTE OF A MAN standing behind her! The silhouette slowly moves away while she continues to read. CRASH! The sound of GLASS SHATTERING and then the BOYS CRYING is heard from in the house. Ramona jumps up. A VOICE is heard from behind the house-- VOICE Make 'em leave or I promise it will get much worse! FOLLOW TO: INT. RED'S HOUSE - SAME TIME66-B 66-B Ramona runs in to her house and down the hall to her boys rooms. FOLLOW TO: INT. RED'S HOUSE/ BOY'S ROOM - SAME TIME66-C 66-C The boys are holding each other on the same bed, crying. RANDY (screaming, scared) Mom! Their WINDOW HAS BEEN BROKEN. 79. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  82. 82. Glass shards are on both of their beds and around the room. ROSS (crying) A man in a mask! She runs and pulls them into a hug. RAMONA Shhh. It's going to be okay. INT. RED'S HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER67 67 Ramona grabs her phone and puts it to her ear-- RAMONA (Into the phone) Red? The CRIES of their baby girl is heard as we-- FADE TO BLACK. INT. RED'S HOUSE - LATER ON68 68 Red stands in his kitchen on the phone. RED (in to the phone) What do you mean you have no one you can dispatch? (listening) My home has been broken into! My wife and kids terrorized! (listening) How can you say this isn't a priority? (listening) Please connect me to the chief! (listening) Ahh! Never mind! Red slams the phone then SCREAMS-- RED (CONT’D) God! I need a dip! JUMP CUT TO: 80. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  83. 83. INT. THE RESTAURANT SIDE - DAY69 69 A young man, CHAD CHARLESTON walks in and up to the bar. CHAD CHARELSTON Kelly? KELLY Yes CHAD? CHAD CHARELSTON Are you ready to apologize for the other night? KELLY I'm sorry? What! (Beat) Me? CHAD CHARELSTON Yes, you! (Beat) I was a nice guy, a nice guy the entire night and you denied me at the end. KELLY So you were a nice guy because you wanted sex? CHAD CHARELSTON Is there another reason to be nice? KELLY I think you need to leave. CHAD CHARELSTON No I am a paying customer! Chad takes out a dollar bill and tosses is at Kelly. CHAD CHARELSTON (CONT'D) Is that what it takes to get some from you? Ahmed walks out of the kitchen. AHMED Is there a problem? KELLY No this man was just leaving. Chad reaches across the bar, grabs Kelly by her shirt, and lurches her toward him over the bar. 81. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  84. 84. CHAD CHARELSTON You need to learn your self a thing or two. Ahmed rips Chad off of Kelly and shoves him away. Red runs in from the store side from the divide. RED What's going on? AHMED & KELLY (in unison) He was just leaving. Kelly begins to cry RED I think you best be going. CHAD CHARELSTON Really Red? You are going to treat your own kind this way? RED You have nothing to do with "my kind". CHAD CHARELSTON You sand-nigger lovers are going to get yourselves into a lot of trouble. Red and Ahmed grab Chad then escort him to the door. RED Consider this your trespass warning. Don't come back. CHAD CHARELSTON Uh I believe my dad has to serve those! RED This one is unofficial! Once at the door, Red shoves him out with his foot, and slams the door behind him. CHAD CHARELSTON (yelling from outside) Sure hope you don't expect this to be the last of it! 82. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  85. 85. Ahmed walks back to Kelly, who is crying softly. Kelly hugs his neck as she whimpers. AHMED Are you okay? Red walks over. KELLY Yeah just a little shaken up. I'm so sorry Ahmed. AHMED Kelly you are not the problem. RED That's right. Kelly begins to cry harder. Jameela walks in and hugs her. INT. THE STORE SIDE - EVE70 70 Jameela finishes checking out ANOTHER CUSTOMER at the counter. ANOTHER CUSTOMER ...and can I get forty dollars on pump two. JAMEELA Yes sir, that brings you to fifty one seventy nine. He pays her, grabs his items from the counter, then begins to head out. He stops in front of Red's open office. ANOTHER CUSTOMER Hey Red, I ugh, I just wanted to say that I was at that meeting the other day and I ugh, well I reckon I've had a little change of heart when it comes to my outlook on things like that. I reckon just cuz some things have always been one way don't make em right. Red nods his head and ANOTHER CUSTOMER looks back at Jameela, smiles then leaves. 83. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  86. 86. Red stands and walks out of his office. RED Jameela go ahead and count up your drawer. Let's get ready to close up for the night. JAMEELA Yes sir. Red walks to the door and watches as another customer finishes pumping his gas and drives away. Another truck, Henry's drives by out on the road. Once it gets about one hundred feet past the store it stops. The REVERSE LIGHTS COME ON, it begins to back up toward the store, and finally rounds the corner and into the parking lot. RED Jameela, I want you to put the drawer in my office, shut and lock the door then go hold up with your family in y'all's room. Right now. Okay? Don't open the door for any one but me. JAMEELA What! Why? RED Just do it. Do it now go quick! Red watches as the truck backs into a parking spot a little ways away. Jameela does as she was told. Red exits and turns to lock the door behind him. FOLLOW TO: EXT. THE STORE SIDE - SAME TIME71 71 RED finishes locking the door. Five guys get out of Henry's truck. All of them are obviously intoxicated. 84. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  87. 87. HENRY Shew doggies! What a night! Hey Red can we get a thirty pack from you? RED Sorry guys, I just got everything locked up and I can't open the safe until the morning. HENRY Maybe we'd just give you cash? RED Sorry bud, but that's illegal. HENRY Oh, I'm a bud now huh? You know guys the other day this man called me an ignorant inbred. RED Actually, I never said, “inbred”. HENRY No, but you’se was s'thinking it! Yes sir you’se had a lot’s to say that day. A lot that made my stomach turn all kind ah ways. (Beat) Are they in there Red? RED Who? HENRY Don't play dumb. Are your sand niggers in there? RED Do not call them that! HENRY Whoa! Protective are we? One of the guys standing towards the back of the group points with a wooden bat at Ahmed's car. BAT GUY Whose car is that? RED A customer with car trouble. He's coming back tomorrow. 85. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  88. 88. HENRY Is that so? You wouldn't be telling us a tall tale now would you Red? I don't like tall tales. BAT GUY That's a PONTIAC! Ha! You know what PONTIAC stands for don't you red? RED Ugh, no? BAT GUY Poor Old Nigger Thinks It's A Caddilac! Everyone except Red bust out laughing. HENRY That's funny! Ain't that funny Red? BAT GUY Looks like you got dead coon on the road up yonder. You know the difference between a dead coon and a dead sandnigger in the road? (Beat) The coon has tire tracks from the breaking. Again everyone laughs. HENRY You know Red you really make me sick taking up with them, like you do. RED Happy to have obliged you. Henry TAKES A SWING AT RED'S FACE! Red avoids it easily and then punches him in the back of the head. Another guy PUNCHES RED IN THE FACE. Red punches him back. KELLY'S VOICE is heard off screen. KELLY (scream crying) Stop! 86. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  89. 89. RED Kelly! Get out-- --The Wooden Bat SMACKS THE SIDE OF RED'S HEAD. Red falls to the ground and they all begin to stomp and kick his unresponsive body. Kelly's screaming BEGINS TO FADE as Red looses consciousness and we-- FADE TO: EXT. THE STORE SIDE - EVE72 72 Red OPENS HIS EYES to find Jameela holding his black and blue head. She is crying but RED'S HEARING has not come back yet. Ahmed is pacing with a phone at his ears still wielding the bloody, wooden bat. Only one of the attackers remain the guy who was holding the bat. But his body is face down beside Kelly. An ambulance and a police cruiser pulls up. RED'S HEARING begins to come back. Ramona pulls up, runs past the EMT and kneels down beside Red next to Jameela, both of them crying. The EMTs start to work on Red. Red spits blood and wipes his busted lip. Chief Charleston gets out of his cruiser and walks over to where everyone is gathered. RED Oh! Thank the lord the police are here. Red spits more blood. CHIEF CHARLESTON What happened? RED Well, Sherlock (Beat) they came back. 87. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  90. 90. EMT 1 Sir you have at least one broken rib and I'd assume several are bruised. We need to get you and her to the ER now. Red looks around and sees KELLY'S LIFELESS BODY is being worked on. Another EMT is trying to get her to wake up. CHIEF CHARLESTON It does me no pleasure to tell you I told you so. RED Told me what! CHIEF CHARLESTON To fix this situation. KELLY (Feebly) Fix what? How? Kelly is regaining consciousness, apparently. Red smiles a rather ensanguined grin at her before turning back to Chief Charleston. RED (to chief Charleston) You need to get away from me, my property, and my family right now. CHIEF CHARLESTON So we are "family" now? JAMEELA (to Chief Charleston) Yes sir! You need to leave! CHIEF CHARLESTON Excuse me? RAMONA You heard her! CHIEF CHARLESTON (to Kelly) I heard you disrespected my son? RED, AHMED & RAMONA You need to leave! 88. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  91. 91. Chief Charleston and the other officer leave. The EMTs put Red and Kelly on the stretchers. Kelly CRIES OUT in pain before she looses consciousness again. RED Ahmed, take your family to our house. Ramona make sure-- AHMED (Interrupting) --No! Red I would never forgive myself if any thing happened to your family because of mine. We will stay here and keep the place safe. RED Okay. In the top drawer of my desk is my pistol keep it on you. AHMED I don't know how to use a gun. RED Seriously? (Beat) Ok, look, it's loaded but not ready to fire. If you need to use it, pull the slide or the top part of the pistol all the way back and let it go, then all you need to do is point and shoot. Jameela under the counter is a shot gun. All you have to do is flip the safety switch in front of the trigger then behind the trigger is another button press it and the action will put a shell in the chamber. Again just point and shoot. Ramona you need to get back home with the kids. RAMONA No! Babe, I want to go to the hospital with you! RED No, that's not going to help anyone. Actually Ahmed can you... (Beat) well never mind. AHMED What? 89. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  92. 92. RED I was just going to ask you if you could bring my truck up to the hospital, and have Ramona bring you back, but I don't want you to leave your family. I'll call you tomorrow when I'm ready to be picked up. AHMED Okay. RED Ramona go home and take care of the kids. RAMONA But I... Ramona sniffles then nods her head. RED (to Ahmed) Are you sure you don't want to go to my house? AHMED We will be fine here. You've made this our home. RED God I need a dip! They take Red and Kelly into the ambulance. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY73 73 Red is on the phone, siting up, in his bed, all bandaged up. On his rolling food table he has a piece of paper full of names, and phone numbers, most of them scratched out in pen. RED (into the phone) Yes, hi! I need to speak to someone about a problem I am having with my local law enforcement agency. (Beat, listening) Ugh, no ma'am I don't believe they have a Internal Affairs division. It's a really small agency only two to four of the positions are actually paid. (MORE) 90. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  93. 93. (Beat, listening) yeah it's just a small drive-through-in-a-blip kinda ho bunk of a town. (Beat, listening) Right, no I understand. (Beat, listening) Okay, well, thank you for your time. MONTAGE OF: Red making calls from his hospital bed and obviously not getting anywhere or any kind of help/assistance. DISSOLVE TO: INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - EVE74 74 Red walks into Kelly's room. The NURSE nods to him as she checks Kelly's vitals. RED How is she doing? NURSE She is recovering, she was awake all day today! She will be released with you tomorrow. Her thigh bruising has almost healed. RED Her thighs?? NURSE Her groin and thighs are still sprung from-- RED (Interrupting) --She was raped? NURSE I'm sorry, I thought you knew. Red sits in a chair, beside Kelly's bed and begins to cry. RED No. NURSE places her hand on his shoulder, then exits. RED (CONT'D) 91. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler
  94. 94. RED (CONT'D) God, (Beat) I need your help. I know it feels like all I do is ask for your help, but God I need your help and I really, really need a dip. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - AFTERNOON75 75 Brother Banks is siting in a chair beside Red's bed. Red begins to wake. RED Hey pastor! (Beat) How long you been here? BROTHER BANKS Not long. Ramona and the kids just left. RED Well thank you for coming by. BROTHER BANKS Of course. (Beat) So, Ramona kind of filled me in on what's been going on. I'm sorry to hear you've been going through some rough water. RED Yeah. You could say it's been pretty stormy. I know God tests us, but wow. BROTHER BANKS Yeah it would be nice if we could dictate when and where the troubled waters of our life's happen. RED And how big the waves are. They both laugh. RED (CONT’D) Pastor, I know your most favorite questions start with "why". BROTHER BANKS Ha! 92. LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler LouisSihler