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Caps & robbers louis sihler

A true life mob story.

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Caps & robbers louis sihler

  2. 2. --I should warn you I am not like the rest-- OVER BLACK. The sound of A SILENCED GUN SHOT. BLOOD spills on to the screen. After a beat it begins to swirl and move as of it is being maneuvered by a brush or a fountain pen-- --The BLOOD begins to swirl into calligraphy. WORDS IN BLOOD: "No one can hate you more than someone who used to love you." ~RICK RIORDAN, THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS THE WORDS BLOW AWAY LIKE LIQUID SMOKE LEAVING US IN BLACK, UNTIL-- ii Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  3. 3. TEASER FADE IN. INT. FAMOUS AMOS - MORNING - REAL TIME1 1 Servers POUR coffee. Plates CLINK together. Cooks FRY eggs. WORDS ON SCREEN: 7:13 AM, FAMOUS AMOS, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA An ORDER BELL DINGS. PUSH IN: On a table over in the corner, two men sit eating breakfast. CRAIG Sorry, I won't do it Cam. I ain't gona. Nope, no sir. I refuse to let 'em humiliate us any more. That bitch caught me off guard. Meet CRAIG CAP a hot headed narcotics detective with the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office(JSO). ILL-TEMPERED. IMPATIENT. INDIGNANT. Cam Calm down, Craigory. Craig Hey! Don't call me that. Meet SGT CAM CAP, an older, seasoned narcotics detective with JSO. CALCULATIVE. CHEERFUL. CAREFUL. CRAIG (CONT’D) I swear on all that's holy if I get any more angry my trigger finger's 'gon find it's self lollipop-ing one of their heads on muh front sight post. CAM Just be sure you ain't using your service weapon. Craig laughs. CAM (CONT’D) How about you just focus on keeping yourself out ah trouble! (MORE) Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  4. 4. You're about ah month in to investigations, so you've surpassed your anniversary of waiting two fuck'n weeks into FTO to cause an IA investigation. CRAIG Yeah, we can't all be Angels like cousin Cam. CAM I'm no angel, fucker. I just know how to keep my cool when it matters. A skill you should really try'n master. Cuz Chance ain't gun'a allow it. Believe me I get angry when it counts. Let me find a Monte in a bad situation. Trust me. I'll make it much worse for 'em. Craig smiles. CAM (CONT’D) The differences is or the art rather, is knowing the most opportune moment to get angry. Not when you're up against the wall and not when you're out in the open. You gotta find that sweet spot, kid. THE DOOR OPENING BELL SOUNDS. A man, ABRAHAM MONTE walks in wearing a hoodie. A second later another guy walks in behind him. Abraham and his TAG-ALONG, sit at a table across the restaurant from Craig and Cam. CAM (CONT’D) Easy, Killer. They are just here to have breakfast. Just like us. Let's not have an all out brawl in front uh all of "Oceanway". Craig uses his middle finger to scratch the stubble on his jaw bone. CAM (CONT’D) Did you just flick them off? CRAIG Not necessarily. I might have given the bird in general... CAM (CONT’D) 2. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  5. 5. Abraham and his Tag-along stand and begin to walk over. --Uh oh!-- CRAIG (CONT’D) I mean even if I did, Law's on our side, right? Cam shakes his head as the two reach their table. ABRAHAM Do y'all got-ah-sec? CRAIG For you? (Beat) Fuck no. CAM Sweet spot, cuz. (Beat) What do you want Abraham? ABRAHAM We have something you have to hear. CRAIG Like, maybe your last wheezing fuck'n breath? ABRAHAM How about, I know about Coastline? Both Cam and Craig go silent and wide-eyed. ABRAHAM (CONT’D) Out back, now. EXT. FAMOUS AMOS / OUT BACK - MOMENTS LATER2 2 Cam walks out into the alley, followed by Abraham and his tag- along, followed by Craig. Once out side, Craig draws his side arm and back up pistol, POINTING THEM AT BOTH ABRAHAM AND TAG- ALONG'S HEAD, pushing them against the wall. TAG-ALONG Whoa! ABRAHAM Hey! CRAIG Shut the fuck up. CAM Right, so listen up. We're gona make this super easy for ya. (MORE) 3. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  6. 6. Let's start with the more important questions, "How" and "Why". Like, "How" the fuck do you know about the job and "Why" the fuck you'se here telling us? TAG-ALONG Look man, we-- BANG! SPLAT! Tag-Along is SHOT IN THE FACE! The exit wound on the back of his skull SPURTS CRIMSON on the stucco behind him. Cam then is SHOT IN THE ARM AND SHOULDER as we-- ANGLE ON: THE SHOOTER. Off at the opening of the back alley wearing a tree-camouflage hoodie, jeans, and boots. CRAIG SHOOTS ABRAHAM! Craig then turns his fire arm on the shooter but is SHOT IN THE FLESHY PART OF HIS NECK AND SHOULDER before he can return fire. Everyone collapses into a bloody heap of-- Quiet Serenity. Peaceful Gore. Blood-soaked half-Living "Art". The BLOOD on the ground begins to ripple and maneuver as if a fountain pen or old-fashion writing quill is WRITING in the blood. Calligraphing the words-- WORDS IN BLOOD: "Caps and Robbers" Created by Sir Noah A Waters III, 32nd° F.&A.M. FLASH TO BLACK. TITLE SEQUENCE CAM (CONT'D) 4. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  7. 7. ACT ONE FADE IN. INT. OCEANWAY CRACK HOUSE - MAGIC HOUR - EARLIER3 3 The LAST OF THE SUN SHINES through a window into-- A dog pile of junkies. Ashtrays galore. Malt liquor bottles. We hear MATTRESS SPRINGS CREAKING WITH THE RHYTHM OF FORNICATION. Moving down the hall, we pass the room BROADCASTING the libidinous sounds and get a glimpse of the couple. Continuing on pass a room with more passed out junkies we finally come to the room at the end of the hallway-- In this room are only two people. Meet MINNIE MONTE, a fair skinned, distant, and removed young lady who has had some of the worst that life can give you sent her way. PULCHRITUDE. PESSIMISTIC. PIQUED. Then there is JAKE, your average hopheaded user and addict. His outfit looks like he fell into a good will wet and came out wearing whatever clung to him. TWITCHY. TORPID. THIRSTY. PUSH IN: On Minnie's arm, wrapped in a piece of rubber tubing. She smacks her fore arm a few times causing her VEIN TO PROTRUDE. Then she takes out a EMPTY SYRINGE WITH NO NEEDLE and feigns shooting up. JAKE How's the ride? How's the rise? Is it good? Is it good? Jake moves closer to her and begins to kiss at her neck and grope at her breast, with no response from her. Minnie, emotionlessly switches the syringe with one with an actual needle using sleight-of-hand and Jake's current distracted attention. MINNIE It's the best. Jake trails kisses up her neck and jaw line. 5. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  8. 8. MINNIE (CONT’D) Let me make you a fix. This is the greatest news Jake has ever heard! He readies his arm while Minnie FIRES A SPOON of tan powder. Minnie kisses his PROTRUDING VEIN then gives him a hit. MINNIE (CONT’D) This is just a taste of our "White Rhino". JAKE Why is it Tan? MINNIE Not my department. Jake's eyes begin to glaze and his stare to obscure. MINNIE (CONT’D) If it's too intense for you let me know and we'll make sure you get our less potent supply. JAKE Bitch, please. Jake pushes Minnie down on the bed and begins to remove her blouse, while kissing her neck. Once he has all but one button undone he BLACKS-OUT ON TOP OF HER. Minnie lies there a beat before maneuvering out from underneath of him. She takes out a bottle of hand sanitizer and cleans her hands then rubs some on her neck and jawline. MINNIE Tell your wife I said, "Hi". --Whoa!-- Minnie walks out of the room and closes the door behind her. She walks back to the main room. BOOM! The FLOOR OF THE HALLWAY EXPLODES from underneath the floor boards! BLINDED WITH RINGING AS WE-- FADE TO WHITE. 6. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  9. 9. EXT. OCEANWAY CRACK HOUSE - LATER4-A 4-A Marked units with lights on are parked around the house. An unmarked car pulls up-- Craig and Cam get out. CAM Boy, I tell you what! When I was a greenie I didn't get this kind of action until a year into investigations. CRAIG God must'ah knew you'se wasn't ready. CAM And you is? Cam laughs. A uniformed officer, let's call him UNIY ONE, walks up. UNIY ONE Hey sarge, the block is secured. We caught a few of them fleeing but I think there are a slew of em inside still. CAM No one has gone inside yet? UNIY ONE No. CRAIG Alright let's do this. CAM Slow your roll there, Rosco P Coltrane. We don't know anything about what happened nor what's going on right now up in yonder. Most likely it was a tiny meth lab. But! We don't know anything yet, so let's try'na get as much info, prior to barreling into what might be our death trap. (Beat) A'yight? Craig nods. 7. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  10. 10. CAM (CONT’D) (to UNIY ONE) Any of 'em said anything? UNIY ONE No, most of them are still geeked out. EMS said it was a good thing to. Had they ah been alert or braced, flinched they'd ah gotten hurt worse. INT. OCEANWAY CRACK HOUSE - SAME TIME5 5 Minnie lies face down where she landed. CAM (V.O.) Let's split up. Take a look around the perimeter. Meet back here. Minnie stirs then slowly stands-- DISORIENTED. RINGING. VERTIGINOUS. She shakes it all out of her head and looks back at the explosion hole. The SIREN LIGHTS out side grab her attention. MINNIE Fuck'n fuck! Minnie quietly, runs to the front door and sees Cam walk by one of the front windows! MINNIE (CONT’D) (Quietly) Fuck'n fuck. She turns and walks around the explosion hole, down the hall pass all the rooms, and begins to BOLT OUT THE BACK DOOR. EXT. OCEANWAY CRACK HOUSE - SAME TIME4-B 4-B Craig begins to walk pass the back door, which BUST OPEN with Minnie jutting out like a Kentucky stud out of the gate! Minnie sees him in her path and turns slightly so that her shoulder is the most forward part of her body. SHE SPEARS the surprised Craig, in the chest. He falls back and his skull smacks the pavement. --Owe!-- Minnie grabs, then PUNTS HIS FACE knocking him out completely, ALL OF THIS IN A FLASH. 8. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  11. 11. She GRABS HIS PISTOL from his holster and AIMS IT AT HIS HEAD. After a beat she EJECTS THE MAGAZINE AND CHUCKS IT into the bushes, followed by the round left in the chamber. Then she puts the pistol back in his holster. Minnie runs off and around the corner until-- WHAM! KAPLAT! She is clotheslined and hip tossed onto the neighbors yard by- - A younger, uniformed JSO officer. Meet officer CHANCE CAP JR or "LITTLE CHANCE", (LC), as he is known by. He is the youngest member of the CAP CLAN and only a year and a half off of FTO. ALTRUISTIC. AWKWARD. ADDLED. LITTLE CHANCE Easy now. Minnie gets her fist free and PUNCHES HIS JAW, then clenches him into a guillotine chokehold with the same arm. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) Ugh, Hi I'm Chance. MINNIE Minnie. LITTLE CHANCE Nice to meet-- LC, bucks his hips, then spins around in a flash putting her head in-between his legs, in a choke. These two grapple for a good minute or so exchanging POSITIONS OF DOMINANCE, back and forth until-- Finally LC jumps back and draws his service pistol. Minnie stands slowly, hands in the air, and blows her bangs out from in front of her eyes. For the first time they get a good look at each other. LC sees her TRACK MARKS ARE JUST PEN DOTS. Minnie notices him noticing her. LC in return sees her admiring him. MINNIE Now what? Minnie takes a step back. Then another. 9. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  12. 12. LITTLE CHANCE Stop. She doesn't. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) Stop. Minnie turns and runs away. LC drops his aim and hangs his head. INT. OCEANWAY CRACK HOUSE - LATER6 6 Cam pushes some of the rubble around with his foot. Forensics TAKES PICTURES and EVIDENCE. Craig leans against the hallway. THROUGH THE WINDOW: We can see a slew of junkies siting on the curb in front of a Uniformed Officer. JFRD INVESTIGATOR (O.C.) Yep! They were using Hypo- phosphorus Acid as a substitute for red phosphorus, which looks like they stole from Growth Solutions over on Eastport according to the container remains. CAM You think they're our "Walter Whites"? The investigator sticks his head up and out of the explosion hole. JFRD INVESTIGATOR Nah. These were first timers who got high during their first cook. The quality would have been shit and this couldn't produce the amount y'all've been seeing. CAM Figured as much. JFRD INVESTIGATOR Everyone accounted for? 10. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  13. 13. CAM Not sure. I think so. Six dead and the rest are still coming down off the ride. Cam looks back at Craig. CRAIG Ugh, (Clears throat) yeah. Ain't see no one, after getting here. CAM Where the fuck is your magazine? Craig grabs at his pistol. CRAIG Fuck me. Craig runs out back. CAM Jerry, you wanna grab some breakfast? Me and boy wonder there are headed to Famous Amos if you want to join. JFRD INVESTIGATOR Nah! I'm alright, gotta get my kids to school. INT. BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER / ER - DAY - REAL TIME7 7 BACK IN REAL TIME, An ER NURSE walks out of a room and over to the nurses station. ER NURSE The cop in Twelve must think he's at The Ritz-Carlton. He just asked for Turn Down with a happy en- Oh! CHARGE NURSE Ha! He's JSO, so short of sexual favors let's try’n keep him happy. Could you take his partner some socks? INT. BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER / ER / ROOM - SAME TIME8 8 Cam lies there, groggy with pain meds, wrapped in bandages. 11. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  14. 14. Meet UNDERSHERIFF CHANCE CAP SR, patriarch of the Caps. DEMANDING. DIRECT. DRACONIAN. He stands over Cam. Cam comes back into full consciousness. CAM Chance? Chance! LC walks in the room. CAM (CONT’D) Chance! They know! They fuck'n know! CHANCE Calm down. Tell me what happened. CAM They know about Coast-- --Chance PUNCHES CAM IN THE TEMPLE knocking him out cold. The ER nurse walks in. LITTLE CHANCE It's good to see him resting so peacefully. ER NURSE He asked for socks? She holds out the red hospital socks. CHANCE God bless ya, he's very cold natured. She smiles, places the socks on his bed, then exits. CHANCE (CONT’D) Find out what JSO is working off duty here tonight. If they are on the payroll fine, if not-- LITTLE CHANCE --then I'm working off duty here tonight. Chance nods, takes out a can of dip, packs it, then puts a pinch in his lip. CHANCE Find out what happened. 12. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  15. 15. Chance exits. EXT. BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER / ER / ENTRANCE - MOMENTS LATER9 9 Chance walks out to a slew of press. REPORTER ONE Sheriff Cap? What happened? REPORTER TWO Sheriff Cap? Was this an attack on law enforcements? CHANCE Look, now y'all know I can't say anything official with out my senior public affairs and relations officer here. (Beat) But I will say this! And hopefully not get into too much trouble. Several laugh. CHANCE (CONT’D) I am livid that this happened to members of my family. When I say family I mean. Both by blood and my brothers in blue. However (Beat) that will not thwart our ever endeavors to get to the bottom of it unbiasedly. We will look into this to find out the truth and then enforce the law accordingly. That is all. Chance spits then exit. INT. OCEANWAY VILLAGE TRAILER PARK / MONTE RESIDENCE - DAY10 10 Minnie walks in. Two ladies jump up. Meet MARY MONTE (49) her stepmother and MOLIE MONTE (16) her half sister. They run to hug her. MARY Minnie! My Gawd, Minnie! We figured you'se dead! MOLIE Daddy and Mark are out looking for you. MINNIE I'm fine. 13. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  16. 16. MOLIE Oh, Minnie! We been up all night, balling our eyes out and'ya come back with, "I'm fine". Fuck you! Mary smacks Molie. MINNIE I'll try and come back more hurt next time. MARY That ain't what she meant. MINNIE I know what she meant, mom. The door opens and two guys walk in. Meet MARCUS MONTE, the Monte patriarch and head of all the family's criminal affairs. DETACHED. DISCOURTEOUS. DIRECT. As well as MARK MONTE, Marcus's son who runs the narcotic business. ADEPT. ANGRY. ALERT. (The shooter from the alley.) MARCUS You're alive. Minnie nods. MARK How did it go? MINNIE Well, besides the explosion I think we have a slew of new customers. MARK Good. Glad you'se alright. Minnie nods. MINNIE I'm going to take a shower and get some sleep. MARY Okay, baby. INT. OCEANWAY VILLAGE / MINNIE'S TRAILER - MOMENTS LATER11 11 Lynrd Skynrd poster on wall. Bubbling Fish tank. Dirty dishes in the sink. 14. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  17. 17. Minnie walks into her living room, sits down on her row of couch cushions, and scoots back so that her back is against the wall. With a soft thud, she leans her head back. Blank stare. Emotionless. Single tear. MINNIE (Barely audible) Mom. INT. LC'S HOUSE / BATHROOM - SAME TIME12 12 LC washes the last of the shampoo out of his hair and then exits the shower. NAKED, we can see his upper body is covered in WINDING TATTOO ARTWORK, OF THORNS from his wrist up his arm around his torso, down his other arm and ending on his other wrist. He wraps a towel around his waist and begins to brush his teeth. Blank stare. Emotionless. Smile? A woman walks in the bathroom holding a one year old. LITTLE CHANCE Hey baby and my baby boy. LC turns and kisses his wife, then son, his wife, then son over and over until his son begins a giggle fit. --What the Romeo Character can't be happily married with a kid?-- LC grabs his son, walks out of the bathroom, and has a seat on their plush couch in the living room. Meet CECILIA CAP, LC's gorgeous wife and baby's mother. SWEET. STUNNING. SPRITELY. CECILIA How was work? LITTLE CHANCE Fine. LC kisses his baby boy's neck to more giggles. As we-- FADE TO BLACK. 15. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  18. 18. ACT TWO FADE IN. EXT. WOODS - DAY - REAL TIME13 13 Thick brush. Squirrels chase each other around a tree. A tiny clearing with a quaint cabin nestled amongst the woods. INT. CABIN IN THE WOODS - SAME TIME14 14 A small framed individual is HUNG WITH A SACK OVER THEIR HEAD, SUSPENDED ABOVE THE MOUTH OF AN ANTIQUE WELL, with the rope wrapped around their waist, hands tied behind their back, and a cable attached to the rope around their waist.. --Are they dead?-- A PISTOL STICKS INTO FRAME AND TAPS THE SACK. The suspended individual shutters and SCREAMS MUFFLED SQUEALS. --Guess not-- PULLING BACK: The pistol wielder is Chance. Chance spins the person by twirling them with his pistol. Once they begin to continually rotate, freely. Chance-- FIRES A SHOT right beside their head and kicks a lever on the wench holding the spool of cable they are tied to. THE REELING OF THE SPOOL. SCREAMING. THAT PERSON PLUNGES INTO THE WELL. Followed by a SPLASH. Chance presses a button on the wench and the body shoots back up and out of the well. 16. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  19. 19. Swinging, trembling, and wet now. Chance spins them again, fires another shot beside the sack, drops them down the well, and wrenches them back up, again. This happens two more times. Chance removes the sack, REVEALING IT'S IS MOLIE with a fabric gag in her mouth! Chance holsters his pistol in a concealment holster and fingers the gag out of her mouth. CHANCE What do you know about Coastline? And how do y'all know? MOLIE I don't-- Chance's foot launches for the wench. MOLIE (CONT’D) Please! Don't! She trembles. Chance takes out a can of dip and begins to pack it. CHANCE Young lady if you have any, kind- ah, desire or inclinations of continuing to draw breath. I'd start ah talking sooner rather then, well, they ain't gona be a later, sweetheart. She continues to tremble. MOLIE Puh, puh please. I, I ain't involved in any uh that. CHANCE Hmm. Chance kicks the wench and Molie plunges back down into the well, along with the sound of her SCREAM. SPLASH. Chance puts a pinch of dip in his lip and pockets the can. Chance stares as the cable wiggle for a beat. 17. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  20. 20. Chance turns to face-- WRAPPED IN MANY BANDAGES, Cam and Craig stand on either side of the door, opposite the well, previously behind Chance. CHANCE (CONT’D) When the cable stills or the sound of the bubbles stop wrench her back up. Resuscitate if need be. Ask her one mo gain. Then drop her one last time, let her go else where's. Do not be seen. CAM Yes, sir. Chance exits. Craig jumps over and raises Molie-- She emerges, sopping, slowly from the well opening with her head hanging. MATCH CUT TO: EXT. OCEANWAY STREET SIDE - EVENING15 15 Mollie's lifeless, wet face flops onto the ditch bank. A GEAR SHIFT. TIRES SQUEALING. A CAR SPEEDING AWAY. INT. BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER / ER - MORNING - EARLIER16-A 16-A An ER NURSE walks out of a room with a scoff. ER NURSE 2 Why! I never! She walks into another room and we-- FOLLOW TO: INT. BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER / ER / ROOM - SAME TIME16-B 16-B Cam lies with his neck wrapped in bandages. The ER Nurse walks in. 18. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  21. 21. ER NURSE 2 How are we feeling? CAM Well, besides being shot, pretty dang good. Must be muh caretaker. ER NURSE 2 Dawh! Now ain't you sweet. You know you could teach yer partner, over yonder a thing or two in the manners department. CAM Young lady, I don't know your experience with try'na eat broth with chop sticks, but it's easier than what your asking of me. ER NURSE 2 Ha ha! Cam smiles and LC walks in. LITTLE CHANCE How's our patients? ER NURSE 2 Well officer, this one here is a hot damned delight. His partner-- LITTLE CHANCE Yeah, say no more. The charge nurse hollers from the nurses station-- CHARGE NURSE (O.C.) --Detective! Cam furrows his brow. CAM Yeah? CHARGE NURSE (O.C.) The other one! CRAIG (O.C.) Yeah? 19. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  22. 22. CHARGE NURSE (O.C.) You call one more time for my girls to get your gown off the ground and we'll put a catheter in every visible appendage! CRAIG (O.C.) Is that possible? CHARGE NURSE (O.C.) We'll find out. ER NURSE 2 There are few sights less jarring than a grown man in nothing but hospital socks. She exits. LITTLE CHANCE Dad want's for you two to find out what's going on today. CAM Today? LITTLE CHANCE Yes, y'all are going to be released in like an hour. You both are on mandatory leave for a week. IA will be coming by shortly for statements. Get your stories straight. CAM Ain't no need for fabricating. LITTLE CHANCE Good. Rest well. Your work is just about to start. Cam groans and leans his head back. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) Take it easy. CAM Yeah, yeah. LC exits. 20. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  23. 23. INT. LC'S CRUISER - MOMENTS LATER18-A 18-A LC gets into his marked unit and takes his phone off of the clip on his belt. He sends a one word text to his father-- WORDS IN TEXT: Done. The Phone Icon on his phone has a notification on it. He presses it. It's a missed call from his wife. SPLIT WITH: INT. LC'S HOUSE - SAME TIME - INTERCUT19-A 19-A Cecilia looks at her phone and smiles before answering. CECILIA (into phone) City morgue, you kill'em we chill'em! LC smiles. LITTLE CHANCE Ha! Good morning, beautiful. Cecilia smiles. CECILIA Uh, no sir! Apparently not. You don't get to go to sleep because you're tired and then leave your wife, untouched, again early the next morning. LITTLE CHANCE Cece, daddy had something he needed me to do this morning. CECILIA Uh! How's about your wife has had something she needed you to do since last night! Officer Cap! Junior. 21. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  24. 24. LITTLE CHANCE Mmm. I can hear that hunger in your voice, babe. CECILIA Oh Baby! LITTLE CHANCE Tonight! Okay? I promise. CECILIA Good! We can celebrate. LITTLE CHANCE Celebrate? Cecilia glances down at a POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! CECILIA I mean... Ugh, nothing in particular. Just I love you-- Gently, she rubs her finger across it with a single tear. CECILIA (CONT’D) --I love our baby boy and damn it I MISS MY HUSBAND'S LUV'N! LC bites his bottom lip with a smile. LITTLE CHANCE Cece, I love you more than huntin season. You know that? Woman! CECILIA Prove it! LITTLE CHANCE Tonight, I'm all yours and I'm off tomorrow. I'll grab some Pizza, from Joesph's not Dominoes. Melt dem dare loins of yours. And then we can watch that fuck'n Princess Bride on Netflix. CECILIA My gawd, Baby if you were here. LITTLE CHANCE Tonight! 22. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  25. 25. CECILIA Done. (Beat) Reckon I'll have to shave, since you'se getting Joesph's. LITTLE CHANCE Miss Cap, that's mighty kind uh ya. But, I'd love ya even if you'se was smuggling a "wookie". Cecilia snorts. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) I love you. CECILIA I love you. LITTLE CHANCE Good bye. CECILIA Bye. She hangs up and we JUMP-- BACK TO: INT. LC'S CRUISER - SAME TIME18-B 18-B The passenger door opens. MINNIE HOPS INTO THE PASSENGER SEAT! LC PULLS A SMALL CONCEALED BACK UP PISTOL AND AIMS IT AT HER HEAD. INT. LC'S HOUSE - SAME TIME19-B 19-B Cecilia puts her phone down and walks away. Her phone RINGS, again. Cecilia walks up with a smile and swipes to answer with out looking at the screen this time-- CECILIA (into the phone) --LC's Donkey Farm, Head ass speaking. 23. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  26. 26. MARK (V.O.) I love these chubby cheeks on your son. --What the fuck?-- SHOCK. DEVASTATION. PANIC. She takes off running through their house-- CRYING, SCREAMING, and RUNNING INTO THE WALLS as she goes. CECILIA Who is this? (Beat) Who the fuck are you? INT. LC'S HOUSE / BABY ROOM - SAME TIME20 20 BOOM! The door flies open. THE CRIB IS EMPTY! THE WINDOW IS OPEN! Cecilia let's out a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM. CECILIA Where is my son? Where is my fuck'n son? MARK (V.O.) Calm down Cece. You'll work your self up. Cecilia SCREAM CRIES as we jump-- BACK TO: INT. LC'S CRUISER - SAME TIME18-C 18-C Inside his marked unit, LC continues to point his pistol at her in shock. MINNIE Shoot me or drive. Minnie sucks her teeth, then stares out the windshield. LC holsters his back up pistol, begins to drive, still leery of the situation. 24. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  27. 27. INT. LC'S CRUISER - MOMENTS LATER21 21 MINNIE Why ain't 'cha shoot me? Awkward silence. MINNIE (CONT’D) Why you ain't shoot me, yesterday? LITTLE CHANCE Ugh, Did you want to be shot? Minnie stares emotionlessly out the window. Downtown Jacksonville never seemed so spectral. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) You didn't seem like a threat. Minnie snaps-- MINNIE --I'd just got through whooping your ass! LITTLE CHANCE I don't know about whoop-- MINNIE Is it pity? Was it pity? Tell me it ain't mother fucking pity! LITTLE CHANCE What? I-- MINNIE Cuz, if it's pity you can go fuck your self right before shoving your pity up your ass. LITTLE CHANCE Colorful. MINNIE Fuck you. LITTLE CHANCE Ok. Awkward tension. MINNIE Why am I here? 25. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  28. 28. LITTLE CHANCE I don't know, why are you here? Awkward silence. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) You, uh, you want some breakfast? MINNIE I said I ain't want your fuck'n pity. LITTLE CHANCE I said "fuck'n breakfast". LC smiles and drives on. EXT. BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER / ER / ENTRANCE - LATER22 22 Cam and Craig are wheeled out in wheelchairs. CRAIG Whew! Shewdoggies. Thank ya darlin. (Beat) Now, if I can ever return the favor. He stands and gives her a buisness card from his wallet. She takes it with a smile. CRAIG (CONT’D) Dial two for anal. She chucks it back at him and scoffs off with the other nurse. CAM Elegant, cousin. They head towards the garage. CRAIG Yeah. She ain't know what's good fer her. Craig lights a cigarette. He takes a long drag. CRAIG (CONT’D) My gawd, that's better than head during a good Jag's game. (Beat) Where's the car? 26. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  29. 29. CAM LC said Second level. We got to hurry. Chance wants answers before sundown. CRAIG So the next level? CAM Cuz, you'se as bout as useful as uh a fork in a sugar bowl. You know that? EXT. OCEANWAY STREET - LATER23 23 A station wagon with a wood panel missing, a garbage bag for a back-driver side door, riding on two donuts drives past. Siting on the side of the street is Cam's car. INT. CAM'S CAR - SAME TIME24 24 Craig taps a cigarette against the dash. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. CRAIG Well if this ain't horse shit. I don't know what is. CAM Little cousin, you ain't ever watch COPS. (Beat) Starsky and Hutch. (Beat) Walker Texas-- CAM (CONT’D) Hell yeah! I'll fuck with anything with The Chuck! CRAIG You never notice how long-- Cam puts the cigarette in between his lips and pulls out a lighter. CAM --you light that and I'll finger fuck that gun shot wound. 27. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  30. 30. CRAIG Damn! Harsh much? Craig pulls out a pack of cigarettes, shoves the cigarette in the pack, and pulls out a can of dip. CAM Stakeouts take ah bit. Craig puts a pinch in his lip and then grabs a half empty soda can from the cup holder. He pours out the remaining soda out the window, then begins to CUT the top out of the can out. CAM (CONT’D) You best not miss your spitter. Craig smiles then spits in his make-shift spittoon. Behind them a SCHOOL BUS PULLS OVER. Molie and several other students get out. CRAIG You thinking? What I'm thinking? CAM That we're going to hell in a razor wire fuck'n hand basket? Can and Craig put on Ski Mask. EXT. CLEO'S SANDWICH SHOP - DAY25 25 LC walks out of the screen door of the main building, letting it smack shut behind him, carrying two large cups with forks stuck in them. He starts to walk away when two young ladies exit their car and head to the main building entrance. LC doubles back and opens the door for them. LITTLE CHANCE Morning Ladies! LADY 1 Good Morning Officer Cap. LADY 2 Officer Cap? He'll always be Little Chance to me. 28. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  31. 31. LITTLE CHANCE And many others, ma'am. LADY 2 How's that gorgeous wife of yours? LITTLE CHANCE Oh, she's good. Thank ya for asking! LADY 2 Well, good. Now if that ever changes you be sure and let us know. My daughter could use a man like you. LADY 1 Mom! LITTLE CHANCE Well I'm not sorry to report I'se couldn't be happier, (Beat) ladies. They walk in and LC walks off letting the screen door slam shut. LADY 1 (O.C.) Push harder next time. LC walks over to one of the covered, out door seating areas and opens it's screen door. INT. CLEO'S SANDWICH SHOP - SAME TIME26 26 The screen door shuts and LC walks over to the only occupied table and has a seat across from Minnie. LITTLE CHANCE Bacon or sausage? MINNIE What if I ain't eat meat? LITTLE CHANCE Then ya shit out of luck. He sets them both down in between them. Beat. He reaches for the bacon. 29. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  32. 32. MINNIE I want the bacon. She takes the cup and starts to eat. LC smiles and starts to eat from the other. MINNIE (CONT’D) Wow, this is pretty damn good. LITTLE CHANCE You ain't ever had Cleo's? Minnie shakes her head, no. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) How the fuck have you never had Cleo's? (Beat) Breakfast-in-a-cup and Taco Salad from Cleo's is apart of everyone's diet on the north side. Like it's apart of life. MINNIE We'se from Dinsmore. Ain't been in Oceanway but for, ugh, maybe four years or so. LITTLE CHANCE Well you got some learn'n to do, young lady. MINNIE Do I? LITTLE CHANCE Yes'em. They both smile and then continue eating. INT. OCEANWAY STREET SIDE - AFTERNOON27 27 Back on Mollie's face which seems lifeless until-- Coughing. Water spurting. Gaging. INT. OCEANWAY VILLAGE TRAILER PARK / MONTE RESIDENCE -28 28 AFTERNOON Mollie sits with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders and her wet hair stuck to her face in patches. 30. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  33. 33. MARCUS My daughter! My mutha fuck'n daughter! My mutha fuck'n daughter! I'll slit their fuck'n throats and use their innards to hang their kids. MARY Marcus! She's home safe. Can't we just be thankful for that. MARCUS No! This changes every-fuck'n- thing. MARK Yeah, this means fuck'n war. MARY No! MOLIE Mom? You wanna, maybe, I duno, get on our fuck'n side? MARK Do they know anything? MOLIE I ain't give'em dick. MARCUS Good. MOLIE What's the plan? MARK Like daddy said, things have changed. EXT. SAN MATEO PARK - MAGIC HOUR29 29 The LAST OF THE SUN shines through the back ground trees. The atmosphere brings to mind the sense of a calm preluding a massive storm. The wind BLOWS THE PALMS INTO EACH OTHER on the palm trees. QUAINT. PEACEFUL. ALMOST TRANQUIL. Cecilia sits on a bench, softly crying. 31. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  34. 34. She sniffles and then wipes her nose. Off in the distant, on the road, a car pulls up. --Uh oh-- The HEAD LIGHTS FLASH a few times and Cecilia stands. She begins to walk to the car as we-- FADE TO BLACK. END OF ACT TWO 32. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  35. 35. ACT THREE FADE IN. INT. JSO - AFTERNOON30 30 Phones RINGING. Printers PRINTING. Coffee BREWING. We pass through a desk bank of L.E.O.s and Civilians working and buzzing about. ORDER YET CHAOS. CONTROLLED MAYHEM. CALM LUNACY. We come to a conference room-- INT. JSO / CONFERENCE ROOM - SAME TIME31 31 Seated at the head of the table, with his head in his hands is Chance. LIVID. IMMENSELY FRUSTRATED. PATIENTS RUNNING THIN. CHANCE I am sitting (Beat) in a room (Beat) with five, count them with me now; one, two, three, four, five department heads. Directors! Five directors in charge of running departments that facilitate our mandate and we are discussing, naw arguing, with grave intensity whom shall be allowed to cater the dag- gum Christmas Party because we don't want to step on the toes of our biggest benefactors? (Beat) ladies and gentlemen, I have Sworn LEOs shot in broad daylight, Around another sixteen hundred others wondering why, seven hundred or so civilian personnel backing them up, seven hundred and sixty something Corrections Officers running a over crowded jail, Homeland Security and US Marshal's joint task forces and we have this as our main top topic of discussion? Chance runs a hand through his Touch-Of-Gray, stands, and exits. 33. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  36. 36. BOARD MEMBER I still say Toby's BBQ is the way to go. The best Baked Potatoes in town and they supported the fun run this year. INT. JSO - SAME TIME32 32 Chance walks out of the conference room massaging his temples. CHANCE God bless it. What's the world coming to? A young lady, MARLENE, runs up to him, with a headset on. CHANCE (CONT’D) Be nice! MARLENE Okay, a slew of press want to know when we will be making an official statement, Kelly wants to know what uniform to put in the memo for the Award Ceremony next month. They begin to walk back through the bullpen towards the higher-up’s offices. MARLENE (CONT’D) Homeland Security is requesting thirty more uniys for the operation and a new liaison, ugh, I guess Detective Prowler and them don't see eye to eye on, well pretty much anything, and your wife called to ask you to be home at seven tonight, or earlier for dinner. Rather firmly. CHANCE Headache medicine? MARLENE Top left drawer of your desk. CHANCE Thanks. MARLENE Also can I have next Friday off? 34. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  37. 37. CHANCE What! Why? MARLENE It's my cat's birthday. CHANCE Your cat? I thought it died last week. MARLENE No. Well, yes but I got a new cat, Ginger. Although it's not Ginger's birthday it's Gilligan's and I don't know when Ginger's birthday is. I just adopted him after Skipper died. I guess I'll have to pick one for him. CHANCE I tell you what, if I can get Friday off so can you. Tell Kelly Class A's unless they are on duty during the ceremony, to the press "we are working on it", tell homeland I can not spare any more uniforms. Maybe ten if they will pay for the over time. What was the last thing? MARLENE Your lovely, yet strong willed wife. CHANCE I'll make sure I'm home in time. They reach his office. MARLENE Also Sheriff is in your office. He opens the door. INT. JSO / CHANCE'S OFFICE - SAME TIME33 33 Chance walks in to see-- Meet SHERIFF LAURA LONG, leaning against his desk. POWERFUL. POLITIC. PERTINACIOUS. SHERIFF Chance. 35. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  38. 38. CHANCE Sheriff. SHERIFF I have asked you repeatedly to call me Laura. CHANCE It's just a respect for authority, Sheriff. SHERIFF It's disrespect on a colleague who sees you as an equal. CHANCE Just a difference of opinion, Sheriff. MARLENE Sheriff Long? SHERIFF Yes, Marlene. MARLENE I am going to overstep a little bit here and ask if Undersheriff could have this Friday off. Between his family getting shot, the workload here, and all... I just think it's a good idea for him to spend one day extra to recoup. SHERIFF You know that sounds like a good idea. Tell you what how about you both take Friday off? Paid leave. MARLENE Don't mind if I do! Marlene winks at Chance as she exits, closing the door behind her. SHERIFF What did another one of her cats die? CHANCE How many does she have? 36. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  39. 39. SHERIFF Three sitcoms worth from what I've gathered. CHANCE I guess one of them has a birthday on Friday. SHERIFF I see. CHANCE You know, I can't really complain though. I am deathly allergic to cats, but I have never once had a reaction around her. She must clean up good and she's amazing at her job. SHERIFF Remember that when Christmas bonuses come around. CHANCE What can I do you for, Sheriff? SHERIFF I saw your unofficial press release today. CHANCE Yeah, sorry about that. SHERIFF Oh! No, no. I liked it. I talked about it with PR and we agree. You are becoming much more political in your age. CHANCE God, help me. SHERIFF Maybe you'll wear my badge one day. CHANCE Ugh, no. Retirement is just around the new year for this good ole boy. SHERIFF Well, we sure will miss ya. 37. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  40. 40. CHANCE I wish I could say the feeling is mutual. They both laugh. SHERIFF How'd the meeting go? Chance rolls his eyes, sits down behind his desk, takes out a bottle of pills, and takes two. CHANCE Well if you have an opinion as to whom caters the Christmas party please go cast your vote. SHERIFF Why don't we ask your wife to do it? CHANCE Done! She'll be ecstatic. Also we won't be hurting any of our donors feelings. SHERIFF You're doing a good job, Chance. That Friday off is not negotiable. Go fishing or something. She exits. INT. LC'S CRUISER - MAGIC HOUR34 34 LC drives down one of the streets in Oceanway. Minnie stares out the window. MINNIE You best just drop me off down one of these turns up here. LITTLE CHANCE What, don't want to be seen with a cop? MINNIE Especially not a Cap. LITTLE CHANCE Yeah, It's weird having a Monte ride up front for once. 38. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  41. 41. Minnie snorts. LC turns down a street. He pulls over. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) So, why are you here? Minnie stares out the windshield. MINNIE Thanks for the ride. She exits, puts up her hoodie, and takes off running. LITTLE CHANCE Well then. LC's phone VIBRATES. Text from "Love Of Mine"-- WORDS IN TEXT: Hurry home! He sends a reply. WORDS IN TEXT: Got held up at work. On my way! INT. CHANCE'S HOUSE - MAGIC HOUR35 35 Country themed apron. Hair up in a bun. Singing into a spoon. Meet CYNTHIA CAP, matriarch of the Cap clan. CUNNING. CAREFUL. COGENT. She is cooking in a massive and state of the art kitchen. One pot has steaming tomato sauce, another pasta, another green veggies. In the oven loaves of bread are baking. She snips some fresh basil off the plant in her sink window, then sprinkles it into the tomato sauce. She opens the oven and takes out the bread with a hot pad, then spins, sets them on the stove, simultaneously raising her heel to push close the oven door, as she bends down, all in one motion. 39. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  42. 42. She takes out her phone and snaps pictures, then immediately shares them on Facebook and Pinterest, along with the recipe. Her smile is both prideful and smug. She giggles to her self then does a little dance when THE DOOR OPENS-- In walks Chance. CYNTHIA Hello baby! CHANCE Hey darlin. CYNTHIA What's wrong? CHANCE Nuth'in. CYNTHIA Malarkey! Sit down! Chance hangs up his keys and sits down at their table. CYNTHIA (CONT’D) What's wrong? CHANCE Honey seriously. CYNTHIA (INCORRECT BUZZER SOUND) Try again. CHANCE Look I-- She places her hand on his forearm. CHANCE (CONT’D) Between the politics and the bureaucracy at work-- CYNTHIA And the loonies. CHANCE --And the loonies, I'm just. (Beat) It's been a day that makes me look forward to retirement. Cynthia gently places her other hand on the side of his face. 40. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  43. 43. CYNTHIA Love bug, Caps don't retire. We just take off the badge one day. Chance smiles and kisses her palm. CYNTHIA (CONT’D) Now! Go take off your uniform, get a shower, and come eat dinner with your trophy wife. She stands then hugs his head into her chest. CHANCE Yes ma'am. CYNTHIA On second thought, pour me a glass of wine and you some shine. Before. CHANCE Yes ma'am. She grabs his jaw and points his face up to her's. They kiss. CYNTHIA Now, hop to it. They kiss, again. CHANCE Yes ma'am. She walks back to her stove. CYNTHIA Oh! We are hosting bible study on Tuesday. You won't be available for anything between eighteen and twenty hours. CHANCE Oh, really? Chance smiles and pours a glass of wine then one of moonshine. 41. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  44. 44. CYNTHIA Yes, why are you still down here? Come on now, Game Of Thrones is on in a hour, dinner will be ready in thirty, and Momma's hungry and in need of some of John Snow's lovin. Gotta have fresh footage for my highlight real, babe. CHANCE Yes, your honor. He hands her the glass of wine, kisses her cheek, then heads up stairs. --Well then-- INT. CRAIG'S HOUSE - MAGIC HOUR36 36 TREE CAMO COUCH. TAXIDERMY. NASCAR DECOR. Rutty yet nice, like you would expect a messy redneck with some money's place to look. He exhales then walks to his couch and has a seat. Craig takes out a cigarette and puts it in-between his lips. A lady in a t-shirt and under wear walks out of the back hallway. Meet COURTNEY CAP, Craig's freeloading sister and roommate, apparently. TRASHY. TRAMPY. TAKER. COURTNEY Heard you were in the hospital. Craig points to his bandages. Courtney sits beside him. COURTNEY (CONT’D) Does it hurt? Craig nods. COURTNEY (CONT’D) Can I get you to do me a favor? Craig puts the cigarette back in his pack. 42. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  45. 45. INT. CRAIG'S HOUSE / COURTNEY'S ROOM - MOMENTS LATER37 37 MATTRESS ON THE GROUND. ASHTRAY ON BOTH BEDSIDE TABLES. A perfect specimen of white trash, Jake lies on the mattress smoking a cigarette. (From the crack house in the first act.) The door opens and Craig walks in. CRAIG Get out. JAKE What? Craig draws his pistol. Jake jumps up, naked and throws on some clothes. As he runs past Craig, he puts the tip of the pistol into Jake's neck and says-- CRAIG Don't come back. Craig lifts his badge on his belt. Jake barrels out the bedroom. Craig notices a syringe and a BAG OF WHITE RHINO on the bed side table! INT. CRAIG'S HOUSE - NIGHT38 38 Jake runs into the front room. Courtney jumps up. COURTNEY What's wrong? JAKE Who is-- Craig walks in and racks a round into the chamber. Jake bolts out the door. Craig holds up the bag of White Rhino. CRAIG What is this? 43. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  46. 46. Courtney jumps up. COURTNEY I don't know it was his. Real good shit though. She licks her pinky, presses it into contents of the bag, then rubs it around her mouth. She digs her fingernail in the powder and places the clump in front of her brother's nose. CRAIG No, I better not. IA might make us piss. She shrugs her shoulders and snorts it. COURTNEY What ever CRAIGORY... KNOCK at the door. Courtney takes the bag, stuffs it in her underwear, and answers the door. A slightly trashy yet attractive young lady, HOOKER RACHEL walks in. CRAIG My room. She walks back to his room. COURTNEY Nice piece of ass. Hope she wasn't too expensive. (Beat) Happy fuck'n big brother. Courtney kisses his cheek and heads back to her room. Another KNOCK. Another piece of white trash. WHITE TRASH Ugh, yeah is Courtney here? Craig points back to his sister's bedroom. He walks back. 44. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  47. 47. INT. CRAIG'S HOUSE / CRAIG'S ROOM - MOMENTS LATER39 39 Craig walks in and she is lying on his bed, NAKED. He takes off his clothes. HOOKER RACHEL I'll comp tonight. If I can get your help with something. CRAIG This ought to be good. He lies down beside her with his back against the headboard, puts two cigarettes in-between his lips, and lights them both. He hands her one. HOOKER RACHEL I have a girlfriend-- CRAIG Well, fuck me! This might be real good after all! HOOKER RACHEL She's locked up. CRAIG Oh. HOOKER RACHEL Some kind of "backpage" sting. CRAIG Ok? HOOKER RACHEL Can you get her out? CRAIG I mean-- She wraps her hand around him and begins to give him some "Amish Birth Control". CRAIG (CONT’D) --I don't know. If it's worth one night. (Beat) Might be a punchcard kind ah situation. She GOES DOWN ON HIM. 45. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  48. 48. Craig leans his head back with a hard thud. CRAIG (CONT’D) I (Beat) guess I can (Beat) Holy Fuck! (Beat) try. Craig gasps over and over. CRAIG (CONT’D) Whoa! (Beat) Whew! (Beat) Careful! He orgasms. She sits back up, grabs two beers out of her purse. She hands him one and begins to drink hers. HOOKER RACHEL What you think? CRAIG I'll see what I can do. She reaches in her purse and tosses him a condom. HOOKER RACHEL You think harder, I gotta piss. She walks into his bathroom. MATCH CUT TO: INT. OCEANWAY VILLAGE TRAILER PARK / MONTE RESIDENCE - MAGIC40 40 HOUR Minnie walks in. MARY Baby, where you been? MINNIE No where, mom. (Beat) Where's everybody? MARY No where, Minnie. MINNIE What ever. Minnie exits. 46. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  49. 49. MARY (O.C.) What ain't like it when people do it to you? EXT. OCEANWAY VILLAGE TRAILER PARK / MONTE RESIDENCE - SAME41 41 TIME Minnie walks through their yard-- Into hers and up to her front door. She walks in as we-- MATCH CUT TO: INT. LC'S HOUSE - EVENING42 42 LC walks in holding a pizza box and a daisy. LITTLE CHANCE Baby? He peers around then sets the pizza and flower on the kitchen counter. BLOOD POOLS on the opposite side of the island, seeping out into view. LC doesn't see it and walks back through the house. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) Honey, I'se home! He opens the baby's room's door and peers in. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) Hello? Nothing. He walks back to their master bedroom. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) Cece? Where are you? (Beat) Am I suppose to find you? Nothing. He begins to walk back towards the kitchen! 47. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  50. 50. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) I'd like to know if and when we're playing games or role playing. He sees the BLOOD! LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) CeCe? He runs closer and around the kitchen island and finally sees it! CECE'S LIFELESS, BLOODY, AND BEATEN BODY LIES IN THE CENTER OF AN OCEAN OF BLOOD! DEVASTATION. PANIC. SHOCK. LC GASPS! LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) CeCe? CeCe! CeCe? LC barrels for his wife. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) No! CeCe? CeCe! He slips in the blood and slides into her smashing against the island stove and her inanimate anatomy. Squabbling and splashing around in the liquid Crimson, he tries to spin around to grab her. Finally, ENSANGUINED IN HER BLOOD, CRYING, and SCREAMING out he pulls his wife into his arms. Her face flops against his cheek as he wails. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) No, no, no, no, no? No! Cecilia! Baby? Baby! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Tighter and tighter he pulls his wife's stringless marionette of a body into his embrace, unable to catch his breath. SOUND FADES. REDDENING FACE. TEARS. VEINS POPING. TIME ELAPSES: 48. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  51. 51. INT. LC'S HOUSE - LATER43 43 Painted like a gory Jackson Pollock in his WIFE'S BLOOD, LC, lies on the floor with her in his arms, both in a state of comatose, both staring into space. Suddenly LC gasps with realization! LITTLE CHANCE Caleb! Caleb? He lowers his wife's body, stands, and begins to frantically run around the house calling for his son. LITTLE CHANCE (CONT’D) Caleb? Caleb? Caleb! Caleb! FADE TO BLACK. END OF ACT THREE 49. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  52. 52. TAG INT. CHANCE'S HOUSE / MASTER BEDROOM - EVENING44 44 Cynthia sits in bed reading a book. Chance gets in bed beside her to do the same. Cynthia grabs a smoking mug from her bed side table and takes a sip. CHANCE A little late for coffee ain't it? CYNTHIA Sleepy time tea. CHANCE What? CYNTHIA It's Sleepy time tea. CHANCE That's not a thing. CHANCE (CONT’D) It's a thing and I'm drinking it. They both start reading. CYNTHIA So the loonies been crazier than usual? CHANCE Something like that. CYNTHIA Trust me babe, politics was an invention of masculinity and testosterone. It will be "The Art Of Manliness" that’ll be the death of us all. They go back to reading for a Beat. CHANCE So? Bible study, huh? CYNTHIA Yep. 50. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  53. 53. CHANCE What, ugh, what all does that entail? CYNTHIA Pastor Gray is starting a series after the first of next month on the book of Jude. He asked several of us on the board to start hosting a weekly bible study to help further the series in between each sermon. CHANCE And we're one? CYNTHIA We're one. CHANCE What all do I have to do? CYNTHIA Lead the discussion, study the passage before hand, and come up with discussion points. CHANCE Awe, baby. CYNTHIA Hush, you volunteered with joy and a lot of energy. CHANCE I'm sure I did. They both go back to reading. CYNTHIA So (Beat) did that cunt give you anything as to how they found out about the Coastline job? --Whoa!-- FADE TO BLACK. THE END 51. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler
  54. 54. 'Chapter One: Outlaws and inlaws' Written & Directed by Sir Noah A Waters III, 32nd° F.&A.M. "CAPS & ROBBERS" Created by Sir Noah A Waters III, 32nd° F.&A.M. Based on William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' 52. Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler Louis Sihler