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How to increase sales force productivity


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This presentation contains tips on how productivity of the sales force can be improved in a business organization. Business organizations and managers often think about how they can get more out of their sales force. I hope you will find this useful if you are in that category

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How to increase sales force productivity

  1. 1. How to Increase Sales Force Productivity Group 3 Presentation @ Workshop on Managerial Leadership in Sales & Marketing Seminar Louis Ekome Nov 2014
  2. 2. Objectives Outline strategies which can be easily implemented by a sales manager/organization to increase productivity of the sales force
  3. 3. Sales Force Automation The use of technology can simplify tasks and potentially reduce lag time in service delivery
  4. 4. Product knowledge/training Improved knowledge will boost the confidence of the rep and increase output
  5. 5. Entrench belief in their “brand” Belief in your brand drives passion to achieve
  6. 6. Motivation & Incentives People are motivated in different ways. Identify what motivates a sales rep and provide it
  7. 7. Play Each Team Member In Their Areas Of Strength Put round pegs in round holes
  8. 8. Marketing Intelligence will influence key decisions on strategy implementation Marketing Intelligence Marketing intelligence
  9. 9. Territory Knowledge & Management Sales force need to be appropriately deployed in the right territory
  10. 10. Good Evaluation And Feedback System Regular evaluation of performance provides motivation for improvement
  11. 11. Coaching And Mentoring Potentials are unlocked via coaching & mentoring
  12. 12. Communication Communication to sales team on how feedback from them is used to form strategies
  13. 13. Entrench the spirit of “ownership”/ “wealth- creator”. Sales force should see themselves as wealth creators for the business
  14. 14. Customer Knowledge/ Focus Adequate customer knowledge will facilitate provision of products and services suited to needs of the customer
  15. 15. Summary on How to increase sales Force Productivity • Sales force Automation(use of technology) – Sales force CRM • Product knowledge/training/ • Entrench belief in their “brand” • Incentives & motivation • Play each team member in their areas of strength. • Market intelligence • Territory knowledge/management • Good evaluation and feedback system. • Coaching and mentoring • Communication to sales team on how feedback from them is used to form strategies. • Entrench the spirit of “ownership”/ “wealth-creator”. • Customer knowledge/focus
  16. 16. Acknowledgements • All members of group 3 who were part of this seminar @ LBS • Google Images