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United states of america "XXX Crooked Ass" U. S. Assistant Attorney "Andrea L. Parkes"


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Criminal Conduct of U. S. Assistant Attorney Andrea L> Parker, With The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder- Day Saints (LDS) Mormon "Lowell And Helena Walker" of Salt Lake City (Utah) in The Matter concerning My Daughters "Chandra & Natasha Hamilton (Walker) and The Theft of a Home Movie Video, and other matter already filed in United States Federal Docket No. 1:2011-CV-00240 Hamilton II Vs. U.S. Attorney Office, CVS/Caremark and UPS

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United states of america "XXX Crooked Ass" U. S. Assistant Attorney "Andrea L. Parkes"

  1. 1. United States of America, “XXX Crooked Ass” U.S. Assistant Attorney “Andrea L. Parker”..! Hello”, (You) Ungodly Fuc-king Ugly Whore “Scank Bitch’……………………(Smooches)  First (WOW) My Sweet Friends @ “Google” got your “Crooked Slow (Ugly) Scank Whore Bitch Ass” looking Quite (Super) XXX Extra Fu-king Crazy, ha ha …………..Da” You Honestly in your” Lame Slow Brains” Fu-king figured you got away 100% Holy Fu-king Free, in 2011 In your Super Rouge “Cruel” Criminal Actions of stealing My Daughter(s) (Chandra & Natasha Hamilton) A.K.A. (Walker) Home Utah Movie Video, (I) Kept in a Safe for almost 20 years as my very own “National Treasure” ……(OK) As (Your) 4 times a Month “Bleed Gut Whore Loser Ass” did in all actual facts of “Criminal U.S. Attorney Assistant Corruption” assist “The Dog Ass Ungodly Crooked” LDS Mormons of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints “Lowell And Helena Walker”, of Salt Lake City Utah……in This Theft..! In a “Live” Day Time “Heist & Robbery” of said movie video from a moving UPS Safe Truck here in Houston Texas after (I) enter my “Code Naval Name” “Cmdr. Bluefin” @ CVS Pharmacy/Caremark here in Houston Texas……………… FYI: My Holy Grandmother The Actual “Nun”……(Never, Ever)……Rest…..Da’….(OK) “Thank You” My Sweet Grandmother Whom is Actually Smiling this very day in Heaven..! As She (Holy) Looking Down at this Moment at You “Super Extra Slow” Crooked U.S. Attorney Assistant Stupid Sorry “Bitch Ass”, and saying make sure you really “Super Sand Blast” that “Scank Fu-king Whore” all over the Internet..! Your “Goat Maggot Rotten Breath”, Fu-king Loser Ass (Actually) had that Home Utah Movie Video in your own two physical (hands) “real Nice Bitch, as
  2. 2. your “Dog Canker Sores Bitch Ass”, Cracked a “Big Corruption”, of one “Hell” of a large big grin/smile With the full laughing “Devil Twinkle” in your eyes, Directed at me A.K.A. (Nig-er Trash) you did in all facts label me to be in your “Unholy Heart”, as you enjoyed the feeling of “Sweet Criminal Success Victory Dancing” in your “Snake Gutter Mud” Pumping Loser Heart..! And at that point did in all facts making “full delivery” from your Criminal Crooked (Hands) of a endeavor of the Heist of Said “Home Utah Movie Video”, Proceed with your next “Criminal Corruption of Actions” of Very Foul Filth, By with action of appropriately Mailing it to “The Ungodly Whores Ass Crooked LDS Mormons” of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Namely) “Lowell and Helena Walker” of Salt Lake City, Utah & The Rest of them Loser Mormon Walker (Clan). (WOW) Did your Extra Slow “Scank Whore Bitch Puss Sore Ass” used UPS too, after you already fu-king done committed to fu-king robbing them too, ha, ha (OMG) Such a (Slow Criminal U.S. Attorney Assistant Scank Bitch)……………. (Now) Yours Super Loser “Scank Bitch Whore” Fu-king Goat Breath U.S. Assistant Attorney Ass ..A.K.A………… “Andrea L. Parker” @ 350 Magnolia Avenue, suite 150 in Beaumont, Texas 77701-2237 Fully get’s to enjoy the dance of a life time, and join “Lowell and Helena Walker” of Salt Lake City Utah in the doing of “do not pass go” for the none stop transportation the very second (God) forever close your “Heartless eyes” In your combine unholy conducts in Going Direct to the number one “Holy Super Hot Spot of “Fu-king Hell” To hang out with their good Old Friend whom been leading their path of destruction Namely “Lucifer” for their Way, Way, and (I) do mean too many officious, unproductively Ungodly “Sin’s”…………………..
  3. 3. (All) being very Super “Unholy Morally Foul”, “Putrid”, and Very “Despicable” Directed Not at Just Me, but their very own “Natural Dead Daughter”, My Wife Rachel Ann Hamilton II (Walker). How do you honestly Fu-king Think (Thee) Super unholy LDS Mormons“ of The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day-Saints Dog Ass “Lowell and Helena Walker”, of Salt Lake City (Utah) Both being “Fully Committed” to (Among other things) Just Killing off a “Unborn Child” in the Mothers Body of their Own Natural Daughter @ two Counts no less and think they did not seal your very own” Crooked U.S. Assistant Attorney Andrea L. Parker Unholy Doom…. hun……? Sleep with “Mangy Lice Infected Dogs and you wake up with Biting flees’….(OK) (You) Dizzy Fu-king Scank Whore Bitch..! And (You) Both “Lowell & Helena Walker” with a few of your other family members had the “diagnostic purposes pleasure” of doing this physical criminal Killing conduct @ Two Counts of a Unborn child when it against no less your Crooked LDS Mormon Church Laws…..Real Smart & Super Nice of you both..! (Now) That’s Very Unholy, Notwithstanding the Kidnapping of The (4) Grandchildren too many times to count, so their very own Natural Mother (Rachel Ann Walker) could not raise them under The Spirit of “Jesus Christ”, in “Christianity”, Now That’ Real “Four Star” Ungodly LDS Mormon Criminal Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints very real crooked buck fu-king “wild unholy XXX dog ass activity………. While doing all of this full criminal commitment with so much precise execution to inflict direct hardship direct at me and my wife your very own daughter in the Name of “Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as you claim before my very own Children “Chandra & Natasha Hamilton (Walker)
  4. 4. That Your Ungodly Church “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints knowing to in a gentle manner, (Now) and The Absolute Very Best here upon this on Earth..! This is Exactly How I found My Two Lovely Daughter(s) You Crooked U.S. Assistant Attorney “Scank Whore Goat Breath Puss Face Bitch” Andrea L. Parker (Attorney at Law) A True Copy from my posting on My “Face Book” Next to “Thee Jesus Christ” Picture (Read Well) Cuz your are in so much Fu-king Trouble with “Jesus Christ”..! My Dearest Grandmother resting in Heaven with "Thee Jesus Christ" (After) I Posted your Holy Nun Pictures (Today) next to Jesus Christ Picture above My Heart Came Alive that exact second and Found your Grand Daughters "Chandra & Natasha Hamilton', (Today) who been MIA for 20 years...those who are not real in having Holy Faith well, let em stay lost..... You always come to me in a "Live Dreams" and tell me exactly what to do (Next), and given me the super skills, Iron Heart, precise mind, to follow through no matter how much the World may seem against me from danger to Hurt and Pain to even making me be very sharp in thinking God is always over me...while knowing you always got my back with the Full Blessing of Jesus Christ,.... You stop Harry C. Arthur Esq. from robbing a Holy Cathedral Church in Houston Texas via me in a Federal Court of Law',....And shown me how to without any Law Degree at all, to go after the big and small in “Christ Holy” name for the Truth no matter how sorry the Judicial system may act against me sometimes.... It's is your time to relax, but (I) know your forever watching over me as (I) am always spooked out by your eyes watch over me with the coolest super Love of All...! It took so long to find my daughters, but with your will (I) Never gave up & Knew One Day I would find them two sweet babies ..... (Thanks) ....for being such a sweet Holy Nun Live Spirit none of your other family ever knew such power come from you"....when (I) go home again to Port
  5. 5. Arthur Texas your grave shall have the sweetest Bunch of Flowers', cool Prayers & My Smooches Forever..! Your Grandson # 2 (Red) Louis Charles Hamilton II (Smooches) & See Ya soon after you decide my next step, & (I) found a Sweet Fiancee whom kinda found me & her Family (Mom & Dad) and all the grandparents, Auntie has give the full, consent, permission and Love to marry in 2015 (December) Now You can Smile, ha ha Bye for Now Ok.........xoxooxoxoxox And Give Jesus My (American Ninja Navy Smooches) ha ha, Love Ya' (So) in my Conclusions of “True Happy” closing for your “Sorry Crooked Extra Slow” Fu-king U. S. Assistant Attorney Andrea L. Parker Scank Bitch Ugly Whore Goat Breath Ass, *Take super note to this under real (Navy Ninja) advisement “The Home Utah Movie Video” Your Criminal Whore Ass Did in fact stole it came to pass….(I) been bless by 10 folds with the Power of “Jesus Christ” by now having 100% (Officially) All of my Daughters Pictures (OK) on my Face Book’, with them also locked up back in safe with copy(s) lay to rest where they belong with their Grand Parents, My “Mom & Dad” who is Actually “Chandra Dyonne Hamilton (Walker)” and Natasha C Hamilton (Walker) Physical Family too and The Unholy Crooked Mormons of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints cannot ever erase God’s Work No matter how much LDS Mormon teaching they did to train my two “Small Children” to (Hate) their very own “Natural Father”, and to always turn their quite wrongfully backs upon their very own (Negro) Family here in Texas And most likely did in all unholy facts made me The Man who Love Rachel Ann Walker to never turn my back upon her as we made such two Very Lovely babies in Real Love to now being the official escape goat in the Death of their mother too
  6. 6. You Country, Extra Slow Stale Turkey Smelling Fu-king,,,, “Crooked Whore Puss Face Bitch”. FYI: (You) Fu-king Crooked Extra Slow U.S. Assistant Attorney Andrea L. Parker Scank Goat Breath Whore, * “Mormononism and Mormon” adherents have been subjected to significant “Violence” throughout much of their religion’s History, as so done on many absolute church killer principal like the “Mountain Meadows Massacre” from the past, to this very day… To include “Mormonism” teaches to this very day you Super “Crooked Dumb Bitch” that “violence and even killing” can be justified in certain situations, so long as the actions is commanded by the God They Known to Have faith in this “Cult Mormonism” within The United States of America well within the years of 1989-1994 as it was done unto me As it has come to pass as they both having real “killing blood” on their hands but being very “devilish skilled” to lie to the small children of mines they did in fact kidnap in the Name of The Church of “Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to be raised into “Mormonism” The Church of “Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) cannot escape their over 150 years of racist past, This Unholy LDS Church still teaches to this very day that all blacks are indeed cursed, hence, A Black Mormon Male could not hold the highly regarded LDS Priesthood because of Negro Dark skin, and because of this a (Negro) could not ever enter the “Mormon Temple” And Since I am 100% “Catholic Faith” and a real African American (Negro) Me Myself (I) person Could Never Ever walk My Daughter Natasha C Hamilton Down the “Mormon Temple” for her “lovely marriage” because of The Crooked Ungodly Teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints “which My Two Daughters was indeed force into such “Mormonism”
  7. 7. When they “Lowell and Helena Walker of Salt Lake City Utah did in all facts kidnap them in 1994 to hid them from me forever, change their last names to (Walker) to make sure this LDS Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints religious unholy Sovereignty Be enforced (Always) against me, to the point “Lowell and Helena Walker” of Salt Lake City Utah even refused for me to pay one silver dime in normal child support in (1994) up to their actual 18 years old fu-king birthdays in order to keep their actual precise location “forever secret” from their Natural Father (Me), after the Death of their Mother (Rachel Ann Walker) to include notwithstanding This was also done against their Natural Mother “Christian” wishes (Rachel Ann Walker) when she was (Alive) who was a Christian of her own found rights long before (I) met her As her Entire Mormon Family prosecuted her quite sadly, because she refused to be associated with this “Mormonism” as they took also custody of my two step Daughters “Shauna & Billie Jeans Benns” from their Natural Mother also to enforce such “Mormonism”, long before my actual two daughters “Chandra & Natasha Hamilton where even born..! (And they should consider them self quite lucky to be even born at all, after such hardship I endured with my two step daughters “Shauna & Billie Jean Benns cuz I wanted to leave there mother ass too many times but my Love for ruled) And Make No Mistake this Most 100% certain done against my wishes as their Natural Father (Louis Charles Hamilton II) wishes to raise his very own two daughters as Catholic Faith in “Christianity” Not “Cult Mormonism” regardless what Lies they used to convince your dumb ass to commit to Crimes..! And the very first day Mr. Crooked Mormon Himself “Lowell Walker” of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” in Salt Lake City Fu-king Utah first came into my new home with my soon to be wife his (Natural) daughter Rachel Ann Walker to see his Grandchildren
  8. 8. Namely Shauna & Billie Jean Benns and Saw My “Catholic Cross” upon the entry of my very own “Home” front door, and (I) told Him (That’s) My Grandmother “Holy Cross” whom was a actual “Holy Catholic Nun” This Dog Ass Unholy Mormon Mad Man Motherfu-ker went fu-king within quick seconds of such knowledge of My “Holy Catholic Christianity Faith” and turn Super (Ugly) Fast into being quite a Very Scary Disturbing Gruesome (Person) with the most Ugly Distorted Body Image and face (I) ever witness in my Life And Stated My “Holy Grandmother Nun Cross” is The “Mark of The Devil” Proceeding to Cussing out the “Holy Pope” John Paul II and the Entire “Vatican City” (To My Surprise that he even knew that very well) And With lighting strike wording fully stated His Grandchildren know to be (Shauna & Billie Jean Benns) being such small pretty babies at this time will never be going to Hell, Long before the Birth of my very own two natural Daughters (Chandra & Natasha Hamilton) Walker And This Mormon Dog Ass Bastard Super Fast Stormed out of my Home and from that point on executed a “Seriously Ghastly, Repulsive & Very Shocking chain of unholy events for years of my Quite Shocking “Tour of religious Duty in The Mormon Own State of Utah With the full assistant of his Wife “Helena Walker” and dam near his entire Mormon Family Walker Fu-ked up (Clan) to the insurances of actual physical Death of my very first Unborn child …. To the scary criminal wishes that “Chandra & Natasha Hamilton” Should having never even been born on this Earth at all…..whom (I) did my very best to protect (Always) to make sure nothing having ungodly caused them two babies of mines a unknown reasoning death at his “Crooked Mormon Hands” being a direct result of lost of their small actual Life(s) Your Criminal Crooked Fu-king Scank U.S. Assistant Attorney Andrea L. Parker knows nothing about such real “Christianity” and you did the most unspeakable dog act of all to steal a simple “Home Utah Movie” in order (I) could
  9. 9. Never post it on YouTube as (I) did plan to which your Crooked Fu-king Ass had such knowledge … Helping in Criminal Actions hid the actual where about of my own Two Children in conclusion as all being described herein Before The Jesus Christ (I) know to be, and join this List of those My Holy Nun Grandmother shall reach out and ensure they be brought before the Lord to stand for such Ungodly actions…. And You Sorry Loser Scank Fu-king Whore U.S. Assistant Attorney Andrea L. Parker dog ass, did precise what did Happen with the ungodly criminal actions having occurred @ “Mountain Meadows Massacre” by such unprofessional Attorney at Law conduct to team up with the “Crooked Mormon” (Like) the “Natives Indians” did in the past to killed all of those Innoncent People and Children too, in the Name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints unholy Sovereignty and Iron Fist Control being the same well into 2011 As This Fu-ked up “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” (LDS) Having Continue to Lies this very Day in 2014 year of our Lord to (The United States of America) But attempted to clean up their Cruel Hate for the (Negro) Race back in 1978 the second they learn the tax-Exempt status for the LDS Church was going to be in real Jeopardy … resulting in 9Only) protection of Billions of Dollar(s) nothing to with Human Life God Giving Value Rights to be a (Negro) at Fu-king all………. Notwithstanding to this very day LDS Mormon Church Laws still teaches (Men) who become sons of God Must enter into polygamy, giving up Polygamy and the Devil will rejoice and Polygamy is 100% essential to “Mormonism” To include Living in 2014-01-17 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) being quite inflame hate for (LGBT) Sexual Orientation rights within the States of Utah. While LDS Leaders “Practicing Polygamy” stating in Church services Polygamy will be enforced in Heaven (OK)……with over 30, 000 – 60,000 Mormons
  10. 10. living in Polygamy in (Utah, Idaho, And Arizona) this very fu-king day while such acts is indeed Fact a Crooked LDS Nasty Crime..! (You) U.S. Attorney Assistant Andrea L. Parker did fu-king nothing but be a Real Fu-king “Criminal 4 times a Month Bleeding out of her Vaginal Guts “Scank Crooked Whore”, With your crooked boss (A.K.A.) U.S. Attorney “John M. Bales” and That Super Think He So Slick while being fully Slow too, Whom indeed hates “White Folks” While Being a (American) original Real Fu-king Live Criminal Crook to commit to (among other thing) stealing his very own U.S. Mail My Extra Dry Dead Pluck Chicken Ass, Super Dumb Porch Nig-er, “ Himself” United States Attorney “Eric H. Holder Jr.” Da”. And All Joining Fully with The Unholy List with the likes of one “Harry C. Arthur” (Attorney at Law) in having (me) showing the “Entire World” your such combine criminal Fu-king Rouge Corruption…..In The Full Combine Capacity(s) Of Attorneys at Laws On your all given rightful passages ways to Fu-king Hell. (Enjoy)….! With you too Scank Whore Andrea L. Parker as acting no less in your “Official Professional Capacity” as a “Assistant United States Lame Attorney” to team up in such demon actions Which you did this all In the “Unholy” Name of “Crooked Ass LDS Mormons” of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) acting members “Lowell and Helena Walker” and the Walker (Clan) of Salt Lake City Utah……………. Peace out “Crooked Slow Scank Bitch”, Assistant Attorney Andrea L. Parker and do please try and enjoy the rest of your Fu-ked up Day…ha, ha 
  11. 11. And My “Holy” Grandmother” The Real Live Holy Spirit Nun”….Kicking it with Thee “Jesus Christ” (Actually) Her “Holy Physically Spirit” did in all Facts (Gotcha)…..ha ha, with them (Unholy) Unborn Child Killers’ and “Child Kidnapers” being them “Crooked LDS Mormons of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Namely “Lowell and Helena Walker” of Salt Lake City Utah,…With the full assistant, unholy wrongful blessing, from some of the others, ungodly (Walker Clan)….Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Thus Being “Your” criminal faith here on Earth Fully Sealed in “Her Blessing” and “Holy Nun Faith” This very day Before Our Lord…January 17, 2014….. Da” As (She) My “Holy Nun Grandmother” already did came quite real & spirit super piss off fast unglued on your “Nasty Scank Whore Criminal Back Woods Country Fu-king Ugly Goat Breath Dog Ass” back in 2011, (You Super Slow, Sorry, Ugly, Goat Breath, Puss Face Whore)…………….. FYI: Ya Slow U.S. Assistant Attorney “Andrea L. Parker” Sorry Stupid Lame Ass is (No) Better then a “Crack Head” stealing crap leg’s in front of “Surveillance Camera System @ “Sams Club” Grocery Supply Store…..(OK) Smooches’ All of the “Internet World”, Google, Is It Legal To, And (Especially) “Sweet” “Commander in Chief” (Barack Obama) I Know you all are (Smiling) at “What a Fu-king Dumb Loser U.S. Assistant Attorney Scank Whore Bitch” She Turn out to be, ha ha. (Smooches)…xoxoox! Make My Day & Cross (The United States of America), The U.S. Navy, My Actual Family, and especially me “Cmdr. Bluefin” (United States Ninja Navy) … And See what your (Dumb Crooked Extra Slow Sorry Asses) really get in my “Jesus Christ” Holy Name…………All (US) USDA Nig-ers are not that fu-king stupid or retarded egg head ass slow what you been so many of 100 years led to understand……….!
  12. 12. (Next)..! P.S. “Mr. President Barack Obama”, (I) still not having ask you for that “favor” yet and when (I) do tell it to (You) Your first 100% “Gut Reactions” is going to be no matter where you are at in the World, is to stop “whatever” it is you are doing, as you read my Favor….. And to just go and look out the “nearest window”, Crack a Big “President Holy Smile upon your “Honest Face” and think Like a Super “Commander in Chief” hard too, And Quickly get the USDA Wheels in your Brain Attic in fu-king motion And say to yourself (Now) that (Cajun Negro) is Fu-king Crazy, ha, ha See ya “President Sir” so very soon to with the big (American) Favor& Me Love Ya…(Always)..! “Kisses” to Your “Sweet Family”,,, Too….xoxooox! You turn out to be a Very 100% Fine (Negro) First President As You Know (I) Watch Your (Negro) Ass Super “Real Close” (Dam Good Very Fine Job)…….xoxoxoox!