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Sherlock holmes adventure of lord nigel rupert holling berry chapter 8


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Sherlock holmes adventure of lord nigel rupert holling berry chapter 8

  1. 1. Sherlock Holmes Adventure of “Lord Nigel Rupert HollingBerry Chapter 8Chapter 8We had just arrived about an hour ago in the forefront of a town called "Damanhour Egypt" in themiddle of the western Nile Delta", local time Friday at 4:30 pm to make a night camp while "SherlockHolmes" and "Lord Nigel Rupert Hollingberry" took off to the local town in search of some explosivescompounds interesting formula to insure that we have an accurate beginning amount of fire power tolaunched a surprise counterattack on the fierce sand fighter forces most likely set up to enforce amenacingly competition of exceptional quality"Myself "Doctor Watson" build our camp posted by a landscape of flat sand with a small cacti,tumbleweeds, and dust devils composed for our grand view "Notwithstanding being completelysurrounded by the very harsh sunlight,... "Yet" in its presence in terms of features with the night soonfalling fast as I look into the "Desert", Hearing the lost "Arab" sounding voices Journeyed from the past, IStand almost alone with skies always deceiving, where rain rarely reaches the ground, to see a dried up"Creek Bed",.I Look up to see the most amazing bird flying high in the sky in the hot winds that blows, gladly there isno storm being set in the valley," Just open up "Bleakest of dead grasses the "Desert has to Bloom",. Ican recall a War story of a Desert Caravan caught in a Deadly Sandstorm Known as a "Simoom"."Irene Adler" keeping busy making an essential camp fire, feeding the livestock, duly chastened in spirit,and wondering whats next in this out door museum of adventure," simply a mans imagination isabsolutely lost wandering as the night sky draw closer.I had hopes "Sherlock Holmes" will notice the small camp fire but as I scan the unlimited primitiveranges to which "Holmes" and "Lord Hollingbery" would soon meet us, as "Irene Adler" and I waitedtogether we supply up an outdoor cuisine of super strong coffee, "Peanut Butter" and "Jelly" on "WholeWheat Bread" and" Tabasco-Spiked Chili" heated over the camp fire.It was about two hours past when "Sherlock Holmes" and Lord Nigel Rupert Hollingberry" had returnedwith five extra "Nomadic Desert Bedouin people whom follows a Traditional way of life and veryadapted to the "Nomadic Desert Life style whom arent confined by International Boundaries sinceabout 5000 B.C.E. as "Holmes" simply putting it our "Drought Forces" at the suggestion of "LordHollingberry".The Men wore white robed, with straightforward looks, strangers who spoke nothing at all, I cantrecall!... It was a fast night I will not forget to be out in the open "Dessert" not far from a greatExpectations of a "Biblical Production that kind of sort of reminds me of the "Old Testament" stories ofthe "Patriarchs".But I keep my "Wits" about myself that I am employed to aid and fight off criminals according to our topInvestigative priorities," Popular with a "Infamous" Sociology Master Criminal Mind such as "Professor
  2. 2. James Moriarty" having the off nature, characteristic of being a successful abuse of the administration ofthe "Penal Laws"."With" the first appearance of daylight in the Morning Dawn", we were all pack and well on route forour first target of "Tala Egypt" in direct path to "AbouRawash", without any mishaps and made a reststop of Ten Hours to give the "Camels" a chance to store up at the waterhole",. we then made anadditional camping location with the determination for a decisive Battle plan fought with such a smallground force, were we would hold up approximately twenty Kilometers" from "AbouKawash" with nochance for a fast "Retreat"."Sherlock Holmes" became an outstanding "Commander" after a scout saw signs of dust movementheading our direction, with a "Bottle Neck" favor form of "Attack"- "Sweeping the enemy from a Highpoint advantage off the "Desert Hill tops with rains of Fire power exploding correctly on target at a troopsize of at least one hundred men trapped "Regardless we our selfs Hopelessly outnumbered small andmore furious to victory on "movement of "High" explosive shelling "Attacks", causing too manycasualties with noise so loud that the enemy "Livestock" ears bled...After the destruction we Immobilizing the supporting troops desire to further carry out their "Orders" of"Attack" and before any "Counter Attack" could be formed by their back up "Units" seeking the same"Opportunities,". We took to the main road "Jammed with "Refugees" leading away from the "Elementsof our Sophisticated weapons of Battle Behind as we make a "Napoleons Dash" for it..!To Be Continue By Louis Charles Hamilton II...