Settlement offer to attorney antoine l. freeman j.d. esq.


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Settlement Offer U.S. Federal Court Eastern District of Texas (Freeman J.D.

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Settlement offer to attorney antoine l. freeman j.d. esq.

  1. 1. In The United States District Court<br />For the District of Texas<br /> Beaumont Division<br />Louis Charles Hamilton II<br />Plaintiff <br />Vs. <br /> Antoine L. Freeman, J.D. Civil No. 1:2010-CV-00055<br />Defendant<br />Settlement Offer by Plaintiff: <br />Comes Now the Pro Se Plaintiff, Louis Charles Hamilton II, hereby file this “written settlement offer” with the Defendant (Freeman J.D. Esq.) herein<br />Plaintiffs’ offer to settle this civil action at this time as follows:<br /> The Plaintiff seeks a sum fair to the Plaintiff for the Defendant extreme wrongful acts & actions as described in the complaint of the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) filed in Honorable U.S. Federal United State District Court in the Amount of $40,000.00. (Forty Thousand Dollars) flat… and no dam cents<br />The Defendant by himself (Antoine L. Freeman J.D. Esq.) Plaintiff contends herein (conspire) against his “Texas Attorney Law Degree” in the aid of the other crooks A/k/a his sorry “clients” (Guy & McCray) to fuck me…. Whom (Guy & McCray) having been stealing, robbing, and plundering for over several “Million” of years now…ripping of the entire “United State of America” among many others.<br />Defendant (Freeman J.D. Esq.) take Notice * (Guy and McCray) Co-Defendants herein Refuse to reply to the Clerk of Court on the complaint filed, and Default having been made legal entry into the records of the above entitled Civil RICO Action against (Guy and McCray, <br />Defendant (Freeman J.D. Esq.) take Notice * With (Guy and McCray) Co-Defendants herein looking crazy in further continue refusal to reply to pending “Writ of Execution” also before the above “Honorable United States Federal Court”. <br />With your legal Attorney rouge corruption being fully implicated by me Pro Se Plaintiff herein Louis Charles Hamilton II<br />However at this time<br />The Plaintiff (Hamilton II) seek to hold the Defendant with regret (Antoine L. Freeman J.D. Esq.) free from any further civil actions and liability as this agreement is made final before a Honorable Court of Law in the United States of America at this time. <br />Once this offer having been agreed upon between the parties Hamilton II) (Freeman J.D. Esq.) and completed as outline here within.<br />The Defendant (Freeman Attorney at Law) provide the necessary legal Attorney forms and all legal documents for the filing of all Court Document(s) to finalized this settlement agreement within the provisions as described above, in requirements meeting Federal laws of The U.S. District Court of Eastern Texas. <br />With any further required non-disclosure agreement being drafted by (Freeman Attorney at Law) himself exclusive for the Plaintiff “approval and signature” and filing the same with court filing.<br />*Note: This offer expire on midnight Septembers 15th 2011 <br />*Note: You cost me a lot of money, time, pain, suffering, and all of my entire construction company tools, but if the “Honorable Federal Justice” <br />Ask: Mr. Hamilton Did you give the “Scank Thong Rat Puss Face Nursing Home Crooked Attorney thievery Ass Loser a reasonable settlement offer……<br />I can say: yes “Sir”…. You’re Honor Sir”…… “I even posted “His” Scank Thong Rat Puss Face “Green” –n- “lime yellow” wearing leisure suite Nursing Home Crooked Thievery Sorry Loser Ass Attorney Antoine L. Freeman J.D. Esq. An reasonable settlement offer on the “Internet too” “Your Honor”….”Sir <br />And to even show not only the Honorable Court your Honor sir…..but the rest of the Legal “Internet world” what a XXX loser too, the crooked ass smelly scank thong whom always smiling in the “reflecting glass” in the Jefferson County Texas Courthouse “Men Rest Room” <br />“Hop up on something tweaking Good Ass XXX dizzy mind bending strong shit…….. <br />While he is thinking to himself his pretty “nappy nigger hair” is going to get him another “stay of execution“……!!! <br />So he can go to the “Louisianan State Line Casino”…. Skip the buffet ….And play the nickel cheap slot’s …..Drink lots of cheap liquor for free…..and get to be somebody so special legal important Mr. Scank thong Slow Ass J.D. Esq. “thinking he is “Cool-n-Broke-Really “Drunk”…………..P. S. Loser Piece of Shit Ass “Lawyer”.<br />Don’t settle before the “dead line” Please stick around too and see what the “Fall Future Autumns pretty color changes will be brings your sorry loser Special Ed Legal Aid Loser Ass……………on Google<br />(Get it), ha, ha ……… (Special Ed Legal Aid Loser Ass) ………..Fuck You…. That’s Funny too & you’re a turd……..Duh <br />Dated this ______ Day of _________________, 2011<br />By, ____________________________<br />Louis Charles Hamilton II <br />Pro Se Plaintiff<br />