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President (obama) vs. united states of america 2011 financial coup'


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The United States of America Imposed 2011 Financial Coup'

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President (obama) vs. united states of america 2011 financial coup'

  1. 1. To: President of “The United States of America” (Obama) <br />To: Speaker of the House’ the Distinguish Gentlemen (John Boehner)………………………….?<br /> <br />To: 112th United States of America Congress<br /> <br />To: The United States of America 2011 Financial Coup’ <br />First to the 44th President of the United States of America:<br />“Mr. President “Barack Obama” and His Entire Family <br />You can rest very sweet-n- easy on this 2011 Financial Coup’ and take a Civil Sweet Nap.....!<br />“Cmdr. Bluefin” (Got Ya Back on this)….xoxox<br />Next to the (XXX) Crooked 2011 Financial Stupid Ass Coup’ <br /> (You) Crooked Assholes are like Very Slooooooooooooooow.<br />When the drafting of the “Sherlock Holmes” Grand Mystery of: “The Crooked Dead President” By: Louis Charles Hamilton II <br /> A “Internet Google Special” <br />And designed for “True all African American within the United States (Negro) Justice” to be rule over by a special 100% “Fair” & “straight down all out being in the flipping middle “Honorable Judge” <br />As she has so proven her fair Honest Honorable ruling record(s) in the past to me<br />And that “Lady (Justice)” I know her’ to only be <br />“The Honorable United States Magistrate Judge” Karen K. Klein. <br />This day herein as you read this was a special plan (Negro) civil suit filing “Sherlock Holmes” grand slam special premeditated by (me) & Smiles <br />Because this was very easy foresight to see the exact moment in this time frame to the point of you all having the complete insurances in<br /> “Licking my middle nigger finger” and behold my special thought(s) for you (American) corrupt killing of your own “New World” crooks, to wit:<br />The Defendant (The United States of America) future is too easy to understand (It’s In the Fucking Garbage Can with Sour Stinky Milky White Maggot(s) Crawling around in the Trash) <br />How you got their you’ve ask….”Well real simple you fucking Crooks….<br /> By your (USA) Special Ed. Fucking Hostile kidnap of fucking niggers for free labor in greed….through imposed wrongful (Slavery) and left them suffering…. <br />The very hurt & made to be slow (Negro) Black African Americans within the United States of America being in the past 1865 approximately (4) Million (Negro) Black African Americans refuges <br />To suffer wrongful, have no food, medical aid, education, clothing, and was not allowed to either…. (Hang them Niggers super em High from the ground that will get rid of them)<br /> Or even have a dam simple Negro house or Negro school, church or hospital after the “Civil War” you blew them fucking up real fast and or burn them down <br />And kill of the entire (Negro) Black African American future through hanging no Votes….<br />Hell you bastards would not let “any single Nigger govern their own affairs like Doctors, lawyers, and business owners…to aid their own Nigger community ….only through your “white ruling class sorry corruption and slick poll taxes cruel thievery (Among or tactics) <br />Hell you smart extra crafty Kraft cheesy cracker bastards used “Niggers” own “Revenue ($$$) Taxes” to sponsor the (KKK) to pay for the Nigger hanging to hang “Nigger(s)”….<br />Now that extra fucking smart with XXX classy<br />As you continue killed them all off too, later via Co-Defendant President Andrew Johnson and his paramilitary Coup’ (KKK) no less after His sorry “Double Agent Confederate Ass” Killed off President Abe Lincoln for the fucking American Dream….(Weak Dream)<br />Greed in “Slavery”… (You Cracker Crooked White Ruling Ass Bitches Just Love Denial too when it’s time for your own truth & Justice)……<br /> Then committed crimes to American (Negros) humanity by Killing Some (Negro) Black African Americans in premeditated mass murder by mass hangings among other crafty death traps….<br />Well long after (1865) with this so call fucked up freedom- well into 1968 of the Defendant (The United States of America (New World),<br />And some Niggers” (Well) ya just fucking sorry (USA) Asses being very ruling & oppressive with the unholy rude shit and (Killed) some old “Niggers and their entire family very slowly……. <br /> <br />2011 “Snitch time” XXX USDA Crooked Ass Bitches:<br />To all you (Asleep) sorry Ass Broke Chattel Beaten down Un-Educated Negros: (And all you Honest Multi-national Race Americans) <br />The real reason President Barack Obama release all of the (Oil) from The (Americans) Strategic Oil Reserve is as Follows:<br />Yes its true China is using more Oil to Generate Electricity as their coal prices Rise.<br />Japan is using more (Oil) as a significant “Chunk” of Its Nuclear fleet remains off line……..due to serious XXX Argent Nuclear Problems.<br /> The Middle East, which’s uses “Oil to Generate a Big Part of its power is Quickly Discovering the Benefits of Air Condition<br /> (Them Sun baked real living in The Dry Sand Fucker’s Been Hang way too extra long in the Super Sun…<br />Make ya Brain Slooooooow <br />Inside Home Air condition go back to the early 70’s ( Duh)……… <br />And to add “Camel Breath Scank Goat Nut’s “Omar Kaddafi into this equation of in-house fighting….<br />“However” the real reasoning is The 2011 Financial Current Coup Cartel’ <br />“Killing the real squeaky dog fucking shit out of all of normal (Americans) herein right at (USA)homeland of the stupid free… them stale Ass Defendant <br />(The United States of America extra XXX Super Take All they Can American Greedy Ass Fuckers) whom is actually Destroying everyone like “Nigger” Extra ass poor (Me) and the rest of the current 2011 2nd Class Poor (Negro Nation Genocide Slaves), <br />Plus Destroying Some Really White (Extra Cool) nice middle class friends of mines going to the streets in large waves and large masses….”they loss their only home & job’s too (We Niggers got hardly any homes at al)<br />And (Smooch) XXX special shocker tuna surprise is some of you (XXX) Stupid Rich White Ruling Class “Buck Teeth Bottom Feeder” <br />“Dead Turkey Smelling”, Cluck up “Red Neck Fuckers”, with only a Few in the between 19-89 Million Dollars ($$$) in the “Bank and Investments” Special Ed. Important Dumb Ho’s <br />Taking it in the Dumb Ass what in the “Holy Hell” is fucking going on to my crooked ass too …..In my current losing my special god dam it fucking lot’s of $$$ money Ass Beating) <br />Well you stupid dumb slow pack of sorry big $$$ Loser’s <br />It’s the fight for the 2012 “Oval Office”.<br />(Yep) <br />The BBC World News Special 2011 up Date. <br />With our in the (USA) field reporter and you can take it away “Cmdr. Bluefin” <br />Cmdr. Bluefin: “You Bloody American” Are like Fucking Special Ed. Retarded Kick Stand Red Neck Having Ruling Stupid Slow Class Hanging Extra Shitty Skid Mark from Your Collectively Crooked Asses,<br /> Extra (Sloooooooooooow) <br />Well now you feel Extra Better Mr. President (Obama) (I Do)…ha, ha,<br />Got a Little Christmas gift for you to Mr. 2011 President….<br />When I drafted this Civil Action you were giving a part too…………(Yep) you Mr. President Extra Smart Water Head Boy……….<br />In the Next few days I will surely be online and be filing the very special last ending to all (Negro) Plaintiff(s) Black African Americans vs. The United States of America et al<br /> “Conclusion” to the Motion filed by U.S. Attorney Office to Dismiss Pro Se (Negro) Plaintiff (Hamilton II) full Claims on behalf of himself, his family and (Negro) family descendants <br />To include but not limited to filed on behalf of all extra white greasy ankles Special Ed. slooooooooow ass flat broke (Negros) in and for the Entire United States of America and their descendants.<br />And just as (God) Luck has invested be giving unto thee, <br />I (Cmdr. Bluefin) have fresh in my hands off the old 1865 “dusty shelf” the special “XXX Hidden Reconstruction Plan” <br />for the pass 1865 approximately (4) Million (Negros) lost fucking future well being<br /> And the special “XXX Hidden Reconstruction Plan” it was drafted by a very “Smart White Cool Man” who in 1867 held more “Political Power” than any other man in the Defendant (The United States of America) History and That is:<br /> “Thaddeus Stevens”<br />Only now the special “XXX United States of America “Thaddeus Stevens” real “Hidden Reconstruction plan” shall be re-booted, reprinted, reproduced and presented for the full future benefit of over <br />(51) plus Million 2011 “actual current” fucking (Negro) Black African American Slave Genocide Refugees through The Defendant (The United States of America) herein having greedy fully created <br />Now fucking all of (Americans) regardless of (Races) now faces the stupid slow I am so scared broke imposed coup’ of 2011 being force upon in a state of “financial Default” <br />In their first bloody crooked ass time from their (USA) past quest for XXX Selfish White ruling class….. Fucking don’t want to share anything like ($$$) with the “Niggers” in the past…. <br />They work for fucking free or else…..(Hang em)<br />You Fucking Very Stupid Fucking Greedy (Bitches)……<br />To include but not limited to <br />Surprise god bless (America) “Thaddeus Stevens” real “Hidden Reconstruction plan” for all (Negro) in the past shall be reprinted, reproduced and presented for the full “future Slow” benefit for over another (89) plus Million stupid Americans <br />And their USDA business in 2011 <br />Other than them (XXX) slow extra broke greasy rusty white ashy ankles retarded ass (Negro) Americans <br />(Them Niggers now being Reconstruction imposed in 2011 in having to go to Fucking School and Learn not to be so dam fucking slooooooow from the past)<br />Now you all extra sloooooooow ass (American) fuckers can get your sorry crooked teeth asses to fucking USDA (ASAP) Reconstruction Work on the New 2011 Freeman Bureau fixing up the Nation Niggers or else……(Face Default)……<br />All of us fucking sorry Oppressive beaten down Chattel breath Niggers whom Slow white man keep on thinking is so very extra ass “Niggers” slow…. <br />We will all be Safe….we got us a new freeman business, schools, homes, hospitals and XXX ($$$) for a 2011 Freeman revenue Banking strong hold to rebuild the old stale cold broken down “Nigger loser" Ass dumpy (American) run down homes<br /> Special Freeman ($$$) to fix all of the sorry sick ass broken down “Nation-Wide” USDA poor lost fucking slums you “White ruling selfish class crooked asses holes created”….. <br />Plus the sweet (XXX) P.S. Special<br />Nobody else will dare in 2011 fucking attempt another coup’ <br />You collective two timing back stabbing crooked ass “Red Neck” Ruling Class Greedy Ass Fuckers shall no more be disrespecting my <br />(Negro) 44th President of the United States of America being herein (Obama)<br /> Or any more United States of Americans (Negros) family any dam ….you will and can stay flat "Red Neck Sorry Loser Ass Dumb Greedy Bitch broke<br />ha, ha (Gotcha)<br />To: Speaker of the House’ the Distinguish Gentlemen (John Boehner) you “Think you can advise the sorry ass Crooked Ass 112th Congress and their financial Coup’ <br />if they dare try to Keep their Sorry Broke Ass Crooked white ruling class (USA) Country from the big financial coup’ calamity for just one more dam week…? <br /> I shall have everything “Internet posted” by then………….xoxox<br />A (Negro) brother over here is real fucking “Homeless Ass busy” with a fucking great big mutable of judicial fucking coup’s of my very dam financial low down rotten scoundrel fucking own”, <br />With all of these dealing off the “Bottom of the Crooked Card Deck” XXX USDA Crooked Ass Judges and Them Extra Crooked Ass Special Ed. Rip off even the “Holy fucking Churches”, <br />And “Homeless men”, “women” the extra sick, lame, cripple, blind and even steal from homeless “children”…..<br />(XXX)Type crooked (RICO) criminal dog shit breath Ass Fucked up 2011 Sorry Scrooge Type Gutter ditch shit fucked up breath & surly they will sell out even their own dumb client ass out …..<br />Them (XXX) Special Ed. slow ass sorry of “Millions upon Millions” of these (USDA) fucked up (American) Corrupt Criminal selfish Ass Lawyers with degrees.<br />Cmdr. Bluefin (United States Navy) <br /> <br />Sherlock Holmes Non-Fiction Mystery of:<br /> <br />* The Crooked Dead President* <br />