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Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II Writ of Execution


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Harry C. Arthur Esq. "Houston Scrooge" Assets Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

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Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II Writ of Execution

  1. 1. In The United States District Court For the Eastern District of Texas Beaumont Division Civil No: 1:2010 –CV- 00055Louis Charles Hamilton II Plaintiff “Writ of Execution” Vs. .Antoine L. Freeman Et, alDefendant andCo-Defendant(s) (Joyce M. Guy and Edward McCray) Comes Now the Plaintiff, Louis Charles Hamilton II, in ThisCause No.1:2010-CV-00055 files a “Writ of Execution” and forcause the Plaintiff will show the Honorable United StatesFederal Court as Follows:
  2. 2. 1. The Co-Defendants (“with one defendant having a “Live Bullet” in her head”) still standing at large, on the lamb, on the run, made a mad dash, scurry from, scamper away, all judicial proceeding in the 58th District Honorable Court in Beaumont Texas, Jefferson County, Texas as described in the manner of the incidents involving theses “Two Mad Dog Ruffians” completed and filed already in the records, files, exhibits, and testimony to the factual circumstances , to include said (McCray and Guy) under criminal investigations on the State level involving Seniors Citizens per the request of the Plaintiff as described also completely in the records in this number cause. 1:2010- CV-000552. Which “understandable would warrant” Co-Defendant “Joyce M. Guy and Edward McCray” to be surly escape, fly off in a state of fleeing to be involved with all numerous criminal acts and actions as described herein the records in FEMA Fraud for Hurricane Rita, Umberto, and IKE Fraud of the Plaintiff, Assault of the Plaintiff, Death Threats of the Plaintiff, Theft of all Construction Contractor tool in excess of $8,000.00 belonging to the Plaintiff with theft of home- contract in excess of $10,800.00. In FEMA Scam involving the Plaintiff, cost the Plaintiff great deal in pain and mental suffering and economic damages since Hurricane Umberto.
  3. 3. 3. , IRS Tax Fraud, State Tax Fraud, Medical Health Business Scam for Fraud involving the elderly, handicap, mental Ill, Bogus Scrap Metal Business for Fraud, Multi-Private Insurance Scam Fraud involving Hurricane Rita, Umberto, and IKE, Former Federal Prisoner @ two counts “Crack Peddler Specialist”… for $$$ for Fraud…4. Fraud against the Plaintiff to Fraud the United States of America to received a “Brand New” $76,000.00 Dollars Government Home Funding program at the address 448 Dequeen Blvd. in Port Arthur Texas 77640.5. To include but not limited to these two defendants (Guy and McCray) “Just Flipping Crooked as all out (*&##$^) Doors”…….xoxoxo!6. Plaintiff would like the Honorable Court to respectfully take notice that addition of darting from the Justice System at the States of Texas Levelwith the criminal aid of their Attorney of record at that time Attorney of Record: Antoine L. Freeman J. D.Esq., said described defendants herein one (Joyce M. Guy and Edward McCray) having instituted the same manner in regards on the lamb, on the run, made a mad dash, scurry for a scamper, away from
  4. 4. Federal Honorable proceeding before the “Entitled Honorable Court”. 7. With a Judgment of Default having been made entry into the records by the Honorable Clerk of Court on behalf of the above describe United States Federal District Court. Wherefore: the Pro Se Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II,Moves respectfully before the United States Federal HonorableCourt to order the Clerk of the United States Federal Court forthe Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division To execute the “Writ of Execution” with the services of theUnited States Marshall Services for all MonetaryCompensations as described in the records with all court cost,and all Interest incurred to date. And for all “Deem just and being Honorable beforethis United States Federal Court during a lawful proceeding onthe behalf of the Pro Se Plaintiff, Louis Charles Hamilton II.Respectfully Submitted By: _______________________________ Louis Charles Hamilton II
  5. 5. Pro Se Plaintiff P.O. Box 20126 Houston Texas 77225 Affidavit of mailing services Comes Now the Pro Se Plaintiff, Louis Charles Hamilton II,Appearing in the above cause hereby certify and state againstpenalty of perjury that the following documents: 1. Plaintiff change of address Having been placed in the U.S. Mail, being sent via first class postage payment and 2. With Co-Defendant(s) (Joyce M. Guy and Edward McCray) receiving the same “Writ of Execution” Collectively all (Defendants) above address indeed correct,true and on record with the clerk of the Honorable above U.S.District Honorable Court and Plaintiff stated each defendantshaving been received mail at the address indicated for each ofthe Defendant(s) herein.Dated the _______ day of __________, 2010 By, ____________________________
  6. 6. Louis Charles Hamilton IIPro Se PlaintiffP.O. Box, 20126Houston Texas 77225