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Negro plaintiff factual asset summary ii on harry c. arthur esq. et al


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Law Office of Harry C. Arthur Esq. et al Asset Summary Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

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Negro plaintiff factual asset summary ii on harry c. arthur esq. et al

  1. 1. Negro “Appellant” Factual Asset(s) Summary II on Harry C. Arthur Esq. et al <br />(Negro) Appellant Louis Charles Hamilton II herein files furtherance’s “Factual Civil Summary” in Accordance’s to Actual “Rule of Civil Law”:<br />1.<br />Texas Secretary of State Records and data compile smartly design within “Dun & Bradstreet” created the current “Internet Data” depict, describe, and actual showing as being submitted (Appellant) <br />2.<br />Exhibit B, C, and D” imbedded herein fully Below for the “Honorable Justices” viewing in truly ascertain (Appellees) “Commander in Chief” one “Harry C. Arthur Esq. Attorney of Record in this criminal (RICO) fully implicated case <br />3<br /> Also, by all “legal factual circumstances” one Harry C. Arthur Esq. (Attorney at Law) herein is “President”, “Treasurer” and “Director” of “D & G Storages”,<br /> *See (Appellant) Exhibit (B) attachment herein <br />4.<br />Also, by all “legal factual circumstances” While Appellees (Harry C. Arthur Esq.) herein (Attorney of Record) is also member, active role and involvement with Connection of the real<br />Possible Owner of Marine Building L.L.C. et al and “Mystery Millionaire” one “Fred B. Cull” whom said “Mystery Millionaire”<br />Having a connection to, D & G Storages and The Marine Building L.L.C., Law Office of Harry C. Arthur et al, Kathryn Arthur and Harry C. Arthur Esq. himself<br />*See (Appellant) Exhibit (C) <br />5.<br />(Appellant) herein further supply facts “D & G” Storages Inc. “official business address” is by all “legal factual circumstances” suite 300 of (Appellees) the “Marine Building L.L.C. in Houston Texas (One in the same Marine Building L.L.C. claiming to be suffering “massive loss in rental space cause of appellant” in National News)<br />6.<br />With (Appellees) Law Office of Harry C. Arthur et al and Owner Himself (Harry C. Arthur Esq.) of Law Offices of Harry C. Arthur et al, “official business address” is by all “legal factual circumstances” ” suite 300 of (Appellees) the “Marine Building L.L.C. in Houston Texas<br />7.<br />“Kathryn Arthur” whom (Harry C. Arthur Esq.) has a relationship with as his “Wife” is “Vice President”, “Secretary” and “Director” of “D & G” Storages *See (Appellant) Exhibit (D)<br />8.<br />When (Harry C. Arthur Esq. the Pirate) led off to Attack against “Christ Church Cathedral et al” on “National News” his “Personal Assets alone” were easy leaking well over into the “Scrooge McDuck Millions” of Dollars” as depicted, described, shown and clearly provided before the Fifth Circuit “Honorable Justice” <br />With furtherance hopeful comprehension, ”Appellant” (Hamilton II) herein providing exhibit(s) B,C. and D that it is really incorrect to be in an “Appeal phase” going on giving factual support already combine evidences’ of the Actual rent receipt from the “trash of (Appellees) “Marine Building L.L.C.” being proven, standing strict direct proof, provides of misdeeds, transgression, of “substantial material (RICO) facts” in (Appellees) lapse dishonest computation of fiancés figures standing already as exhibit filed before the “Bob Casey Federal Court”<br /> Serious additional “Trash pile” of (Appellees) herein combines “numerous “Civil Clients legal files” among other records, exhibits as stated before the “Honorable Justices” (Appellant) herein completely are having quite sad dealing with a “Red Neck Sorry Ass piece of “Trailer Trash”.<br />9.<br />To include (Appellant) (Hamilton II) having already know all of these serious factual legal circumstances being fully proven in the “Deposition” conducted on “Harry C. Arthur Esq. by “Andy Vickery Esq.” on the behalf of “Christ Church Cathedral et al” clear back in 2009<br />10.<br />Notwithstanding (Appellant) (Hamilton II) herein having Common dam understanding enough “Math” to count “crooked scrooge attorney white man numbers” It’s fully impossible to be in a legal state of “loss rentals” <br />As (Appellees) being all together herein in the past made bogus civil public claims too when you all (Appellees) fully having “direct complete occupies” of all of the extra, spare, additional, Commercial property rental space….(Duh)….<br />”Extra Slow Stupid Crooked Attorney Suck Ass Dumb Bitches”……….xoxoox <br />11.<br /> (Appellant) herein (Hamilton II) “being very factual is the “CEO” owner of “Bluefin Inc”. as stated officially on the “Wire” recently …you can be unofficially needing special project XXX USDA retarded Ninja attention on “land”, “air”, or “water”, in the “U.S”. or out on a “walk about” on a “Dam Mountain top” in the flipping “Himalayas looking to be lost” or waiting to be rats (Dam I am too flipping late) “DOA in Pakistani” ……………<br />12.<br />That “Uncle Sam” four eye “Zombie Man” in the “Stinky Santa Clause Moth Ball” Sorry Smelling Suit” standing next to me in the photo safely <br />“Whom I actually don’t even know his “real crooked” lot’s of gold medial’s wearing “Motherfuckers ass” dam real name”<br /> On my “Legal Blog page” whom working at the 5-side P-Building in D.C. give me “consultation Independence USDA here is “Tax Free Cash” <br />Cmdr. Bluefin your green forgoes clearance” have fun……..Then insult my intelligences (Scrooge Attorney) see where you wake your “Slow Crooked Ass” up.<br />13.<br />(Appellant) herein (Hamilton II) having mutable intelligences being first and foremost the “Civil Federal prosecutor of this sorry (RICO) action herein and especially “CEO of Bluefin Inc”. And an early graduated from Simple “Slow High School” to know and apply<br />Thus combine together seeing cleanly the Massive Fraudulent “White Ruling Class” Snotty Red Neck Hostile Judicial Civil Conspiracy Confederate “Bob Casey Federal Courthouse” of the (Appellees) numerous crooked off-handed sorry loser actions within this Cover Up’s of “Official Court Records” no less……<br />14.<br />With additional (RICO) “Mail and Wire” fraud collusion cover up’s act and actions in all of the “stupid”, “simple”, “brain dead”, greedy numerous lies told by (Appellees) herein (Arthur Esq.) himself, being defined already by (Appellant) and Crooked Confederate Harris County Texas 215 District Court massive cover acts & hostile actions together combine alone with <br />The Massive Judicial combine corruption led by the United States Federal District “Bob Casey Federal Courthouse” no less in furtherance collusion (Among other things) attempts in hiding crooked, stupid, slow, brain dead (Appellees) herein (Arthur Esq.) himself assets, and damaging official court deposition combine <br />15.<br />LARRY G. JUSTIN, RALPH M. WEAR, HUMBERTO R. TREJO, SONIA BEHRANA, PAT VARGAS GRADY, AA QUICK BOND, MIKE COX'S BAIL SVC, LACEY'S DELI, JONATHAN A. GLUCKMAN, WAYNE HELLER, RING INVESTIGATIONS MARK THERING, RING INVESTIGATIONS KANDY VILLARREAL, DARRELL W. JORDAN, DANIEL PEREZ-GARCIA, MARQUERITE HUDIG, CARL D. HAGGARD, F. M. (POPPY) NORTHCUT, SANDRA MARTINEZ and ALLEN J. GUIDRY<br />16.<br /> All of their combine (Appellees) hidden Assets which together provides for a extreme criminal RICO syndicate as stated complete, filed against correct, and fully described by the (Appellant) in the “2 Amend Complaint” being scuttle by “Bob Casey Federal Court House to aid Crooked Houston Texas ‘Scrooge Attorney Harry C. Arthur Esq. and The Hole in The Wall Legal Gang” from Civil Criminal (RICO) convictions and all collateral damages associated in being in the Capacity of Attorneys of Law doing such Crooked “Mail and Wire” Fraud type Scheme of Things.<br />It is well established in most “Circuits” that a civil RICO claim rest solely on allegations of “mail and wire fraud, the pleading requirements of Rule 9 (b) must be satisfied. Rule 9 (b) expressly requires that the circumstances constituting the fraud or mistake shall be stated with particularity.” That in the context of fraud-based RICO Claims. <br />Rule 9(b) Requires a “Complaint” to specify the statement it claims were false or misleading, give particulars as to the respect In which Plaintiff contend the statements were made, and Identify those responsible for the statement(s). *See Moore v. Paine Webber, Inc. 189 F.3d 165, 173 (2d. Cir. 1999) <br />Appellant having extremely met that burden of proof and clearly identify the responsible parties fully herein using the “Professional Positions and Capacity as “Group of Attorney of Laws” No Less among the RICO Criminal Racketeering “Church Thievery committee”.<br />Wherefore Appellant (Louis Charles Hamilton II) herein Respectful and trying real hard to have “civil Justice” moves before the “Honorable Appeal Justices” to fully Order, combine, and compel all (Appellees) herein “turn over the direct complete copy of the “official deposition” as being complain of in this matter, <br />All (Appellees) herein fully Order, combine, compel and comply with the full supplying (Appellant) legal discovery request in all records, reports, banking records and physical documents previously sought in all request for production attached in the records of this action<br />“The Appellant (Louis Charles Hamilton II) Full enjoy enforcement by the “Honorable Justices” of a executed (TRO) freezing all business records, documents from destruction and Freezing all Assets of all (Appellees) herein fully until the final conclusion of this “matter being render complete per and post judgment <br />(Appellant) herein (Hamilton II) extend before the “Honorable Justices” Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals with the fullest extended warm exception to any serious civil harm and or major penalties being render unto “Christ Church Cathedral et al”. <br />It was “Houston Texas Scrooge Attorney” & “The Hole in the Wall Gang” whom tries to robe “Santa Clause”.<br />