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Munity on board iii @ “fucked up law offices of harry c. arthur esq. et al………..xoxoox


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Munity on Board III @ Fucked up Law Office of Harry C. Arthur Esq. et al

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Munity on board iii @ “fucked up law offices of harry c. arthur esq. et al………..xoxoox

  1. 1. Munity on Board III @ “Fucked Up Law Offices of Harry C. Arthur Esq. et al………..xoxoox<br />Lacey’s Deli: “What’s fucking Dead Stinky Ass going on in here….?<br />Wayne Heller (Criminal Attorney): “Darrel Jordon” went on a “Crack Rock” run….got some really good shit…got fucking smoking stuck in Harry C. Arthur Esq. Closet for 5 fucking hours and figure out what “Maggie” is Fucking up too……..<br />That “Crazy Cajun Fucking “Nigger” is now going after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal for a dam “Trophy Prize”…….<br /> Sonia Behrana (Attorney): “What are you “Bloke Broke Dick’s Fucking going stupid ass Crazy……. where is the “Weed”…………….<br />The Ring Investigations Mark Thering: O.K. “Wayne Heller” I need to hear this shit for myself …… where is fucking “Darrel Jordon” lit up ass at right fucking now…….give me some fixing of that “Heroin” so I can calm him down a bit………<br />The Ring Investigations Kandy Villarreal: “You Better watch yourself “Mark Thering” that fucker “Darrel Jordon” got a loaded dam pistol with him in that “funky closet”………….<br />Mark Thering (Attorney): “Fucking I am Dead”…..”Great”<br />Daniel Perez-Garcia (Criminal/Immigration Attorney) Don’t worry “Mark Thering” I got my pistol too……here you guys can have a shoot out in Harry C. Arthur “Fucking crack house closet”<br />Marquerite Hudig (Criminal Attorney): slow your Puke self down…(Bitches)……I will go and get “Darrel Jordon” fine fucking ass “good and extra clam down….been wanting to fucking suck him off anyway”…..<br />give me that needle of “Heroin” some of these pain pills, a bowl of that good weed and a drink for myself and in 30 minutes and only then after that….. “then you “ass hole” loser slow dick guy’s …..”can figure out” what’s going on in his “Crack Head”…………”GOT IT”<br />Sandra Martinez (Criminal Attorney): WOW MY SWEET SEXY BITCH” “Marquerite” you’re a Professional “Whore”…… hit this “good shit”<br /> PCP cliffhanger crystal joint “….before you go in……”You fucking Slut”<br />Carl D. Haggard (Attorney Mediator): I been a bad fucking boy too…………..“Marquerite” and I got “Cash”……$$$$<br />F.M. (Poppy) Northcut (Criminal Attorney): Hell “Slut” I even stole your “Nasty Lunch” Last week out of the fucking frig…….can I get some “dick header super special shine” on my “old dick” for that…..?<br />Marquerite Hudig (Criminal Attorney): you Turd “Dick’s got loser fucking worm written all over them………and “Larry G. Justin” I heard you fucking got the “Clap” trading “Sex for legal aid” from one of “Harry C. Arthur Clients”<br />Larry G. Justin (Case Manger): Shut up slut”………you’re next with the “V.D. Clap”………..<br />The Ring Investigations Kandy Villarreal: Boy you ass holes a real bunch of winners……….that is why I just fuck young under age “lesbian girls”………….. <br />Sandra Martinez (Criminal Attorney) WOW, you too………..<br />Allen J. Guidry (Criminal Attorney): Somebody get me a “Video Camera” you Bitches keep on talking, we are Broke… I can get some serious “Internet porn cash” from you horny lesbian sluts”….with Harry C. Arthur Esq. mixing his loser “goat scank nut’s in the “middle”……. <br />AA Quick Bond: What about me you “Crooked white fucking crackers” ……I can be the Black guy in the Porn movie ……“Look at my dark mean looking dick…. Isn’t it “Big & Jet Black “enough”……?<br />Lacey’s Deli: why is it so leaning over looking so dam weak and fucking dead…..?<br />Mike Cox’s Bail: that “Nigger” AA Quick Bond Bastard jet black dick is “smoke out happy” on them 28 crack rocks he been toking on for weeks…..and mixing it up with his “Mescaline cocktails” he is looking like a lost “Broken” 1918 deep in the fucking Off woods country showing black drifting heavy dark chimney “charcoal blowing smoke” <br />Sonia Behrana (Attorney): Hell I don’t need “Darrel Jordon” dizzy drug up fucking ass to figure any of this shit out,………….. <br />I got my own “Crooked Law Degree Too” <br />Somebody nail Harry C. Arthur closet shut on them fucking “Horny Losers”<br />Lacey’s Deli: let me hear what you got “Bitch”…..somebody let me try one of the “Ritalin pills” my dam period is fucking driving me crazy”…………<br />Sonia Behrana (Attorney): “Nigger Sherlock Holmes” here having already went After the “Harris County Courthouse & the “Bob Casey Federal Courthouse” for cover up our crooked tracks, and now UPS, CVS/Caremark pissed him off too in his “New Sherlock Holmes Mystery Case of “The Crooked Mormon” stealing his baby home move video, as he already charging the “Utah Mormon Nation in the Death of his “Wife, unborn child, and death of his own 2 daughters and snatching up his step daughters<br /> with a long list of other Attorney shit stain like the fucking crooked scank thong rat puss face Attorney Antoine L. Freeman J.D. Esq. robbing Old Ladies at the “Nursing Home… hot grease frying flames too as we speak,<br /> Not to mention that dam Crooked Attorney Willie M. Zanders really fucking up in the “Hurricane Katrina Trial” of his ….with that scary shit about “Jovel the Dead Mexican Carpenter <br />“I assume on the safe side of caution the “Nigger” still very piss over him too getting killed on his “breach of contract construction “Job Site”<br /> And if you so slow and drug up ass fuckers been reading his “legal blog”……..<br />I figure a categories 9 Hurricane storm is brewing up in the “Gulf of Mexico” warm waters namely his “Sherlock Holmes” case of the “Crooked Dead President” against the (United States of America) and my group of “dumb slow bitches” we are proudly posted legal up in their too, with a (RICO) Civil Case fixing Trial against us for the Attorney General Office of the “United States of America” to aid in cover up our crooked shit too”<br />“Hell”…………..”What is fucking stopping him from peeling the legal hide off the “Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals” too…if they aid any of us in covering up this Crooked Sorry Church stealing shit we got our self into……and making matter worst is trying to hide (Arthur deposition)<br />If you slow fucker’s Remember he already told the President of the whole fucking “United States” and Governor Rick Perry of Texas…he plan on smoking their asses too and our asses all the way to the United States Supreme Court if we don’t hurry the fuck and get his “Holy Grandmother the “Nun” off the dam “Internet”……<br />Fucker went crazy with that dam fucking “Fucked up Chicken in the Middle of the Road Board Game”……..and he Got our dam “entire clients legal files” as exhibits in the dam “federal courthouse”<br /> Which I already tried to fuck for and now know for sure we can’t steal them back, <br />And dumb cheap ass Harry C. Arthur Scrooge Attorney Ass been dumping them legal files on the ground in the Trash with all kinds of clear sweet evidence, plus with his pretty photos of Human SHIT pasted all over Harry C. Arthur dam fucking run down ugly building ….Scrooge fucking refuse to even clean the shit off in the 3 plus past years… let alone put actual real paint on the “Motherfucker” <br />All of which being that Sherlock Holmes “Nigger” and his side kick Doctor “Watson” ……Plaintiff special “shitty exhibits photos ” as fucking extra Proof……already…plaster all over the “God Dam Internet” too……………<br />I say for legal “sure and certain” with his “piss off poker hand” and $1000 bucks bet of my own money<br /> “Maggie” his Lead Attorney, fixing to have “Super Bowl Sunday Kick off Special in our Crooked “Church Stealing” Fucking Attorney Loser Asses……………<br /> Now somebody gives me some of Harry C. Arthur Esq. “Fucking XXX Special “Formaldehyde” so I can dip my “Crack Rock and “fucking blast off”…..<br />