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Motion to amend cvs


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Motion to Amend Complaint against U.S. Attorney office, CVS/Caremark and United Parcel Services (UPS)

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Motion to amend cvs

  1. 1. In The United States District Court<br />For the Eastern District of Texas<br />Beaumont Division<br />Louis Charles Hamilton II<br />(Negro African American)Docket No. 1:2011 CV-OO240<br />Motion to Amend<br />Plaintiff <br />Vs. <br />United States of America<br />United States Attorney, “Eric H. Holder Jr.”<br />United States Attorney, “John M. Bales”<br />Assistant United States Attorney, “Andrea Parker” <br />(Defendants)<br />And<br />UPS (United Parcel Services et al) <br />CVS/Caremark Corporation et al<br />Are (actually physically),<br />Confederate-Co-Defendant(s) Herein.<br />1.<br />Comes now the Plaintiff herein “Louis Charles Hamilton II”, appearing Pro Se before the “Honorable Justice”…herein <br />Files a Motion to Amend The Complaint against (UPS et al) and CVS/Caremark Corporation et al as follows:<br />(UPS) United Parcel Services and CVS/Caremark are actually Co-Defendants herein this “extra twisted mutable (MIA) civil action, appearing before the “Honorable Justice”…and the World.<br />Their Co-Defendants et al driving crooked “Luke sky walker crooked force” is in the flesh describing Defendant now “The United States Attorney Office” wishing upon a Rainbow, to escape, evade, shake off, and completely avoid for the behalf of the Defendant (The United States of America) civil pending actions in docket No. 00808<br />In the XXX Real Very Live “Sherlock Holmes” Grand Mystery Case of: “The Crooked Dead President” “A Internet Special” <br />Filed in U.S. Federal Civil Docket No. CV-00808 in the above Honorable USDA Federal Jurisdiction Entitled above Courthouse.<br />Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II, respectfully asserts, declare, face, in all truth before The “Honorable Undersigned Justice” <br />Without a Oz. of no disrespect to the “Undersigned Magistrate” but However, <br />“Sherlock Holmes” The Crooked Dead President” was fully legally designed 100% in complete painful thoughts for approximately (12) weeks around the clock for The Most Honorable Justice Karen K. Klein, <br />Reasoning for my honest truth as follows:<br />It has over 800 legal sand traps <br />And if any United States of America Federal U.S. Honorable Justice I should in God’s name declare real actual “Negro Hostile” open land legal warfare upon…. she is the one I dream of to finally beat her consistent Honorable “report-n-recommendations”.<br />So she can research herself “Honorably silly”, mumbling to herself, he is still piss at me, I know it”…(ha, ha)….. <br />Then Her Extra Smart Karen K. Klein United States Magistrate Judge set a Honorable hearing date at least (5) month away after she really XXX doing more important extra careful Honorable studies still mumbling to herself <br />“That Little Fucking Black Bastard got me doing all of this dam “work”….he is still pissed at me…… <br />(Yep)…. More of the extra tough researching herself “Honorably silly, stuck in the sand traps <br />Then the Court Date: Her Honor’ would most likely make some Grand entrance intelligent comment in references to the Class Action Civil Complaint she research her Honorable self silly for over very painful several months to provide to a sweet special “kick off” an “Opening statement of the “Honorable Court”.<br />Look me over to Check me for (Yep) “The Cajun extra grin”……………..<br />And then me betting ($20,000.) She Honorably Look over at the United States of America & There Entire table of nice suits “High Power” Legal U.S. Attorney defense teams, shakes her Honorable Head….<br />And say: you bunch of guy’s care to stop leaking blood in my courtroom and remove Mr. Hamilton 1619 Historic (Negro) African tribal spear from your collective throats and your “Motion to dismiss in Denied……………. <br />“However appearing before this “Honorable Justice herein” Plaintiff shall be “Keeping it Simple Stupid” (KISS) <br />And directing the “Honorable Justice” legal probing attention to legal facts as follows:<br />The Defendant (The United States of America) via their physical agents being The United States Attorney, “Eric H. Holder Jr.”,<br /> United States Attorney, “John M. Bales” and Assistant United States Attorney, “Andrea Parker” <br />Having coming to the legal coherent, quite very logical, understandable, most likely, smooth commonsense,<br /> And very smart legal sound reasoning and Professional Judgment,<br /> And that’s to get the “Holy Hell out of the dam (800) swinging, 24/7, (OMG) help me…. <br />I am trap in the “Crazy Nigger” exploding civil class action “Sand traps” <br /> To the Judicial point their combine “plausible solution would be committing to “High Tech Thievery” of among many other crooked things…….Like”<br />Plaintiff personal property namely a 1994 Utah Home Video of Chandra and Natasha Hamilton, then seal up the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) Dead wife grave somewhere in Utah Mountains, next steal, burn, and re-bury his children<br /> Along with all of the unholy-freaking Crooked Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saint Mormon Utah Nation physical evidence Plaintiff pursuing…..<br />To include but not limited to with the obvious kidnapping, abduction and destruction of the Defendant (The United States of America) very own U.S. Mail contain a Federal “Summons and Complaint docket No. 00808<br /> *See Pro Se Plaintiff exhibit (A), (B), and (C) United States Postal Office tracking numbers, paid receipts and return certified documentations<br />Plaintiff sound standing 100% legal proof all services of process for a Civil Summons and Complaint was completed upon (The United States of America) agents The United States Attorney offices in both <br />Washington D. C. and Beaumont Texas as required by the rules of Fed. Rules of Civil Procedures. And common dam Negro sense.<br />Defendant (The United States of America) agents are charged legally full, final, smartly, and completely in the Amend complaint, <br />With detail straight sensible understandable facts, supporting evidence, and especially undisputed United States Postal front door services tracking Numbers, <br />Added in the U.S. Attorneys offices illogical cracked over ego egg head stupid mistakes, and commonsensical valid reasoning that there only course of legal action is to plunder-n-flee………<br />And for this motion being granted with full precise “Happiness” <br />That I<br /> Pro se Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II herein<br />Gives no choice in this matter and full special due credit to my actual physical beat me down, till I learn the law almost correctly and sound proper enough being my “Honorable Law Professor “ <br />The Honorable Justice Karen K. Klein. <br />Wherefore the Pro Se Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein respectfully moves the above Honorable Court to Amend the Complaint, <br />With furtherance’s respectful Honorable Orders of the Court, that a Summons-n-Complaint being issued upon the Defendant (The United States of America) via their Agents,<br /> Defendants et al (The United States Attorney Offices) by the “United States Marshall Services” <br />*Hopefully they won’t steal the (USMS) Mail…..Da”<br />Being signature before the “Honorable Court Justice” on this <br />________ Day of ______________2011<br />By: Pro Se Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II<br />