Macy's counter settlement offer louis charles hamilton ii


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Macy's Counter Settlement offer before Turkey Day Kick Off"....

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Macy's counter settlement offer louis charles hamilton ii

  1. 1. Law Offices of Palmer, Reifler & Associates, P.A.<br />1900 Summit Tower Boulevard, Suite 820 Orlando, Florida 32810-5951<br />P.O. Box 607774 Orlando, Florida 32860-7774<br />(407) 875-8032<br />James R. Palmer Esq. for the Firm <br />*Licensed in Florida and Texas (Only)<br />Re: Macy’s Hamilton II File # TX-5971614-Macy PIN# 9160<br />Well hold the fucking dry ugly skin pudding “Doctor Watson” <br />Sherlock Holmes having a “New Case” in the making of:<br /> “The Three Missing Perfume Bottles” <br />Sizzling hot soon of the press……….<br />Congratulations Macy’s <br />Counter Settlement Offer<br />James R. Palmer Esq. here is my counter settlement offer “Go ahead and Make my day”<br /> You tell that “Fucking sorry Macy’s regarding my Theft of their “Crooked Thievery Store”….<br />If you crooked (Macy’s) would not having repeated having Rob me in excess of $150.00<br /> I would not be trying an attempt in robbing you for “The Three Missing Perfume Bottles” …..duh” (Get a Clue)…..and we had this talk too…(4 times about my dam money)…..well<br /><ul><li>You tell the Bastards (Macy’s) do their fucking home work real fucking extra good too…..(Especially them Crooked Bastards up in Park City, Utah) got a XXX surprise for them “Ski Cabin Crooks” up their too in the Mountains…..having fun on the ski slopes….with the Serious Fine Snow Bunnies (Care to Share the Sexy Pussy)…….No……..K (GOTCHA SOME THING COOKING GOOD For you TOO THEN)
  2. 2. I cleverly (Cmdr. Bluefin) herein figure out how the High Tech “Motherfucking” Macy’s XXX Crooks was robbing me all the fucking time (Twice Too) and all of their Customers “Nation Fucking Wide” No Less………..with this “High Tech Head phone Trash” (Real High Tech Garbage)</li></ul>Get your most likely slow Attorney sorry good billing Hours crooked self” <br /> First on the Internet were this is posted and then think hum………Sherlock Holmes Case of “The Three Missing Perfume Bottles” …… (WTF)…………?<br /><ul><li> Then you better run up to the Big Shark Boss top Notch Law Degree office and ask him…. who do this “Nigger” Fucking think he is………
  3. 3. Got a Surprise for you Guy’s ….I am so legally busy, and I did not want the “Mean Old Hang em High Texas Federal Judge” thinking he is Tripping (Again)
  4. 4. Saying dam that Fucking Crazy Cajun “Pro Se Nigger” Done went off his “Med’s again” and file another Federal Major Actions against (OMG) its Macy’s….Holy Hell
  5. 5. Look here at this Complaint…the dizzy obviously drug up on ditch weed again smoking ass fucker wants another one of his infamous (2.4) Million Dollars against “Macy’s in this Crazy Complaint too……………
  6. 6. WOW did you read how the “Crazy Nigger” describing THE High Tech Thievery Macy’s having “premeditated and plotted” for some serious “Nationwide cash”….in another one of his “Famous”“Nigger Sherlock Holmes” solved story
  7. 7. Look at this (RICO) style Computer design scheming pattern and practices suit….he is describing here …..boy how in the “Hell” this fucker even figure out this Mad Macy’s Crooked Ass “Shit”…that “Nigger” don’t even have a “Law Degree”…….how do he come up with this Sick Shit….</li></ul>Here what I am going to do for you…(Macy’s)…I cannot sue your sorry asses, counter sue your sorry asses and or help your Sorry Crooked Macys Fucking sorry stealing asses….<br />So Investigate yourself silly, (Have Fun) tired of talking to you bastards too, about my fucking (Money) you asshole’s got up to almost the exact “Moment of your Macy’s Day Floating Crooked Turkey Day Parade…..the Bam ……………Watch out “Google” <br /> Earth to Macy’s (CEO) <br />When I finish off (UPS) and (CVS Caremark Corporation) opposition motions, and the other Long list of other legal crap motions with Houston Texas Scrooge Attorney (Loser Motions), (Sherlock Holmes Case of the Talking Treasure Box)<br /> And @ 2 counts with The United States of America (Motions) <br />Internet XXX Special (Sherlock Holmes Case of the Crooked Dead President)<br />And the other Federal Actions against Crooked Hurricane Umberto Scank Thong Rat Puss Face Antoine L. Freeman J.D. Esq. (Attorney at Law),<br /> Super Surprise early Labor Day Motion(s) time for Football…. (Yea) kicking off in his Ass……………. (Sherlock Holmes Case of: The Dead Man Who Paid Taxes<br />As I wait to fry up real XXX Good Crooked Grave Robbing Hurricane Killer Katrina Attorney Willie M. Zanders Esq. (RICO) Specialist (Sherlock Holmes Case of the Crooked Hurricane Katrina Attorney…<br />Add (4) chapter(s) To my Favor Sherlock Holmes Case of: The Prince Witch Voodoo Doctor “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson” is going after a “Missing” Da Vinci “painting”….Cool<br /><ul><li>Then its Macy’s day kick off in ya all good turkey day parade having asses …my finish drafting for you Federal (RICO) Complaint will be complete and final and giving the nature of your activities (yep) Federal Court is where you “Fucking Crooks belong”
  8. 8. “White House” going be tripping, they going be saying dam….fucking “Cmdr. Bluefin” got fucking “Macy’s Looking like shit”……. What’s wrong with (America)…….
  9. 9. So to avoid this suit I rather went and try and get my money back so I did not have to be screaming at another USDA Federal Judge……
  10. 10. but that did not work neither and you people knew this shit beforehand when I beg you for my money 4 times back while your thinking your Crooked (Macy’s) self is robbing what you thought is a Dis-Advantage Veteran “Nigger” with a credit card…….
  11. 11. So here is what I am going to do….you “Bastards @ Macy’s Better get real legal & busy an talk to everybody concerning my fucking Name……my especially “dam stolen money” and my two dam refunds……give me my money you cost me fucking back, and the money you stole from me in Jail fines plus 10 days jail time… plus the fucking 325.00 additional money you crooks wanting to steal from me now through your Crooked Law firm……..(ASAP)…..
  12. 12. For a grand total of $10,000.00 dollars in total compensation package……or “Else” figure out what the fucking stupid “Nigger” is really legally fucking up too”……
  13. 13. My advise better get busy and do your research too…..Pro Se me been smoking red piss fucking hot lately ………(Maggie my lead Attorney) not happy, over work and wants your Macy’s blood………….Leaking”
  14. 14. And you (Macy’s et al) now got the official chance to fucking run…….
  15. 15. This settlement offer is legal, and very serious too and posted on my “Sherlock Holmes” Legal Blog”…and The Internet will be alerting you Macy’s people (ASAP) “Trust me” ha, ha, ….it’s like love to say (YOU GOT MAIL) from (Cmdr. Bluefin)….uh oh…….here we go again…
  16. 16. Hard copy will be mail to you in a couple of weeks……Me and “Doctor Watson” just want to see just really how slooooooooow your Macy’s computers are working first………ha, ha, </li></ul>Louis Charles Hamilton II <br />Cmdr. Bluefin (United States Navy Ninja)<br />“Sherlock Holmes Mystery Writer”<br /> <br />