Louis charles hamilton ii herein


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Houston Texas Scrooge Attorney Harry C. Arthur Esq. et al "Legal Conclusion"

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Louis charles hamilton ii herein

  1. 1. Louis Charles Hamilton II herein “Fifth Circuit Court “Conclusion” No. 11-20216 <br />Conclusion<br />The Internet is a very smart tool; clearly as “Sherlock Holmes” obviously in the past stated premeditations connive plans in plotting an un-wholesome snare of “Traps”<br /> To my best interest of course to catch a Scrooge Attorney (among others) but this very thick slow “Red Neck”, and I being very Christian respectful before the Entire U.S. “Honorable Justices”<br /> This Defendant herein is not that very experienced of an Attorney, super special extra crooked too…..And sometime in life you “white ruling class” have to come to hold his slow old “wiener whacker” for him”…. <br />I found this posted for him (Arthur et al) and under penalty of perjury of (American) Law <br />I swear not done by me………(Duh) <br />Hamilton v. Arthur et al :: Justia Dockets & Filings<br />Jul 30, 2010 – Arthur et al - Justia Federal Dockets and Filings. ... Plaintiff: Louis Charles Hamilton Defendants: Harry C Arthur , Law Office of ... If you are the accused, an experienced attorney can, at times, negotiate with. ...dockets.justia.com/docket/texas/txsdce/4:2010cv02709/783133/ - Cached<br />Finally having calculate, conclude and process all charted scenario to the end story line of my “Sherlock Holmes” Case of “The Talking Treasure Box”, <br /> I present this only design final concrete legal conclusion,<br /> That the very second Defendant/Appelees (Arthur Esq. et al) herein is force to give up the very (OMG) heart breaking official damaging “court deposition” <br />“That I want”…….of him (Houston Texas Scrooge Attorney Harry C. Arthur Esq.) <br />“Hiding mutable assets” worth over in excess of “12 -18”… Millions of Dollars” when the “RICO Specialist Attorney Crook himself claim he is “flat broke” & losing lots of greedy money and retail value on “National Wire News no less ….while degrading me with this theft scheme and XXX pissing me off with the bull crap, to the point I wanting to Kill him<br />Loser Attorney Ass can’t even clean “stale old 4 year shit stains off the place in (4) years let alone paint it ever” ……..<br />And flip a “stupid script” from the mutable “grave robbing” “Ambulance chasing convoy events” idle hands is the extreme “devil work shop” conjuring plan then went scheming after “Christ Church Cathedral et al” <br />To pillage, plunder, and fucking steal from, being very serious intent too, in close it down forever, and start a new crooked real estate scam of some sorts of crooked type….. <br />Were I (Appellant) was and still is (Navy Ninja) very poor eating a dam bowl of free USDA Government sponsor very needed “Good Food” waiting to slap the “Holy Crap” out of “Scrooge”, and Kick all of his “teeth out” via my 10 ½ steel toe tennis got them on sale at Wal-Mart…….if your “white ruling class” Slow Justice System let him lose…….<br /> Then and only then will this “thick”, extra dim lightly stale flour, retarded, Slow, Dead Turkey Smelling “Jim Crow Cracker Red Neck” Sorry Scrooge “Church Stealing Bastard Ass” Lug Nut Attorney,<br /> Whom being real brain dead slow enough to think of possibly “hey earth” to “stupid crook” try more working on “receptacle start into negotiation” terms…………..<br />My, my, “Dear Watson” what a shameful never ending “Sherlock Holmes” Case of “The Talking Treasure Box” Classic Display (XXX Loser)….ha, ha<br /> Any way and then I will take his loser ass “money”<br />Wither he “negotiation on term or I had to squeeze it” out of his Scrooge sorry ass hide in a high profile Circus Clown Show “Jury Trial” <br />As I (Appellant) clearly stated before God and National News see me now “soon or later”<br />To include but not limited to of deposited a very large chunk of said “Dirt Bags Crooks et al” sorry greedy hostile “takeover money” in the “Holy 170 year Old Church”<br /> Where it “fucking belongs” in the first dam place…and the four “Holy contours of Heaven” can close…<br />I don’t have to choke the “green-n-yellow lime” Puppy dog shit out of “The Attorney General” of the United States of America very exclusive himself, and his young group of four eye extra slow puppy dogs……….<br />Whom I be planning to be throwing “Lot’s of Hot Legal grease on” each and every one<br /> As I listen to them “Screaming and howling” all the Way to the “White House”…..”Help Me”…<br />.Begging the over work President (Obama) with this silly crappy shit about call in them special people in “Vatican City” have them send in some holy church folks with that special “Holy Water” (ASAP)……..”That Nigger Tripping again”……<br />Me “Cmdr. Bluefin” United States Ninja Navy (Laughing real good on the inside…. “Trust me”) <br />And soon going on a Legal Federal Court XXX Trashing spree for the next 4 ungodly painful years of what’s he hiding behind that infamous dam crazy door B<br />And then you all “Federal Justices” …”one by one” each and all ……”Honorable or Not”…. may have your “Judicial Rest”……If My Dam “Grandmother” …..<br />”The Holy Nun” is not trap on the flipping Internet any more, this case is brought before a Honorable Court<br />Jesus Christ is (Happy Finally) and the “Holy Cathedral Church” is Especially Saved from the Crooked Houston Scrooge Attorney…….like I told ya “he done it”<br />…….You guys are like so slooooooooooooooow. <br />Respectfully (Got Jesus) <br /> Louis Charles Hamilton II<br />Pro Se Appellant<br />