In the united states district court amend complaint No. 1:2011-CV-00240


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Amend Complaint Docket No. 1:2011-CV-00240 Louis Charles Hamilton II vs. United States Attorney Office et al, CVS/Caremark and (UPS) United Parcel Services.

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In the united states district court amend complaint No. 1:2011-CV-00240

  1. 1. In The United States District Court<br />For the Eastern District of Texas<br />Beaumont Division<br />Louis Charles Hamilton II<br />(Negro African American)Docket No. 1:2011 CV-OO240<br />Plaintiff AMEND COMPLAINT<br />Vs. JURY DEMAND<br />United States of America<br />United States Attorney, “Eric H. Holder Jr.”<br />United States Attorney, “John M. Bales”<br />Assistant United States Attorney, “Andrea Parker” <br />(Defendants)<br />And<br />UPS (United Parcel Services et al) <br />CVS/Caremark Corporation et al<br />Are (actually physically),<br />Confederate-Co-Defendant(s) Herein.<br /> Amend Complaint and Jury Demand<br />1.<br />Comes now the Plaintiff herein “Louis Charles Hamilton II”, appearing Pro Se (again) …<br />Files an Amend Complaint with the above Honorable United States Federal Court and for Just cause Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II will show The Honorable Justice at the Eastern District of Texas “Beaumont Division” as follows:<br />I.<br /> Parties<br />Pro Se Plaintiff <br />Louis Charles Hamilton II, African American Male, Currently Homeless U.S. Navy Veteran, Permanently Disable Citizen protected under: (ADA) American with Disability Act; <br />And also minorities persons cover under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Domiciliary State of Texas, P.O. Box 20126 Houston, Texas 77225<br />II<br />United States of America<br />United States Attorney “Eric H. Holder Jr.”<br />United States Attorney “John M. Bales”<br />Assistant United States Attorney “Andrea Parker” <br />Are all above-Attorney(s) at Law in and for the United States of America<br />Defendant (s)<br />III<br />UPS (United Parcel Services et al) Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation<br />The world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services.<br />55 Glenlake Parkway NE Atlanta, GA 30328<br />Co-Defendant(s)<br />IV<br />CVS/Caremark Corporation et al<br />CVS Caremark Corporation (NYSE: CVS) headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, where its pharmacy business is also headquartered.<br /> CVS/pharmacy is one of the nation's largest retail pharmacy chains, with over 7,000 stores across 41 states.<br />Co-Defendant(s)<br /> V.<br /> Jurisdiction <br />Jurisdiction is very proper before the Honorable Eastern District of Texas U.S. District Court in that the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) is a Permanent Resident of Jefferson County Texas; (City of Port Arthur) and the Defendants are the United States Attorney(s) Offices in and for the United States of America<br />Co-Defendant(s) herein UPS (United Parcel Services et al) hereafter (UPS et al) with there<br /> Main Headquarters is 55 Glenlake Parkway NE Atlanta, GA 30328<br />With the Co-Defendant(s) CVS/Caremark Corporation et al hereafter (CVS/Caremark et al) <br />Headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island,<br /> During all of the time all “episode”, “unpleasant incident”, Phenomenon of high United States of America administrational civil/criminal Attorneys acts and actions with all co-confederates, acting agents, driving force and instruments being committed against the Pro Se Plaintiff herein “Louis Charles Hamilton II” American Peace, <br />Civil Rights, Confidence, Reliance, Faith, Trust, Will, and Dignity, <br /> Plaintiff (Hamilton II) having place confidence in the Defendant (UPS et al) and Co-Defendant(s) (CVS/Caremark) <br />Entrust, assign, protection, custody, charge, responsibility of the Plaintiff Daughters “Chandra D. and Natasha C. Hamilton” 1994 Home Movie Video that been in a “Vault” since 1994<br /> Afterwards then placed into said Defendant(s) herein (UPS et al) and Co-Defendant(s) (CVS/Caremark) custody, possession dependence, control, rely on for filming Production of the Home Move of said Plaintiff Daughter(s)<br />For the Plaintiff and “Entire Personal (Negro) Family of the Plaintiff Access” <br />To include but not limited to factual evidences Plaintiff Daughters are involved in Civil Action already described before this Federal Court of Law in Matter of: <br />United States District Court Eastern District of Texas Beaumont Division (Negro) Louis Charles Hamilton II African American Plaintiff and All (Negros) Plaintiff(s) Black African American Complaint Jury Demand vs. United States of America President Andrew Johnson, And President Rutherford B. Hayes Docket No. CV-00808 <br />Involving (Among other things) Plaintiff herein Louis Charles Hamilton II (2) (MIA) Minor Daughter(s) “Chandra D. Hamilton” and “Natasha C. Hamilton” “Forever” within the “State of Utah” and Possession, custody, control, of “The Church of Latter Day Saints” Mormon practices against the Plaintiff natural father rights ” since 1994<br />Already being complained about in regards to (Among other things)<br />The said “minor missing children” of the Natural Father and Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein as stated above.<br /> "Now The Plaintiff herein Louis Charles Hamilton II Home Movie of his two Daughters "itself"Is now forever "Missing in Action"<br />“However” Now Amend Complaint factual circumstances and actual events now lead to the real Defendant(s) The United States Attorney “Eric H. Holder Jr.”, United States Attorney “John M. Bales”, and Assistant United States Attorney “Andrea Parker” violated USA PATRIOT Act (H. R. 3162)<br /> To wrongfully control, deal with, direct, handle, supervise and “fully” attempting to civilly train wreck manage” the Pro Se (Negro) Plaintiff (Hamilton II) and All (Negros) Plaintiff(s) Black African Americans and descendants “Civil Negro Class Action” by:<br />(1). Theft of Plaintiff personal property & “Civil Federal Evidence for filing” Namely a 1994 (Home Video) of Plaintiff (Hamilton II) two missing since 1994 minor daughters,<br />(2) Theft of the United States Mail, Namely (1) Civil Complaint & Summons for the Defendant The United States of America, Co-Defendant President Andrew Johnson and Co-Defendant President Rutherford B. Hayes Docket No 00808 fully past post date and “Indeed mail to Washington D.C.<br />All Defendant(s) herein being The United States Attorney “Eric H. Holder Jr.”, United States Attorney “John M. Bales”, and Assistant United States Attorney “Andrea Parker” <br />“MAD ASS SERIOUS LEGALLY FLIPPING CRAZY” in the full premeditated commitments to conspire in ALL criminal (RICO) violations acts and actions against <br />THE RIGHTS, WILL AND DIGNITY OF (ALL) NEGROS BLACK AFRICAN AMERICANS PLAINTIFFs AND THERE DESCENDANTS IN AND FOR THE UNITED SATES OF AMERICA in docket No. 00808<br />“Shocking enough said U.S. Attorney(s) at Law described defendant(s) above for the United States Attorney Office did all of this to cope legally and for civil tort survival” against said Pro Se Plaintiff (Hamilton II) Civil (Negro) Tort” docket No. 00808 against the Defendant (The United States of America)<br />Said United States Attorney(s) at Law defendant(s) administer & supervise hostile (RICO) acts and actions in the real theft and misusage of all follow tactics “singularly on in combination” of all “USA PATRIOT ACT”: <br />TITLE II—ENHANCED SURVEILLANCE PROCEDURES<br />Sec. 201. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating to terrorism<br />Sec. 202. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating to computer fraud and abuse offenses.<br />Sec. 203. Authority to share criminal investigative information.<br />Sec. 204 Clarification of intelligence exceptions from limitations on interception and disclosure of wire, oral and electronic communications.<br />To include Defendant(s) and Co-defendant(s) collectively in concert in Violations of Title 18 U.S.C. § 1346 Honest Services Fraud<br /> (The Federal Mail Fraud and Wire Statue) Title 18, United States Code, Section 1014,<br />To include Defendant(s) and Co-Defendant(s) collectively in concert in violations of Title 18 U.S.C. § 1341, 1343 and 1349 “Mail and Wire Fraud<br />Committed by all described above United States Attorney(s) et al Defendant(s), and in full collusion, conspiracy and compliances by each Co-Defendants described herein all being fully in knowledge criminal collusion for the criminal aid with Co-Defendant (UPS et al), And Co-Defendant(s) (CVS/Caremark et al)<br />Pro Se Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II, Respectfully, moves and assert strongly before the “Honorable Court” <br />“True Strong Diversity of Jurisdiction” exists between all of the Parties being brought in full interest in serious civil question(s) in this Civil Action<br />As fully described herein all Defendants and Co-defendants being brought for acceptability, validity, honesty, fair dealing, evenhandedness, accountability, answerability and liability <br />Before the “Honorable Justice” entertain herein<br />Facts.<br /><ul><li>Plaintiff took his old “Home Video” of his 2 daughters to be made into a DVD for usage in family and civil matters.
  2. 2. Plaintiff obtain the video from a safe and went to the CVS/Pharmacy #8364 in Downtown Houston Texas several days before Easter Holidays of 2011 and made arrangement with CVS staff….and there computer to design a wedding theme of my daughters Chandra and Natasha Hamilton ages 3 and 4 in the “Video”.
  3. 3. The Video was film by me and recorded at a wedding I attended in respect of Mr. and Mrs. Mary Ann and Dan Olsen in Salt Lake City Utah (Botanical Gardens) for their Son.
  4. 4. With a second “Movie film on to be made by CVS/Pharmacy depicting “Mothers Day” 1994 in which I was in fact my daughters (Mr. Mom). (We three live alone then)
  5. 5. That year few month later there “Mother and My Wife” was Dead in 1994.
  6. 6. Plaintiff took great concern in asking the clerk at the CVS store in making sure nothing was going happen to the Movie Video…and its safety.
  7. 7. The Plaintiff had to spend over 10 minutes design the future DVD Movie Video, with the CVS Clerk….and Name the Movie Cmdr. Bluefin (Mr. Mom).
  8. 8. Place the trust, protection, responsibility, care, count on and be sure about into CVS/Pharmacy in assuming the “New DVD Home Movie of my Special Missing Daughters would be return safe and this is not the case….</li></ul>Plaintiff will show the Honorable Court within under (72) Hours of Plaintiff “daily posting” on the following attachment in concern for (Among Other Things) my missing (2) daughter(s) and the current Federal Civil Action being involved. <br />Plaintiff home video movie was taking and the Plaintiff was informed on Good Friday morning at around 10:30 am before Easter Sunday of 2011.<br />04-20-2011, 10:19 AM   # HYPERLINK "" t "new" 38 bluefinlch2 Senior Member Join Date: Aug 2010Location: HoustonPosts: 309 To: The Defendants (The United States of America)……Your in fucking “Trouble…….!!! While Maggie is very XXX pissed off and having been on a “Legal rampage”……!!!!!It had occurred to the “little voice in my head” (Thomas Magnum)……who always covering my back…..something is very not right with Utah……..Why……?a. My Wife just tossed in a un-mark & under an assume name “hiding grave”.b. My very First Un-Born Child “Savagely beaten” and “Crucified in the womb”……..DOA……..c. My later (2) Children daughters just poof into thin “Air”… if they never existed……….“Yep”…(Utah)… I (Louis Charles Hamilton II) was officially declared legally Keep Mum the Fucking Word……”Dead”…….again……..Not tell the (Nigger) “secrete”……..and “submerge” his mix race two daughters forever………….“News Flash”…..”United States of America”………when (Thomas)……that little voice start thinking…….which now the finish…(Though) here………We (Thomas and I)….sent …”Maggie”….to go get her “pretty nails” polish-n- done…and “lots of “lady stuff” with her nice Hair in the women shops and Thangs”…………..gave her some Cash on shopping for her’ some fine perfumes and stuff …….oxoxox (My Grandmother the “Holy Nun” wants her to be fresh when she “special hang” a couple of you sorry dog fuckers in “Open Federal USDA Federal Court”….And XXX Special “Before the eyes of God…….She is in all facts…..the “Lead Attorney”……..And she is bringing the “Whole entire Utah XXX Crooked fucking file over to a “New Hire Special Legal Team Member”……“Big Top Gun”……..”Inspector Harry Callahan”……that’s right……..(Dirty Harry)…….Bitches……xoxooxYou fucker in (Utah) done went fucking “triple red neck “Joseph Pervert Smith”….dumb ass sick with ...the “Mormon LDS Control”…of “White Supremacy” ……..With everybody small children’s…..And change not only my “dead wife name” at her death from mines……………“Then toss her in a “hidden grave” from me……..(Her Husband)……….But You Assholes also strip…my name as a Living (Actual) Father off of my two “special daughters”……..“Chandra Dionne Hamilton and Natasha Cornea’ Hamilton”……….As if I was Very Much “Legally Dead” …..And most likely change their last name to (Walker)…..just fucking Cracker Crazy Great……….Went through a bunch of the extra special legal ......(!!!!!!!)“Mormon Hang em high” courtroom secrete District Court case fucking crooked shit…..Involving the Dead A/k/a worthless “nigger trash” Father and Husband…..(Commander Bluefin)……me……….Been thinking about the dead a lot”…..”Jovel”…..The Dead Carpenter wrongfully Killed…….and “Worked Like a fucking dog……All of the 60-80 “Seniors Citizens” just floating about in the “Mystery G&G Senior Health Care for the “Mental Disable, (!!!!!!!!!!)Handicap elders, bed ridden dyeing “seniors” hauled off prematurely the drive way of the Fucking E.R.....Then to Put the Biggest “Sherlock Holmes” Case of the Crooked Dead President”.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To a Grand Mystery Novel sick and twisted fucking turn into a Hell of an “Investigation scary discover”The Plaintiff, (Being Me)…….. is Dead…….himself”……………(WOW)…….Well….. (Thomas)…just woke up…!!! “Very Quick” ……..This morning and his “War Shoulder Wounds”….hurts…&...With deep….thoughts……too…..of waking me fucking up…!!!......Well you think your special you do….. (Utah)And I can see in your eyes when you look down at me……But your “Mormon LDS “Twisted leadership”….is in the Trash…………Too many innocent “Gods Children” having suffering and die in (Utah)…enough….……… (United States of America)……..“Maggie” she got a special “Legal surprise” for your sorry USDA sleep at the switch “Mean Baby Sitter” Asses…….And you won’t have to really wait’s very much long at fucking all…………“Feeling Lucky Punk”…………….SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) coming after your bunch of crooked sorry asses….XXX Special in my “Twisted Legal Head”………Hope you Punks can find you somewhere special to legally fucking hid……To: the President of the United States of America (Obama)…….You might want to look over at (Utah)…and tell the “Motherfuckers” I said…..When you Kill off, a Mans “unborn baby”, then fucking “kidnap” the other “(2) little girls” and then “Hang em High” off the “Stupid Fucking Nigger”…..make sure the “Nigger” he is “Really Fucking” Special Ed Retarded……And “Fully Cooked in being “Legally Dead”… …..XXX Extra Real Good……….and Dead at the end of the Lynching Rope”....Before The “Mormon LDS All Having The Big Fruit Cocktail-n- Lime Jell-O “Red Neck ……“KKK” Church”……….” Killer Party”……..”Happy Easter”….you all” Fine outstanding Special See Ya Soon Folks…………..Louis Charles Hamilton II (Cmdr. Bluefin).............. Last edited by bluefinlch2; 04-20-2011 at 10:24 AM. Reason: word left   <br />