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Hello“muammar qaddafi”...........


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Cmdr. Bluefin vs. Muammar Qaddafi

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Hello“muammar qaddafi”...........

  1. 1. Hello “Muammar Qaddafi”...........<br />“Yep” it’s me....”Cmdr. Bluefin”<br /> Dude they fixing to tear the funky extra “Camel greasy corn dog meat out of your<br /> “Crooked Ass,<br /> (You) “Dumb Bitch”...........<br />“WOW” that felt really “Sweet Motherfucking” good....<br />Sorry old friend (I) Pro Se Plaintiff been on reserved from cussing, lot of fucking legal work over here for the<br /> “Mean Old Hang Em High USDA Texas Federal Judge” <br />Speaking of “Hang em fucking High”....<br />Where you want the “Tripoli” Town Square”.....<br />Or on the “Soccer field” with your head being kicked around from “goal post” to “goal post” in an “all night” Libyan Liberation Soccer rock till you drop party..... <br />You better get a “helmet” on your empty Yuck skull <br />Shit fixing to get some more boo boo’s across the Sorry Motherfucker” <br />I heard the winner get your special imposed “Hero” Medial’s” <br /> (Luck Bastards)...... <br />My Grandmother the “Holy Nun” Hit me up on the direct line early this morning...with in coming cryptic “Holy News”<br />She “said” that the “Jesus” himself “said”.....that my (Old Commander in Chief) <br />(Ronnie) from “Heaven” sends his special “Kill the Fucking Bastard” regards.....<br />(I think he is still piss at ya) <br />And that (Voice) in my head (Thomas Magnum) well<br /> He wants me to ask you (Ivan) did you see the fucking sun really rise...!!!!<br />(Personally) I think (Thomas) is on that “smoking green stuff” & “strong drink”... Again <br />Got your “Dumb Bitch Camel Nut Goat Sperm Breath Scank Ass” confused with fucking (Ivan) <br />Now you are getting real nice and ready to meet the (Rebel) receptions committee, they are going to do a (quick) butt naked ass cavity check first, <br />Then they are going to put your fucking dim porch “Light’s Out” ...... <br />Bust up your Libyan (DNA) shipping container a bit”<br />Then stretch your Goat Scank nut’s sack out on a “sheet” of “USDA” (American) plywood <br />And “Air-Mail” them extra crooked suckers to me (COD) for (20) (American bags of recycle (Aluminum) Cans <br />Don’t ya worry “Muammar Qaddafi”...........<br />You will still make “BBC World History News” <br />(I) heard on the “Libyan Rebel Wire” <br />(They) plan on putting your “Goat smelly scank balls” on display in the Libyan Hall of Fame new “Tropical Fish Tank” .....<br />A deal is a deal <br />Tap’s out “motherfucker” and say Hi to the fucker with the leaking “Hole” Above the (L) eye for me <br /> (Commander Bluefin) USN<br />