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Cmdr. bluefin (usn) 2015 “great pirate race”… “pirate curse” of the egyptian “mummy tomb” (report).


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“Port of Alexandria”, Egypt hub of the “smuggling” Networks on Egyptian coast.
I welcome you all to Cmdr. Bluefin (USN) 2015 “Great Pirate Race”, Special “Egyptian” Pirate Curse of the “Mummy Tomb” (Report).

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Cmdr. bluefin (usn) 2015 “great pirate race”… “pirate curse” of the egyptian “mummy tomb” (report).

  1. 1. Cmdr. Bluefin(USN) 2015 “Great Pirate Race”…“Pirate Curse”of the Egyptian“Mummy Tomb” (Report). To: The “The VaticanCity” To: President and“Commander in Chief”(Obama) To: “UnitedStates of Americaet al To: Her “Royal Majesty”The “Queenof England”, and “The BritishRoyal Navy”. To: “Port of Alexandria”, “Egyptiancoast”. “UnitedStates of America”, “Canada”, “Australia”,Her “Majesty”the “Queenof England” and the “BritishRoyal Navy, my “Son” “AaronMichael Halvorsen”(HamiltonII) your “Mom” “Michelle”…xoxoxox “Commander in Chief”President (Obama), “The Vatican City”, “My Grandmother”The “Holy Nun”and Thee’ “Jesus Christ”(Thanks),“Switzerland”and“Finance Ministry”“Ancient Greece”and “Port of Alexandria”, Egypt hubof the “smuggling”Networks onEgyptiancoast. I welcome you all toCmdr. Bluefin(USN) 2015 “Great Pirate Race”, Special “Egyptian”Pirate Curse of the “Mummy Tomb” (Report). Dr. Dinesh Chandra Khare “Crooked Mean Little Old Thailand Pirate”, you been upgraded to “Crooked Mean Little Old “Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, follow best as you can….(OK), your corporate office in India
  2. 2. 202, Centre Point, JB Nagar Andheri‐Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai‐ 400 059 Tel No : +91 22 66413000 Email : is SEAFREIGHT(Import (Sea) (Regd, Office) 3,Nandadeep, “Tarun Bharat”, Andheri(E), Mumbai‐59. MUMBAI PORT IDA Mansion, Room 1/A, Gr.Floor, 18, Vajukotak Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai•- 38. (City Office) Email BANGALORE 335, F•]Block, 10th Main, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore 560 092. Email : PUNE 7, AjinkyaTara Hsg. Soc, Mohanwadi, Yerwada, Pune 411 006. Email
  3. 3. BARODA 303, Sarathi Complex, Opp. Nutan Bharat Club, Alkapuri, Baroda 390 007. Email : JNPT (Operation Division) 501, Freight Forwarders Building, Opp. JNPT Township Gate, Dronagiri, Uran, Navi Mumbai ‐ 400 707. Maharashtra ( INDIA). Email : AHMEDABAD 105, Abhishek Plaza B/H Nav Gujarat College, Usmanpura, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad ‐ 680014 Email : INTL FREIGHTFWD DIVN / Export (Air/Sea) 4&5 Monarch Park, Shrinivasa Bagarga Road, JB Nagar, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 059. Email : GANDHIDHAM 202, Sunder Park, Plot No.95 Sector – 08, Ravindranath Tagore Road Gandhidham, Gujarat – 02836 ‐238682 Email : DELHI S-3, SecondFloor, Manish Highway, Plaza-II, Plot No.25, Service Centre, Sector- 20, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.
  4. 4. Email : Are all in India, yet your CrookedMeanLittle Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate Doctor D.C. Khare other companies namely GEETA branded Wholesale DistributionandInternational Trading 2194/48-49 Bang KohLaem, Bangkok - 10120 Thailand Tel : (+662) 291-1968 Fax : (+662) 688-1146 Email: GeetaFoods - California, USA Satellite Office Danville, CA 94506 Tel: +1-925-282-3482 Fax: +1-682-292-2887 Email: GeetaFoods - NewYork, USA SatelliteOffice Jackson Heights, NY Tel: +1-917-573-1923 Fax: +1-413-581-7495 Email: Are actually (Secretly) inthe UnitedStates of America, while I am right (now) directly looking at your warehouse in “Thailand” LOCATED AT 2194 48 50 Chareonkrung RdWatphayakrai Bangkholaem Bangkok 10120 ThailandTel 02 291 1968 Fax 02 688 1146, As we speaking on my “Satellite”just like the (Secret) “satellite”office your calming fully “exist inthe “UnitedStates of America”, being ina city called
  5. 5. Danville, CA 94506, but yougave a unknown address, but is this the same address on your driver ID …? The address 616 Bourne Ct. Danville CA 94506, beforeyoumovedin at the exact time of transfer of property title, out of the front door walks inexcess $200-300(Million) dollars inanow established (Computer company)…???? Thenwalk inthe same front door, at that same exact time a (Billion) dollar “GeetaInternational Co. Ltd.” World Wide Corporation…? But you’re mutable “Pirate Strong Holds” Is in 103, NARHISOCEITY PARK, LUCKNOW, Uttar Pradesh, India, a/k/a Dr. DineshChandra Khare, “Crooked Mean Little Old “Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, I am slightly more confused, again because I come to find out now that you, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Khare, and Recruiter Name “Ms. Shipra Khare” are actually related too…..???? (OK) Ms. Shipra Khare Address : A-80, Sector - 83 Location : Noida ,India Strategic Sourcing Solutions 3S is a team of talented and experienced minds brought together by a young and dynamic CEO. Sourcing experts, production merchants, talented designers, quality inspectors andlogistics professionals have joinedhands to form a thinking team that delivers. Management team brings in synergy of entrepreneurial energy and corporate savvy. At helm of the company is Deepak Gaba who is an MBA in International Business and has rich experience of working with Target Stores. His dream was to set up a company that provides professional services and customized solutions from design to delivery to importing companies.
  6. 6. A partnership based on value additions along the supply chain instead of just a buying or inspection agent module. A partnership that is defined by the customer needs andis flexible andresponsive. Clear vision, customer focus and strong values have taken it from a start-up to a multi-city and multi-country operation since its inception in 2001. But also Ms. ShipraKhare, Dr. DineshChandra Khare, Vijay Khare and “RishuKhare” are all related, andliving together at address 616 Bourne Ct. Danville CA 94506, andnow this is more confusing “CrookedMean Little Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, not only you have a home in Danville CA, AntiochCA youalso have (secret) homes in“Allen, Texas”…..???? And “Irving Texas”….?????, just likeyouhaving all that property in Montgomery Texas…?????? But Dr. DineshChandra Khare, “CrookedMean Little Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, I confusedevenmore when “Ms. Shipra Khare”, fully owning “Shipra Khare Research&Marketing Analyst inNoida, Uttar Pradesh, and Products in #bollywood#Tiara of Attires by Shipra Khare 13 Products - Products in #bollywood#Tiara of Attires by Shipra Khare. All Products in collection #bollywood#Tiara of Attires. Lush,beauty &Tiara of attires. While having a “ShipraInfratechPrivate Limited”is a Private Company incorporatedon14 October 2011. It is classifiedas IndianNon-Government Company and is registeredat Registrar of Companies, Delhi.
  7. 7. But at the same time Ms. ShipraKhare, alsohaving SHIPRA PUBLICATIONS LG 18-19, PANKAJCENTRAL MARKETIP EXT., PATPARGANJ, DELHI - 110092 (INDIA)…??????? And “Vipul Khare” in the mean while selling landall over the World, and he didin fact start a Company in Texas calledGeetaGroup LLC, which I find out approximately (28) shipments at 101,211Kilograms was being smuggling, black- market, bootleg, under the counter, shippedintoamong other countries namely “UnitedStates of America”under the company called GeetaGroupLLC,, with “Crooked MeanLittle Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandra Khare, in (Conore Texas)…????? But at the same time, “Vipul Khare”, actually physically the “vice president”at “Watchpoint Asset Management LLC office”on“plush” 237 Park Avenue, NewYork, NewYour 10017, but “GeetaInternational Inc.”since February 9th 2012th address is 1975 Washington Avenue, Seaford, NewYork, 11783, whileat the same time Excellent BusinessConsultantsIncBusinessManagement Consultant Address:1975 WashingtonAve, Seaford, NY 11783 Phone:(516) 765-3680
  8. 8. And at the same 1975 WASHINGTON AVENUE, SEAFORD, NEWYORK, 11783 has “OnboardTour Inc.”, Geek-Technician, andExcellent Business Consultants Inc. all locatedat same 1975 WASHINGTONAVENUE, SEAFORD, NEW YORK, 11783, while “CrookedMeanLittle Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandraKhare, you personally wrote me a check on August 26th 2015th for $1220.00 toahome address as 156 Coburn Road Penning, NJ 08534 whichwas sold for $365000 on Apr 19, 2013….? Meanwhile FMCG Exports exportingto over(40) countriesworldwide, entire shipping line based in “India” is under the “Geeta InternationalGroup” direct controlof “CrookedMean Little Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandra Khare…? But more confusing “The Gita” Practical application formanagement” Co.,is officially under the “Geeta International Group” and FMCG Exports exporting to over (40) countries worldwide,also under “Crooked Mean Little Old “Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Kharewhile your “Geeta International Group” which now come also under “Geeta International Group” is this FMCG Exports which has another group which is FMCG Companies, a boat load of companies all in (India) listed in exhibit filed in Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ... - Justia
  9. 9. Khare. Filed: October 2, 2015 as 4:2015cv02884. Plaintiff: Louis Charles Hamilton, II. Defendant: DineshChandraKhare. CauseOf Action: Racketeering (RICO) ... Whichthis “The Gita” Practical application for management” Co., for some odd reasoning is officially under the “Geeta InternationalGroup” also under “CrookedMean Little Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandra Khare“Geeta InternationalGroup” Yet “Gita” has a company… GITA INTERNATIONAL and “Gita Export GITA Export ….?????? Hum…….?????? Address 178, SMRUTI DARSHAN SOC.,P.D. PANDYACOLLEGEROAD, VATVA, Ahmedabad - 382440, Gujarat, India…..????? meanwhile .???? Mean while this Company called “M/S Geeta Shipping & Clearing Services” is listed at 202, 1st Fl, Sunder Park, Tagor Rd. Plot No. 95, Sec-* GandhidhamGajarat, GandhidhamHO, Gandhidham – 370201……????? “CrookedMean Little Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Khare is the same type company as “Geeta Shipping & Clearing Services ….?????? Located at 202, Centre Point, JB Nagar Andheri‐KurlaRoad, Andheri (E), Mumbai‐ 400 059 (India)….?????
  10. 10. Meanwhile back in the “UnitedStates of America”at 616 Bourne Court”, Danville (Unincorporated), CA 94506 “Crooked MeanLittle Old“Thailand”and “India” Pirate”, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Khare and “Geeta InternationalGroup” “Vijay Khare GeetaGroup LLC from (Texas) and RishuKhare” Plk LLC and (Secretly) nowaunknown “Ms. Shipra Khare,”pop up on the radar and all (Khare) “themselves”actually provenrelatedafter buying saidproperty at “616 Bourne Court”, Danville (Unincorporated), CA 94506 for $1,075,000.00 U.S. Dollars on 11/01/2009….????? N/A Resale 10/01/2009 B:VijayKhare, Rishu Khare BA: N/A S:Vijay Khare, Rishu Khare SA: N/A N/A Resale 01/05/2006 B:VijayKhare, Rishu Khare BA: N/A S:Hugh Afshar, Behjat Afshar, Benjat Afshar SA: N/A N/A Resale 10/11/2001 B:Hugh Afshar, Behjat Afshar BA: N/A S:Arya Inc SA: N/A N/A Resale 04/17/2000 B:Hugh Afshar, Benjat Afshar BA: N/A S:Barra Lp SA: N/A “Meanwhile”Available for RishuKhare Companies My PinocchioInc. Current roles include: President
  11. 11. Incorporated Californiain 2009 Active Status 6 Years inBusiness 1 Officers Found My PlkLLC Current roles include: Member Incorporated Californiain 2014 Active Status 1 Years in Business 2 Officers Found My PremInc Current roles include: President Incorporated Californiain 2014
  12. 12. Active Status 1 Years inBusiness 1 Officers Found Connections leading nowto Plk LLC And Plk LLC Categorizedunder Real Estate. records showit was establishedin2006 and incorporatedinConnecticut. Current estimates showthis company has an annual revenue of 97000 andemploys a staff of approximately 1. 47 BeachHill Road Trumbull, CT 06611 - ViewMap Phone: (203) 261-7953 But “Crooked MeanLittle Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Khare and “Geeta InternationalGroup”, Geeta Group InternationalCo Ltd. “Vipul Khare” and “GeetaGroupLLC from (Conroe Texas) and “RishuKhare” Plk LLC and “Vijay Khare” and (Secretly) nowa unknown
  13. 13. “Ms. Shipra Khare,”and her ($$$) pop up on the old “Cmdr. Bluefin” (USN) radar and all (Khare) infact “themselves”actually provennowfully (DNA) relatedafter buying saidproperty at “616 Bourne Court”, Danville (Unincorporated), CA 94506 on11/01/2009….????? Which “CrookedMeanLittle Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandraKhare did shippedtohim self Date 2013-07-18 Shipper Name GeetaInternational Co.,Ltd. Shipper Address 2194 48-50 CHAREONKRUNG ROAD,, WATPHAYAKRAI,BANGKHOLAEM,, BANGKOK 10120,THAILAND. Consignee Name DineshChandra Khare Consignee Address 616 BOURNECT, DANVILLE, CA 94506 Notify Party Name DineshChandra Khare Notify Party Address 616 BOURNECT, DANVILLE, CA 94506 Weight 2489 Weight Unit K Weight inKG 2489 Quantity 68 Quantity Unit PKG Country of Origin Thailand Details 2,489 kg From port:Bangkok, Thailand To port:NewYork/Newark Area, Newark, NewJersey Place of Receipt Bangkok ForeignPort of Lading Bangkok, Thailand
  14. 14. U.S. Port of Unlading NewYork/Newark Area, Newark, NewJersey U.S. Destination Port NewYork/Newark Area, Newark, NewJersey Commodity HouseholdGoods H. S. Code: 9403. 6090 Container UACU3275349 Carrier Name HECNY SHIPPING LIMITED Vessel Name AL SABAHIA Voyage Number 1323W Bill of Lading Number HYSLFBKK13060039 Master Bill of Lading Number UASUTHBKK062088 “Bootleg Bangkok, Thailand “special goodies”, arriving in(America) Meanwhile I am so“very confused”, as to why “Egypt floods Gaza tunnels”usedfor “smuggling”…?????? Security officials say army has startedflooding tunnels usedtosmuggle goods intothe besiegedterritory The “Egyptianarmy” has begunto pump water from the Mediterranean Sea intoundergroundsmuggling tunnels connecting Sinai withthe besieged Gaza Strip, security officialsandwitnessessay. But an operationon Friday aimedto end smuggling intothe Palestinian territory, security officials toldthe DPA news agency.
  15. 15. Gaza, administeredby the Hamas movement, remains under a tight military blockade imposedby Israel and Egypt. The government inCairolast year beganto destroy hundreds of homes on the Egyptianside of Rafah, which straddles bothSinai and Gaza. The tunnels toGaza are usedto smuggle goods, such as clothing and other products, as well as weapons. The structures have frequently beentargetedby boththe Israeli and Egyptianmilitaries. The Israeli army says the tunnels are usedto supply armed factions in Gaza withweapons, and the Egyptians claimthey are usedby Sinai-based armed groups. Egypt is tackling a rebellionby fighters fromthe Sinai Province group, which is affiliatedwiththe Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Cairo accuses Hamas of meddling in its affairs and supporting former President MohamedMorsi, whowas overthrownby the military, ledby current leader Abdel Fattahel-Sisi in2013. Hamas shares the same ideological origins as Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, whichwas designatedas a “terrorist organization”after his overthrowand “CrookedMeanLittle Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandraKhare your fleet of “Pirate ships……was lastseen betweenthe dates of June 19th 2015 back throughout January 1st 2011……inthe “Port of Alexandria”, namely “Egypt”hub of the “smuggling”Networks on Egyptiancoast……..???????
  16. 16. While you “CrookedMeanLittle Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandra Khare and “Lucy” got some “Xplaing” to do….????? Just who inthe “Bloody Hell”working the “CrookedMeanLittle Old “Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, “opium labs”, “Thai-buds” process plants, and“Papaver somniferuma/k/a “Opimu” fields whichis the source of many drugs brokendown like “Heroin”,…..back at your “CrookedMeanLittle Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, major stronghold back in “Thailand”……???? I am so very now lost and confused….????? At the exact same time “Doctor DineshChandra Khare”, and “Vipul Khare” both “Under the observationof “Doctor Watson”and (I) continue calculations youboth having possession, custody andcontrol over, an additional (117) shipments at exactly (743,151) Kilograms of “GeetaInternational et al, GeetaExport/import Co. Ltd., Plk LLC, Geeta Export India Ltd., GeetaExports, inrecylcle Contraband shipping, smuggling, black-market, bootleg, under the counter, illegal, illicit, wide range of “merchandise, goods, commodities, produce, products, raw materials,
  17. 17. To includedbut not limitedtoconspire further topirating invaluable, diamonds, jewels, art, cars, illegal drugs, weapon’s, simultaneously laundering of large amount of U.S. Currency floating about the “UnitedStates of America”Jurisdiction since June 19th 2015 back date to March30th 2015 when you“Crooked Mean Little Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, Dr. DineshChandra Khare and “Vipul Khare, and “GeetaGroup LLC” 1600 River Pointe Dr Apt 812, Conroe, did commit to smuggling, black-market, bootleg, under the counter, illegal, illicit, wide range of “merchandise, goods, commodities, produce, products, rawmaterials, To includedbut not limitedtopossibly “conspire further”topirating in valuable, diamonds, jewels, art, cars, illegal drugs, weapon’s, simultaneously laundering of large amount of U.S. Currency in approximately (28) shipmentsat 101,211 Kilograms was being smuggling, black-market, bootleg, under the counter, shippedintothe Co- Plaintiff(s) “UnitedStates of America”et al Jurisdiction Whichhas grownin now a massive “flipping pirate loot”in excess of ($20bn) eachand every single day your “Massive Pirate Enterprise”of ships remaininoperationsince 1993 as your claiming your open day, Meanwhile andthe same time all over the “State of California”, among other States in“The UnitedStates of America”as you’re collectively bootlegging candy to you name it …
  18. 18. It is surly there “white/tanpower looking illicitcare packages eveninas I am now come tounderstandfrom “Doctor Watson”on observationafortune in your pirate of “Domesticatedwashed, process, dye “Goat and Yak hair” in a company called“My Prem Inc.” owned by “RishuKhare”whom filedan Articlesof Incorporation in the “State of California” on Wednesday, April 9, 2014…???? As all of the (Negro) females “among other races”especially inthe “State of California”withtheir “Beyonce”, “FarrahFawcett”andLindsey Lohan” swager wanna be “hair styles”actually waving about freely “Domesticated”washed, process, dye “Goat and Yak hair”, ……??????? As you bunch of homegrown “Thai-Buds”billionaires owning 100% control over the entire populationof “India” withyour “undergroundpirate activities”whichalmost accounts for 50% of GDP, of India WithFinancial cost to India economy inTax evasion, corruption, and other illicit financial practices in”India”, namely “Smuggling”in massive “billions”worldwide, fromyour Pirate strong holdin (India) at 103, NARHISOCEITY PARK, LUCKNOW, Uttar Pradesh, India, “Meanwhile”, Spanisharcheologists have uneartheda3600-year-old mummy inthe ancient city of Luxor, Egypt's AntiquitiesMinister says. In a statement, MohammedIbrahimsaidthe rare find in a preserved wooden sarcophagus dates back to1600BC, whenthe Pharaonic 17thDynasty reigned.
  19. 19. He said the mummy appearedto belong toa high official. The sarcophagus was engravedwithhieroglyphs anddecoratedwithinscriptions of birds'feathers. The exact identity of the well-preservedmummy wouldnow be studied, Ibrahim said, adding that it was discoveredby a Spanishmissionincollaboration withthe Egyptian antiquities ministry. Antiquities departmentheadAli Al-Asfar saidthe two-metresarcophagus still bore its original colouring andwritings. As we speaking “Egypt”has just experienceda“security vacuum”since its 2011 uprising. Thousands of artifacts have beenstolenand smuggledout of the country and “CrookedMeanLittle Old“Thailand” and “India” Pirate”, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Khare your unholy fleet of “Pirate ships……lastseenonce again betweenthe exact “dates”of June 19th 2015 back throughout January 1st 2014……inthe “Port of Alexandria”, namely “Egypt”hub of the “smuggling”Networks on“Egyptian”, while the entire worldreading “Cmdr. Bluefin” (USN) “Pirate Curse”of the Egyptian“Mummy Tomb” (Report).