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Cmdr bluefin halloween ii its bloody soaking awsome


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Bloody Halloween Special

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Cmdr bluefin halloween ii its bloody soaking awsome

  1. 1. Cmdr. Bluefin “ Halloween Special II… It’s “Bloody Soaking Awesome”……….<br />“Lost Wandering Knights” of the round table, under primitive experimental “Legal War” assignment reporting “secret mission” in the “hostile legal trenches” once again asking <br />“Exclusive & Instant” questions<br /> Live this time in….“Is it Legal To”…….”Forum” <br />Still must be off his “XXX USDA VAMC” “Prescription”, Cmdr. Bluefin …..Louis Charles Hamilton II (Pro Se Plaintiff)<br />Pooh Bear: Hi again “Cmdr. Bluefin”, <br />Cmdr. Bluefin: Just so I am really a “Brother” not “slipping on water head extra stupid”, <br />“Drunk”, “smoked out” or “missing something” and I am straight on “This”, <br />Is It not “official Halloween” a few more flipping “Candy giving legal months F—King “Away” ………………<br />What do you “prematurely” extremely “lost fart’s” wanting in the middle of this “Legal War Zone”…………………<br />Cambodia: We wanting to beat the fall Internet season “Cmdr. Bluefin” beforehand and give the “Internet World” a ahead of schedule “Live” in the “Legal Hot War Zone” behind the scene “exclusive report”…from the “Commander Bluefin Camp”……..<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: And you extra retarded “Nosy girl scout losers” did not even bring a “Brother” a simple USDA “American “care package” like something from “Home”….”Like Some “Six Piece Chicken Tenders”, “spicy potatoes Cajun wedges” and a plan old American Coke…? <br />Not even one stolen package of “free crackers”…?<br />This Military USDA’ rations food “Really Sucks on this stinky slow “submarine”…..<br />I am Fu—king Hungry…………”Hurry up with the “Dumb exclusive questions”<br />Have you not notice, I am a “little” officially busy over here getting “Legally Crooked Ass Slaughter”………….<br />Popciti: Who you “Voting” for in the “Oval Office” in the 2012 Election “Cmdr. Bluefin”…?<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: “That is easy”…..a Big family case of “Mongolian Beef Stew”….”Next loser Question”…… <br />Reflect: hold on ….What in the “Hell” Do you mean big family case of “Mongolian Beef Stew”….”Cmdr. Bluefin”, is that not an Asian Food Group……?<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: You’re an observant brilliant “GED” Community “Special Ed. Graduated” smarty ……“Yep” I said one dam “Big family case of “Mongolian Beef Stew” win my “Vote” for the “Oval Office”….<br />So I know for sure when the United States of America “Debt” ceiling finish its full twist, half tuck, major sorry swan ass dive “Cmdr. Bluefin” “Can be eating for sure”……..O.K. “Next Ship wreck lost rat question”………………..<br />Jupitormag: Any Ideal on solving the (American) financial massacre “Cmdr. Bluefin”<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: Sure the answer is in the past which is the answer for the future In advance of his original time 1865 Hero “Thaddeus Steven” and his real reconstruction plan, instituted now in 2011 under a “New 2011 Freeman Bureau” is the Americans only answer, <br />With a fully established “New Freeman Bureau Reserved Bank” (FBRB) drawing just alone simply “separate Interest” on its assets and monetary (6) Trillion dollars deposited in its on Banking system under the New Freeman Bureau Federal Control Government system for the full 100% benefit of the 51 plus (Negro) refugees heritage within the United States and guaranteed Federal Civil and Criminal Penalties for any type of abuse, <br />The separate (FBRB) reserve banking deposit will madly be growing separate “interest revenue” and the original principle deposited steady madly secured forever will just simply balance the American Treasury Reserved Bank and stringent the USDA American Weak Dollars, <br /> Provide more fast growing economic growth in 2012 for over 95 plus Million other Americans and business by 2013 in a steady stream in gainful employment for a minimum of (25) years fixing what is broken and that is the (Negro) from gross neglected, <br />Now they and their slums are worth their dry white ashy ankles, booger eating, nappy hair, uneducated, broken down homes , no car, no frig, no bed, or no dam food full weight in “USDA Gold”.<br />After the institution of the “New 2012 Freeman Bureau” Federal Control Government system, add in a Major plus factor in trading large with the leader in export namely (China) for needed commercial/residential home goods for“ New Freeman Bureau” fixed up Eco-home friendly (Negro) recipients,<br />With The Big Major American Automobile Company(s) cashing in ((FBRB) recipients voucher, to include voucher for (Negro) college education & (Negro) medicinal institution and the whole likes wanting honest (FBRB) (Negro) reconstruction vouchers will just simply fall in line, or as “The Speaker of the House” put it: “Get your “ass” in line…………… <br />Mouse_rr: “Cmdr. Bluefin” Just where in the “bloody hell” is you going to get (6) Trillion Dollars……<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: Just what do you think I am suing the “American Broke Slow Loser asses” for “Rat Face”………………..the (Negro) been paying taxes for hundreds of years and could have supported their own (FBRB) but them greedy Americans want the (Negro) taxes locked away in their own selfish demise state<br />Cambodia: “Your crazy” and your freaking war metal really lose in your head for real, plus your very seriously sick dude.<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: What’s your point “Sushi Breath”, got any other great American Ideals, look at them dizzy special Ed. Politician in Washington D.C. <br />“Mommy” is the (Democrats) and (Dad) is the “Republicans” neither want of them want to get a dam cheap divorce, always fighting and us (Negro) people always don’t get little or any supper…….<br />“Mommy and Daddy” Hate each till death do they freaking depart….. As long as it is done during the bright light of “day time”, and the second it get’s dark…. (OMG)…. “Whore house” booty calling all around special together late at night….. buying pick me 24/7 call guy-n-girls with the ATM XXX fixing of “fast high” and thank God I forgot I am working in Washington D.C. “Special Perks”……<br />Pooh Bear: Any “Smart Ideals for the “Big”…. Oil Company(s)…..?<br />Popciti: Try your Rich Slow “Crooked Oil Crock Pot” Asses to using “Holy Water” in them Cars & Military Army Tanks…. <br />Reflect: Who is your special picking for the NFL Super Bowl game if they play this year “Cmdr. Bluefin”….?<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: “Texas” Big “Dallas Cowboys” XXX losers by 21 point to “One Dam” “Big family case of “Mongolian Beef Stew” in a “Zebra colored “Football Helmet”……….”Next”<br />Mouse_rr: “What is your exact expert feeling” on the American stocks “Cmdr. Bluefin”……..?<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: Tough question, hum….let me light up on this one…….Cmdr. Bluefin is ”Coughing”, “cough”, “cough” & “Choking” and “coughing” & “hacking up flam”………”spiting”<br /> Well let see, first the “deep disagreement” on the debt ceiling, by (Mommy) and (Daddy) cause potential buyers and sellers to wait on the battle in Washington D.C. to settle to take any significant action<br /> Thus swing the “American Stocks” more into the “Zombie Loser Column” for Market trading, <br />“Wall Street” behind the scenes outlook is to attempt anything at this point and juncture to stay stabilized in this economic weakness, which the no-jobs market has done little to the National financial Treasury bounce back system. <br />The Big “GOP corporations” are surly holding back on any real employment or economic growth for the 2012 election reasoning <br />While The Big “GOP corporations” still maintain economic growth in all offshore revenue accounts receivable <br />Best bet is put your investment money in stocking up on “One Dam” “Big XXX family case of “Mongolian Beef Stew”.<br />Pooh Bear: “What is your prediction on a 2012 election Surprise…..?<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: ha, ha funny you should ask me that very thought, <br />First a no brainer my pick is Gov. Rick Perry in the mix shaking things up Texas Shoot out “style” of course, and his running partner is too fussy to figure at this time, <br />But on the Democrat side of things, Spooky-n- Scary as it flipping logically Mr. Spark from Star Trek sounding out, to Captain Kirk<br />My Prediction pick shocker is “Obama & Boehner” running partners for 2012 Election plus my “Sherlock Holmes” inside view is elementary “Doctor Watson” “Obama & Boehner”<br /> Would beat anybody and any opponent team plus I put a flipping big Las Vegas sport book betting with my Government Poor man Check, 18 bags of recycle aluminum cans sure “hands down in 2012 Election win,<br /> It is like watching T.V. Land greatest…… <br />“The Odd Couple” show,<br />“Obama & Boehner” Both can do something “Great, funny and special smart things together” while they are freaking fighting it out like crazy “cat-n-dog”….<br />Stupid, silly as (I) may sound but actually I am watching it in current 2011 official Washington D.C. works <br />Separate and alone on just one party side….<br />Just same plain old looking Crazy and no hard fighting spirit without each other fighting for the same cause and real change, almost always at different ends, <br />But really if you look at it, they two “Obama & Boehner” are actually getting somewhere with a little more “Hostile” open working hard fuss it out together sort of dialoged in the “Oval Office”<br /> Plus “Boehner” can tell “Obama” on “Air Force One” in 2012: “Move over” <br />And you Too “Get can your Ass in Line” <br />Any way at this point of a dead heart beating “American” flat-line Juncture, and Code-Red in needing the E.R. “shock paddles” <br />The more up close and in your coffee stinky breath face “Obama & Boehner” is an extra heavy fighting on everything that really “American” matters, after 2012 election is secured<br /> Namely where Da’ the Fu—k is the dam monies and what “”Freaking Crook” is really stealing America Blind Again……..<br /> Then the two “Obama & Boehner” can share The “Oval Office” together “Happy” with a twin stack Big American Mahogany red glowing nice smooth desk straight across from each other and <br />“Fuss,-n-cuss” a full freaking straight 10 hours a day, hell no you get your freaking ass in line….<br />And they don’t have far to go to “scream” at each other, While they work on this dam sorry broke American Cash loser no surplus mess (Where in the hell is Bill Clinton) we had surplus anyway<br /> Hell “President Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton” he could even had felt up the Old Cmdr. Bluefin jock for a dam American XXX Cash $$$ surplus… <br />“The big problem is they both” “Mommy & Daddy” fu—King got America into this crazy loser mess in the first place from the long lost corrupted past, <br />When they should have gotten the “Fu—king divorce back in 1865 anyway and gave up 5 dollars –n- Ditch the (Negro) kids…….. <br />In American Great History “Abe Lincoln” running mate was “Andrew Johnson”, good Odd Couple match, and they won hands down the “Oval Office”<br /> Only problem (Johnson) was a “Confederate Secrete Services (CSS) “sleeper cell” who conspire to fatal shot the back of the head of President Abe Lincoln off” to keep free (Negro) labor.<br />If the two “Lincoln and Johnson” had gotten actually to be fighting working odd couple partners in the “White house” during the slavery transition timeline<br /> The outcome for America economic health would be better far off on a growing social equal (Negro) scale, then restricted by “Black Codes”.<br />Simply America greedy killing their own future, <br />Now look at the mess 51 Million plus something (Negro) Black African American 2nd class refugees “official extra broke” <br />Dirt poor broken down refugees living in “America Slums” gross neglect government imposed “limbo” waiting on “dust” and “crumbs”, fully brain dead from future “Independence” or working money by making “inventions” again…No future economic growth for way too many “simply” useless uneducated refugees in slow decay.<br />Popciti: So how is the “Legal Warfare” going for you Pro Se Cmdr. Bluefin…….?<br />Cmdr. Bluefin: Somebody at them “Blasted Americans “United States Attorney Offices” done snuck up-n-swift cowboy booted me quick hard to my nut sack, stole my wallet and all my dam food stamps<br />“Slap me” in the back of the head with a dam…<br /> I could swear it felt like a “Big Freaking”….”Brick” or “Cinder Block”…?<br />While laughing crazy as I felt my fu—king “knees being kicked out” from underneath me with a “spade shovel”, <br />Then the “sneaky sketchy bastard” tossed a bucket of “dry sand” in my “tired eyes”, slap my jaw silly with the “old brass knuckles” and now I am eating “oatmeal” out of a “Fu—king straw” <br /> All I did was have a Dam “process server” show up with a Federal “Summon and Civil Complaint”. <br />And we have not officially even gotten into the Dam Federal USDA Courthouse “Yet”. Do that answer your freaking early bird “Bloody Halloween” questions….excuse me now I am freaking Cmdr. Bluefin legally extra busy here….. “Your being dismiss”…….”Get the Hell out”<br />“Lt. Moore” Please loads in forward submarine missile tubes (2) and (4) some 28,800 lbs. of Bolts, 12,000 lbs. of Nails, 500 toilet plunder, 89 cases of apple sauce mix in with 800 lbs. of sheet rock screws, <br />All the sports equipment baseball bats you can find, 2500 milk jugs of “premium gasoline”, 1260 sacks of flour and 7860 sack of sugar, lot’s of TNT, the Ship Crooked Cheating Chaplain chess set, <br />The Submarine Captain Daiquiri blender, and the ship board Main Kitchen sink, toss in the cooks last year Christmas fruit cake and stand by to fire on my “dam legal orders”…………………<br />