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ASA Research Task
‘ASA’standsforAdvertisingStandardsAuthority andthe company/organisationis responsiblefor
the contentof a...
misleadingbecause ithada humanpersuade climate change whenitwasnotreally happening.It
had claimedthat40% of the CO2 was co...
Howevertheyhadnotedthat the ad hadbeenan ‘ex-kids’by‘Clearcast’therefore itshouldnotbe
broadcastedwhile youngerchildrenwat...
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ASA Research Task


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ASA Research Task

  1. 1. ASA Research Task ‘ASA’standsforAdvertisingStandardsAuthority andthe company/organisationis responsiblefor the contentof advertsandmake sure that the advertsare no misleading,harmfuloroffensive.There are 5 keyprinciples advertisingcodes: Understanding:Thisalsocanact purposefullyandbe fairandbalanced Support:Theywouldalsosupportthe advertiserssotheycanhelpcreate responsible adverts. The companywouldincrease theirinformationsothateverybusinesswouldhave accesstothe support it needs. Impact: The Companywould make sure thattheywill spendtime onmatterswhichwouldaffecta lotof the consumers. Proactive:The Company will workwithothersandtackle problems inthe advertssothe consumers are happy. Awareness:The Companywould make sure thatthe publicwillknow whotheyare andknow what theydo.It wouldalsogive the publicthe confidence inthe ‘ASA’work. The ‘ASA’protectchildrenfrom unsuitable contentfor24 hours. All advertisersinthe UK are responsible tofollow the ‘AdvertisingCodes’ whichrequiredtoaddressthe audience whichare childrenwithcontentthatwill cause nophysical harm, mental ormoral harm. The companyhas also joinedforceswithothermediaregulatorswhichcreate ‘ParentPort’.‘ParentPort’isawebsite which make it easierforparentstounderstandwhatthe organisationhave tofollow acrossmedia. Itwould alsohelpparentsfindtoprovide feedbackora complaint. ASA protectchildrenwithadsacross the UK withall mediaincluding:  TV  RADIO  MAGAZINES  EMAIL 1st Case Study The date is17th March 2010 and the companyis called‘Departmentof EnergyandClimate. There was 939 complaintsmade aboutthisadvert. The centre of complaintwasthat the advert had been  WEBSITES  NEWSPAPERS  POSTERS
  2. 2. misleadingbecause ithada humanpersuade climate change whenitwasnotreally happening.It had claimedthat40% of the CO2 was comingfor everydaythings. The advertshowsa manreadinga bookto hisdaughterabout the CO2 levelsrisingwhichcaused strange weathersuchas floodsandinsome otherareas the landshad awful heatwaves.The advert alsousesfacts andfigurestomake it soundmore believable forthe audience watching.The audience cutsfromthe cartoon of what ishappeninginthe bookto a reactionshotof the daughter as she listentoherdad read the story.The advertalso makesthe adultssoundbandas it shows adultsusinghairdryersandthe CO2 fromit floatsupto the CO2 monstercloud.Youconstantlyshow the dad and Daughteras the Dad readsthe book.Thismakesthe situationseemtrue asyoucould believethata dadwouldreadto hisdaughter.Whenyouget a close upof the daughteraskingthe dad if it hasa happyendingyouwouldknow thatthe bookhas reallyaffectedthe child. The main issuesof the complaintswhere:  It was alsoa political adwhichshouldnothave beenbroadcasted.  The advertshouldnotbe shownwhenthe childrenwere likelytowatchthe television  The advertalso exaggeratedpossible effectssuchasthe strange weatherandfloodinginthe UK. Theyhad usedimagerywhichwere verymisleadinganddramatic.Forexample:A dog was drowningwhileacat was reachingoutto save it. The advertisingcodesthe advertbroke wasthatbefore theycandistribute orsubmitmarketing communicationtheymustholddocumentaryevidence toprove all of theirclaims.Theymustalso make sure not to claimcontentsuchas non-fictionbooks,tapesandvideosmustnotbe misleading or exaggerated.Therefore the advertmustnothave gone throughthisprocedure otherwisethey wouldnothave beenreportedformisleadingthe public. CAP Code (Edition11) BCAP TV Code BCAP TV SchedulingCode 4.2.3 ASA acknowledgedsome of the complaintsandwere concerned thatchildrenorgrandchildrenmay be upsetor worriedbythe ad. The animatedstorybookimageryandnarrative mightbe alarmingfor some youngpeople whosawit.We concludedthat,whenshown inthe contextof the timing restrictionappliedbyClearcast,the adwasunlikelytocause harmor undue distresstochildren. The ASA had alsodone an investigationaboutthe advertaboutthe ‘Truthfulness’and‘Environmental claims’butdidnot findit inbreach. Therefore ASA hadtakennoactiontowardsthiscomplaint.
  3. 3. Howevertheyhadnotedthat the ad hadbeenan ‘ex-kids’by‘Clearcast’therefore itshouldnotbe broadcastedwhile youngerchildrenwatchingTV orput onChildrenspecialisedchannels. 2nd Case Study The date isthe 2nd June 2010 and the companyiscalled ‘Departmentof Health’.There was2 complaintsmade aboutthisadvertfromthiscompany.The centre of the complaintchallenged the claimthat woman wouldbe three timesmore likelytogetmouthcancer.The advertshowstwo womanat home sharinga bottle of wine.One of the womenonscreenshowsherinternal organs and skeletontoshowthe damage thathappenswhenyouconsume alarge glasson wine more than once a day. The main issuesof the complaintswere thatthe adverthadbeenmisleadingandhadsaidthat you are three timesmore likelytogetmouthcancer. Theyhad usedimagerysuchas the woman’s skeletonandlungsshowingtoshowthe internal damage youwouldgetbydrinking.Itwouldalso showthat youget a lotof internal damage youdonot notice. The advertalsoexaggeratesthe risks of alcohol consumptionwiththe imageryasitshowsthatyou are three timesaslikelytogetastroke as theyshowthe woman’sbrainas the damage starts developing. BCAP TV Code ASA had acknowledgedthe referencesmade byDepartmentof Healthwhichconsideredthe risksof alcohol consumptions.The ASA hadalsonotedthat the National Instituteof Clinical Excellence statedthat alcohol consumptionisan importantriskfactorfor cancersof the mouth.It would become a greaterriskwith tobacco anda lotmore alcohol consumption. Clearcastconsideredthe claimsabout the risksassociatedwithdrinkingalcohol wasexaggeratedin the advert.Therefore Clearcastsenttheirmedical consultantwhoconfirmedthatthe claimswere not false ormisleading. ASA acknowledgedthe complaintsandthe advertwasinvestigatedunderthe standardTV broadcastingcodesformisleadingadvertshowevernothingwasseenasa breach.Therefore no otheractionwas necessary. Case Study Links Change/SHP_ADJ_258066.aspx
  4. 4. Change/TF_ADJ_48225.aspx Health/TF_ADJ_48538.aspx