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  1. 1. Lou-Ann C Diamond 978-726-5605 Gemjin, CEO, Founder 2009-2015 Global Digital Broadcasting Station featuring content from professors, authors, and kind hearts from around the globe. New England SEERs™ CEO Founder 2008-2015 North Eastern USA Guild, Live Local, and Digital International Events and Reading Circles, Gallery and tea-table, public and private event presentation guild of Psychism and Parapsychology. Intuitive Life Network Org, CEO Founder 2005-2015 Video presentations and live public events featuring the world's leaders in health, wellness, mental health, entertainment, and social justice. Produced training material, led workshops, hosted, produced, planned, organized and executed everything. MasterLucy CEO, Reiki Master, Presenter, Instructor, Practitioner, Author 2002-2015 Usui, Kundalini, Dolphin, and several other Reiki Masterships. Tantra, Ap, Initiated Adept. Marketing, Budgets, and presentations Choice Treasures Marketing CEO, Founder 1999-2015 Marketing, Promotions, Web Development, Social media development, telemarketing services, consulting services, Market research, white papers, collateral, and collaboration management specializing in start-ups and fledgling markets. SAN, SAM, DUNS, EIN, registered and complaint. Procured and filled all contracts. Self-employed- Choice Call Center DUNS, SAM, and SAN certified calling. Assisted in setting up in-house call centers, consulted for efficiency and standards of excellence, as well as good old fashion boiler room grinding with the sun.
  2. 2. Lou-Ann C Diamond 978-726-5605 During the New Millenium 2000+:  Jencess© Software ~ Account Executive Cold calls with Salesforce© software. Sold POS Golf software. Assisted with event planning, invites, as go-to for RSVP info to train users. 2005  Red Brick Design~ Web Design and Branding solutions, cold call appointments business to business. 2003-2004  The Editors ~ Account Executive Web development and training sales and solutions. 2003-2004  ADT Alarm System Telemarketing appointment setting /residential 2002  Jewelry Retail under Gemjin logo Web sales, ads in national magazines, mail order, and Consigned in local stores. 1999-2002 In the 1990’s Decade:  Ground Round ~ Wait, staff 2000  Diamond Magic MFG Designed and manufactured ‘Fire Up Thumb tip’, ‘cocktail shaker’, and a few other significant patents. Exciting Niche Market understanding I was able to take those skills into the next decade. 1998-99  QAA Int’l sales rep Aftermarket Sales Account Executive on the R&D of a new product. Exciting challenges and rewards as I was able to bring new skills to the next decade. 1998-1999  Merrimack Repertory Theater (under Marketing Genius Michael Gepner) Returning several seasons for part time telemarketing campaign support. 1995-1999  Friendlies ~ Wait staff 1995  LL Real estate liaison ~ My job was to keep the tenants from killing the landlord so he could fix what they were breaking. The dangerous job I would never do again. 1992-94  Self Employed~ Bookkeeping, legal letter writing, [Const. Muscovitz, T. Cronin, DeBow Const.]1992-93  Self Employed~ Housekeeping, grocery, laundry [Personal PA for Individuals] 1991-93 In the 1980's:  Goodwill Industries ~ Dispatcher Dispatched and routed pick-ups and deliveries 1988  Goldman Curtis law offices ~ Receptionist Handles over a dozen full lines for several active Lawyers and Paralegals. Screened calls, took messages, detail oriented. 1986-1988  IPC Deli Prep ~ Prepared and served Deli sandwiches for Wang Employees 1985-86  Demoulas’ ~floater Trained in every area, used where they needed me. 1984  Lowell Sun Telemarketing Several seasons over many years. It was a ‘Go-to’ second or ‘start right now’ part time job for a decade. 1984-1990  Capitol warehouse ~ floater Part time, trained in several departments to be used as needed when short staffed. 1983
  3. 3. Lou-Ann C Diamond 978-726-5605 Software Proficient  Microsoft© Products, Excel, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Adobe© Products, Premiere Pro, Macromedia© products, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, SAM Broadcaster©, various contact management Software such as Salesforce© Equipment Proficient  Technically savvy, Computer Literate, Mechanically inclined. Camera, Switcher, Mixer, Production, Digital & HD, Special Skills/Strengths  Planning  Promotion  Collaborations  Facilitating  R&D  Budget planning and tracking  Facilitate vendor selection and compliance  Oversee all facets including communication of all pertinent planning information  Ability to multi-task, juggle multiple priorities and maintain a high level of organization with a high level of detail Irrelevant Education and Certifications:  Power Mechanics  Pest Control  Early Childhood Education  Real estate  Business Finance  Course work in Television, marketing, design, web development,  Various on-line facilities as well as MCC Lowell.  Project Management  Cold Call contact Weaknesses  Fax or Copy Machines (even if it's plugged in)  ANYTHING chocolate  Puppies  Babies  Butterflies