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Rates, distribution and categories for the Weekly Lorain County Magazine schedule

Published in: News & Politics
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  1. 1. Advertising Benefits Free: • Job Fairs • Web Page • Listings • Classifieds • Barter Club Fairs • Small Biz Workshops • Seminars & More... Rates The following is a rate for a 10” wide 16” inside print size magazine (regular) 11 X 17 FULL PAGE – $500 HALF PAGE – $300 1/4 PAGE – $175 1/8 PAGE – $100 1/16 PAGE – $50 BIZ CARD – $15 * These are prices for black & white per issue.For color please add 25% Over400LocationsthroughoutLorainCounty Over 75,000 readers every month Reach Your Target Market Every Week or Only Once a Month. Different readers, different markets, one magazine. Lorain County Magazine 1812 Cooper Foster Park Rd. Lorain, Ohio 44053 440-242-0835 Weekly Topics Week 1 Family Focus: Culture, Home Life, Home Im- provement, Car Care, Leisure, Travel, Recreation, Home & Garden, Baby Boomers, etc. Week 2 Business & Finance: Economy, Insurance, Workers Comp, Business Loans, Government, Credit Financing, E-Commerce, Banking, etc. Week 3 Health & Wellness: Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Alternative, Fitness, Nutrition, Health Trends, Health News, Beauty, Skin Care, Eye Care. Week 4 Education & Sports: Lorain County Schools, Sports, Fitness, Educational News, Trends, Programs,Levies,Boosters,Events,Etc, Week 5 (Quarterly) MinorityAffairs:Culture, Life Style, Economics, Race, Religion, Careers, Health, Progress, & Programs for Hispanic andAfricanAmericans. 2009 Media Brochure & Price List Magazine .com
  2. 2. Lorain County Magazine is a free weekly color and black & white informational tabloid that is distributed in Lorain County Our Mission Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our readers and those around them. We accept articles, press releases, and positive information that does not violate copyright information. For a list of our topics, distribution list, and other media information, visit us online at: or call us at: 440-242-0835 15 Media Advantages 1. Very Affordable 2. Exclusivity for Advertisers 3. Professional Look 4. Hard to Reach Readership 5. Higher Visibility 6. Long Shelf Life 7. Community Interest and Involvement 8. Gift Giveaway 9. Shares Spaces with National Magazines 10. Repetition of Readership 11. Free Web Pages and Site Links 12. Higher Readership Rate 13. Wider Readership Concentration 14. Only Positive Information 15. No Direct Mail Loss. Clients •LorainNationalBank •GrangeInsurance •MastersInsurance •ClevelandClinic •CommunityHealthPartners •ElyriaMemorialHospital •ArchAbrahamNissan •OhioBusinessCollege •ElyriaHyundai •ValvolineInstantOilChange •PremierToyotaScion •LCGrowthPartnership •RealityOne •LorainCountyCommunityCollege •ElyriaAnimalHospital •SuperiorMedical •BellezaSpa&Salon •JDTurza •LorainPortAuthority •OberlinChoristers • Various Chambers, Main Street Organizations and Many OtherAgencies...